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In addition to licensing services, Most Loved Workplace® also provides the following…

Benchmarking Reports

1. Your Love of Workplace Index™ results benchmarked against other companies
2. Usage of our Online Software

Online Learning and Development

1. A step-by-step guide to developing a Most Loved Workplace ®
2. Dynamic Worksheets
3. Full licensing rights to the proprietary Most Loved Workplace® system

Full Transformation Package

1. Coaching and Workshops
2. A 90-page workbook for developing a Most Loved Workplace ®
3. Weekly facilitated training sessions
4. Taking a 2nd and 3rd Love of Workplace Index™ to become a Most Loved Workplace

Most Loved Workplace® System

1. Assessing Love using the Love of Workplace Index™
2. Benchmarking and discovering gaps
3. Creating the Program to Close Gaps
4. Peer MLW Coaching
5. Implementing the New System
6. Re-Assessing
7. Final Evaluation


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