Frequently Asked Questions for Working with the Most Loved Workplace®

Read the answers to frequently asked questions about working with the Most Loved Workplace Certification, Advisory, and Consulting firm.

Most Loved Workplace® is an innovative HR SaaS solution, certification provider, and consultancy service. We specialize in creating and enhancing workplace cultures that foster deep emotional connections and positive workplace sentiments.

Our offerings encompass:

  1. The Love of Workplace Index™ (LOWI) for comprehensive culture analysis.
  2. Customized assessments tailored to various employee experience domains.
  3. Certification, Employer Value Proposition (EVP), and HR Marketing support.
  4. Advanced analytics and machine learning for nuanced feedback interpretation.
  5. Expert consultation for strategy development and action plan implementation and evaluation.

We provide solutions for developing a strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and branding strategies. Our platform and certification help market your workplace as an employee-friendly and culturally rich environment.

We offer certifications in diverse areas, such as Diversity, Parents and Caregivers, Women, Career Advancement, Excellence in Customer Service, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility, and more designed to recognize excellence in specific aspects of workplace culture.

Our certifications are globally recognized and backed by our feature in over four issues of Newsweek yearly, including Top 100 Global, UK, and America's Most Loved Workplaces, and the Newsweek Excellence Index.

Our certification plans include:

  • Basic Plan: For quantitative LOWI™ results and benchmarking.
  • Silver Plan: Adds AI-powered analysis of employee feedback.
  • Gold Plan: Offers comprehensive analysis, strategic consultation, and ongoing support.

Most Loved Workplace® focuses on 'love' as a vital business performance driver. Our research indicates that Most Loved Workplaces® achieve significantly higher employee tenure, performance, and discretionary effort.

Absolutely. Our approach to culture enhancement significantly improves employee retention and attracts top talent.

The LOWI™ utilizes qualitative and quantitative data to measure employees' emotional attachment to work and organization, providing a holistic view of the workplace culture.

Yes, our adaptable solutions cater to diverse industries and sizes.

The process includes:

  1. A collaborative analysis of LOWI™ results.
  2. Identifying strengths and improvement areas.
  3. Developing EVP and HR Marketing Strategy.
  4. Creating customized action plans.
  5. Following-up and retesting

Clients receive ongoing support, access to the engagement and analytics platform, online learning and development, and continuous guidance to maintain and improve their Most Loved Workplace® status.

By fostering a positive and emotionally connected workplace culture, Most Loved Workplace® contributes to enhanced employee productivity, morale, and overall organizational growth. Our tools and insights help align employee goals with organizational objectives, driving personal and professional development.

We have worked with over 500 Most Loved Workplace companies to help them get certified, analyze their data and provide ongoing support. To see a list of companies we have worked with see all certified companies here, or the  Top 100 America's Most Loved Workplaces, Top  Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces

Most Loved Workplace is owned by Best Practice Institute. Louis Carter, renowned Social/Organizational Psychologist is the founder and owner. 

Initiating your journey with us is easy. Contact us via our website; our team will guide you through selecting and implementing the appropriate plan in your organization.