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AERCO International, Inc.

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AERCO International, Inc. is a recognized leader in delivering cost-effective, condensing commercial boilers, high-efficiency water heaters across a variety of markets including education, lodging, government, office buildings, healthcare, industrial and multifamily housing. AERCOs system design approach provides customer-specific solutions that deliver superior building performance at a lower operating cost while assuring uptime reliability. When AERCO was founded in 1949, it introduced a revolutionary design for an indirect-fired water heater that heated water on demand, and without storage, at a controlled temperature. This innovation became todays standard for water heaters, maximizing the recovery of latent heat energy and significantly increasing operating efficiency. AERCO continued to innovate and in 1988, introduced the first condensing and fully modulating boiler and water heater to the commercial market. The modulating capability of these products, still unsurpassed more than 25 years later, matches the equipments output to real-time heating demand, ensuring the units draw no more fuel to operate than is absolutely necessary. This not only saves precious energy, but also ensures money doesnt needlessly disappear up the stack.​ AERCO differentiates itself through a solution-based model, leveraging decades of engineering experience and industry application expertise to understand each customer’s unique needs. By partnering directly with customers and end-users to understand their project-specific requirements, AERCO provides tailored application solutions that are comprised of original product technologies including high efficiency condensing products, compact footprints, high turndown ratios, unique fuel delivery, leading control systems and proprietary design elements that combine to deliver up to 99% efficiency.

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