UK's 100 Most Loved Workplaces® 2023

UK's 100 Most Loved Workplaces® 2023

Creating workplaces that go beyond the standard salary and benefits package to truly inspire and motivate employees is more than just a goal at Most Loved Workplaces®; it’s the foundation of everything we do. That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil the U.K.’s 100 Most Loved Workplaces list. This list celebrates organizations that have made a profound commitment to their employees, highlighting how company culture is key to creating environments that employees not only trust and respect but truly love.

We’ve recognized these 100 organizations as the U.K.’s Most Loved Workplaces because their success is deeply rooted in the dedication and passion of their employees. This group spans the spectrum from cutting-edge tech giants to smaller, community-focused enterprises. Despite their differences in size and scope, they all share a common commitment: creating a workplace where employees are seen as essential to the organization’s success.

This diverse collection of companies was carefully compiled in collaboration with the Best Practice Institute, a leader in organizational research. Together, we’re celebrating the U.K.’s Most Loved Workplaces—saluting the leaders, innovators, and dreamers who are reshaping the future of work. These outstanding workplaces are not only achieving success in their industries but also raising the standard for organizations globally. They prove that when employees are truly valued, the possibilities for innovation and growth are limitless. Join us in applauding these trailblazers who demonstrate every day that a strong, employee-centered culture is the cornerstone of business success.

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1Virgin Atlantic5,283SussexVirgin Atlantic Airways LTD.'s four-year plan is to become the most loved travel company and to be sustainably profitable. The organization values community involvement, empathy, and diversity. CEO Shai Weiss recognizes that people are the company's greatest asset and treats them as such, empowering them to bring their true selves to work through a Red Spirit series. This series allows make-up, tattoos, and non-bias towards gender identity.
2Zopa661LondonAt Zopa Bank employees and management work together to determine company strategy and achieve goals. The culture is flat and open with ample opportunity for all voices to be heard publicly and through employee surveys. Career progression and personal growth are high priority, and new programs are being launched to support this. Employees are recognized, trusted, and respected.
3Certinia1,000LondonCertinia employees are passionate about serving their customers and giving back to the community. Employee led programs host local events and benefit the surrounding community. Certinia values diversity and cutting-edge innovation while prioritizing employee growth and development at all organizational levels.
4Lewis Silkin LLP603LondonBrilliant colleagues are doing brilliant work that is well-known in the legal industry for bravery and kindness, Lewis Silkin has perhaps the lowest chargeable hours requirement of any firm in the industry, which allows its employees to spend time on research, writing articles, podcasting, or even gardening. Once recruited, people tend to stay with the firm for life, lending to its growth and success.
5Wyndham Hotels & Resorts2,169LondonEmployees at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts are guided by The Wyndham Compass- a strategic plan which guides and aligns team member to the company strategy and values of integrity, accountability, inclusivity, caring, and fun. These represent the deeply held ethical principles the company believes to be right and true.
6HLB International40,832LondonHLB International is a network of accounting firms that sets itself apart from The Big Four by offering flexibility and a good work-life balance. Employees are empowered to learn and develop themselves through the HLB Skills Hub, which offers upskilling and reskilling opportunities. They’ve also introduced HLB Building the Future, an executive learning program in partnership with Cambridge University. HLB places a huge emphasis on diversity, believing that the most impact can be made by bringing together diverse viewpoints and ideas. They have a Global Diversity and Inclusion that sets clear goals for gender diversity and inclusion of underrepresented groups, and they organize “Days of Understanding” to talk openly and learn from one another.
7activpayroll334Aberdeenactivpayroll fosters a relationship of trust from the onset, doing away with the traditional 6-month probationary period. Employees are given various opportunities to provide feedback and help shape the culture. They have a Talent Advisory Board that meets every six months with the CEO to share employees’ ideas, and comments from quarterly surveys are reviewed by the C-suite and turned into action. Employees also recently helped to reimagine the company’s values - Big, Bold, and Brilliant. At activpayroll, all roles are advertised internally and anyone can apply for any role. Employees are given the chance to move vertically, horizontally, and internationally (if they want).
8OVO4,500BristolAt OVO, the company ethos is born from its vision of clean, affordable energy for everybody, and it’s a huge part of why people join and stay with the business. They put people ahead of process, and have a strong agenda when it comes to inclusiveness and diversity. Last year, 28% of all new hires were from ethnic backgrounds and they won an award for Diverse Company of the Year, believing fundamentally that they should represent the population they serve. They’ve produced inclusive language guides to allow people to talk to each other more competently - people need to be able to show up and be their true self there - and they audit every process and policy for inclusivity. They bring people to the work, rather than work to the people, utilizing multi-functional autonomous groups that come together to solve problems. Their most talked about value is “Do What’s Right,” always seeking at a human level to make the right decision, and this is a value that people feel connected by. People are given tons of opportunities to learn, including their award-winning eLearning modules on climate change, technical re-skilling, apprenticeships, reverse mentoring, and leadership training that teaches leaders to become coaches.
9Delt Shared Services230DevonCandidates join Delt Shared Services for their focus on wellness, community, and investment in training and development. The company has enjoyed a hybrid work model with flexible and compressed working hours well before Covid, understanding that people have lives and allowing them to work around them. Employees have monthly 1-on-1s with line managers to discuss personal wellbeing and the employees’ needs. Being community focused, they offer extra days off for charity work. They have an open office plan, conducive to open, honest, and transparent conversations. Every employee has an annual personal development plan ensuring that their needs for personal growth are met, whether they want to stay in their current role, change departments, or enter the aspiring managers leadership program. They’ve recently launched an early pay app, allowing employees to access pay throughout the month if needed to help with their financial wellbeing.
10Metro Bank4,339LondonMetro Bank is a value-driven organization. Values are considered in recruitment, performance evaluations, and the building of leadership programs. Metro Bank strives to do meaningful work where employees have the opportunity to make a difference. The CEO is active and involved. Additionally, the company provides Days to AMAZE- an opportunity to get involved in the local community.
11Alfa Financial Software460LondonAlfa Financial Software has made the shift to hybrid working, but is still finding ways to maintain its culture. “Smart” working allows managers and teams to decide how frequently they want to meet in person and to create schedules that work for everyone, and the company has increased the number of activities and events that encourage people to get together in person. For example, once a month “Come Dine With Me” invites people to the office for lunch from a different part of the world. As it turns out, they’ve found that because people are conscious about not being together, they are making more of an effort to connect, doing more purposeful activities in the office, and going above and beyond to welcome new joiners and make sure that they feel part of the company. In terms of development, they have a 3-month training program for all new graduates joining Alfa. They also offer a mentoring program, and have recently launched a Leadership Development Program with training for those just stepping into their first leadership role all the way up to senior leadership.
12Chainlink Labs529LondonChainlink Labs is a mission-driven company with a positive vision for the future they are building. Employees are high-achieving, skilled individuals who are continuously learning and growing in their field. Employees feel aligned with the company values and mission and embrace a culture of innovation and collaboration. The organization’s values include true ownership, prioritized focus, and constructive dialogue.
13Hilton Grand Vacations15,844LondonHilton Grand Vacations offers employees the opportunity to follow their desired career path while discovering numerous and diverse perspectives. The culture empowers employees to demonstrate openness, integrity, and respect in addition to creating an environment of continual learning and service to their communities. Team members are akin to family, and the organization boasts a people-first mentality.
14Auticon63LondonAuticon is a social enterprise working to end employment inequalities for people with neurodivergence, especially autism. Each employee is teamed with a job coach and a technical lead and allowed to be their authentic selves while learning to excel in their roles and also helping the broader employer community learn to embrace and celebrate neurodivergent talent.
15Join Talent Solutions176BrechinJoin Talent is a 100% remote company tied together by its values, which were created in collaboration with employees. Engagement survey results show that people are grateful for an open and honest culture where people can be themselves and work autonomously. Pulse surveys help shape the people strategy, most recently focusing on career development - they assembled a cross-functional group of 15 employees to determine what skills and training courses were needed and designed career development paths around those needs. While employees are given the freedom to work autonomously, the company provides plenty of opportunity for connection and collaboration, including their virtual HQ, fortnightly Squad Calls for local team members to get together, and Lunch & Learns where people can share their knowledge and expertise.
16AKQA2,800LondonAKQA believes in empowering the next generation of diverse talent. This is done through a comprehensive curriculum for employees and an 8-week global internship program for potential future employees. Employees are given the freedom to be entrepreneurial and make their own decisions. Overall, employees are attracted to AKQA for the opportunity to create a better future through innovation, service, quality, and thought while joining a diverse and inclusive team working to improve professionally and culturally.
17GWI560LondonGWI offers employees a clear path to both professional and personal growth. There is opportunity for internal advancement, and everyone is rewarded for their hard work and achievements. Employee voices are heard and ideas are celebrated. Employees are given the space, flexibility, and support they need to achieve their professional goals.
18Kraken2,300Remote, UKEmployees, referred to as Krakenites, work together to accelerate the global adoption of crypto assets with a shared vision of helping the world achieve financial freedom and inclusion. Kraken is a global company with employees participating from over sixty countries. The organization strives to hire the brightest minds based on merit and not proximity to a tech hub. There are several avenues in place to encourage communication and collaboration in an otherwise asynchronous field. Kraken additionally strives to provide ample opportunity to grow professionally and personally.
19Blue Zoo362LondonBlue Zoo is an animation studio creating children’s programming and it is every bit as fun as it sounds. Company activities like Clay Club, which makes clay figurines to send as gifts, and Recipe Club, where everyone cooks the same recipe at home and joins a chat to eat together, help support this creative culture. Blue Zoo has a flexible, hybrid schedule and autonomous work environment where everyone, from intern to management, is treated as an equal and respected member of the team, career pathways are mapped and shared to encourage growth in the company and animation industry.
20KnowBe41,600YorkEvery day at KnowBe4 is a celebration- streamers, horns, applause, and all. The culture is people-centric and embraces both working and playing hard. Employee collaboration is enforced through daily meetings and check-ins, and employees are encouraged to bring their ideas to the leadership team with a no-door policy. Employees are given the tools and support needed to succeed. Team members are additionally encouraged to give back to the local community through community outreach efforts and philanthropic activities.
21Mapp625LondonA real sense of authenticity and a hundred small things add up to making Mapp a most loved workplace. In the last year, the company responded to survey results that asked for more opportunities to collaborate by refurbishing all of their offices or relocating them to spaces more appropriate for collaboration. The company is also in the process of establishing an Employee Owned Trust to create employee ownership of the company. Employees have a seat on the board and were involved in selecting the new CEO.
22PureSpectrum219LondonPureSpectrum strives to utilize collaboration as a way to cultivate new ideas and technologies. Employees enjoy the freedom to work where they feel most productive, whether that be at their desks, outside, or in a conversational room. Employees are both trusted and held accountable for their work. Mostly, employees love the opportunity to participate in shaping the future of market research today.
23Scott Logic500Newcastle upon TyneThis tech company uses short, iterative delivery cycles and creates frequent releases of new technologies – a process that requires small teams to be highly collaborative across disciplines and locations. Line managers only have a small number of direct reports so they can form quality, nurturing relationships. Communities of Practice and Learning Lunches encourage a culture of shared learning to support personal development and innovation within the company.
24Ansys5,956CambridgeAnsys employees work together to solve the world’s toughest challenges. Teams are global, and Ansys is proud to say they bring together the best and brightest skillsets and perspectives to their projects. Several employee resource groups focus on leadership, diversity, and skill-building. The organization offers a global mentorship program, flexible work arrangements, recognition, and several fun activities throughout the year.
25Media.Monks8,600LondonMedia.Monks consists of a multidisciplinary, digital, global team. Team members share a vision of rapid transformation and growth. There is a digital-first mindset and the work is innovative, invigorating, and aligned with the always moving company culture. Entrepreneurial spirit abounds at Media.Monks and is supported through a number of training and development programs offered by the company.
26BVNK230LondonBVNK is aggressively hiring a talented global team to execute its ambitious goals. Employees are greatly rewarded for working towards BVNK’s innovative vision with travel opportunities, events, in-office yoga, routine recognition, promotions, and above market compensation. Hiring is done in line with company values to ensure alignment with the culture. The culture also has a focus on low-ego attitudes and high DEI.
27EPAM59,250LondonEPAM offers the best of both large-company and start-up worlds. It is both global and entrepreneurial. Employees feel they can make a difference in the industry and in their communities. There is a sense of ownership and belonging. Employees can chart their own course and be their genuine selves.
28Busy Bees Nursery23,300StaffordshireBusy Bees is a value-driven organization where employees unite around the purpose of contributing to the critical first 5 years of children’s lives and giving people the best start in life. They offer employees education training from the ground up, including an apprenticeship program and numerous upskilling opportunities. In addition to their Chief People Officer, they have a Head of Happiness, which shows the importance they place on employees’ wellbeing. Being 97% female, Busy Bees offers market leading benefits tailored for women, including menopause support, enhanced maternity (and paternity) pay, support for fertility treatment, and discounted childcare.
29Exabeam459CheltenhamExabeam has a committed, communicative, and collaborative leadership team focused on its people who are responsible for achieving the company’s mission of making security operations teams as efficient and successful as possible. The leadership team hears and values employees’ ideas and feedback. The culture is innovative, welcoming, and mission-driven with values including delivering the exceptional, working and winning as a team, communicating openly, interacting confidently without ego, and always doing what is right.
30Pure Storage3,490LondonPure Storage understands that great culture stems from talented and diverse individuals and offers critical opportunities for development via learning teams, stress management programs, leadership development, and a mix of new on-the-job experiences that take the employee beyond their day-to-day domain. Pure listens to employees and values diversity of thought while embracing various working styles. Pure provides an opportunity for employees to be part of a true innovation house, enabling the future of business.
31Jumo220LondonJumo prides itself on being a collective of smart hearts working as one team to achieve its goals. Employees find collective meaning through a united purpose and know that their work impacts the lives of their customers. The culture is one of autonomy, diversity, and respect. It is a quirky community who enjoys having fun and celebrating wins together.
32Flexera1,100CheshireFlexera is a growing B2B business providing services to roughly half of the Fortune 500 companies. Employees love the opportunity to work with a reputable and recognized organization. Flexera values passion, candor, professionalism, celebrating success, keeping score, and giving back. These values drive the culture and programs offered by the organization. There are additional programs with a focus on mental wellness, flexibility, and support.
33Equilibrium91CheshireEquilibrium’s purpose is to make peoples’ lives better, their people included. Employees are given the gift of time with up to 38 days paid leave, and they operate in a flexible framework where employees are trusted to do their job even if they aren’t in the office. Their team advisory group meets once per quarter to discuss and employees’ needs and give them a voice. Because the business is still small and growing, there is ample opportunity for employees to grow themselves within the business. They are keen on investing in employees’ development with various academies, leadership groups, and 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring.
34Gilead18,000Stockley ParkCandidates choose to come to Gilead Sciences to be part of a highly socially-responsible and ethical company. Employees love the culture of inclusion and the ability to make a difference in the world and positively impact the community. Gilead Sciences’ CEO expects integrity and accountability from every employee, including himself, as he believes every person in every role is a leader in one way or another. Gilead’s teams are taken care of with several health, wellness, and development resources.
35Colart International Holdings1,002LondonCandidates choose to work at Colart to be part of something that creates and beauty and inspires. Onboarding includes art classes to help people understand what makes the brand. Post-Covid, they shifted to 2 days in office/3 days at home flexible working and put an emphasis on mental wellbeing, building on their people first mindset. Employees play an active role in shaping the culture through DE&I councils, well-being collectives, and as sustainability ambassadors.
36Opencast460Newcastle upon TyneOpencast employees are centric to its success and are heavily involved in both the obtaining and the reward of success. Opencast provides share options, annual bonus rewards, programs to support professional and personal growth, celebratory events, and a say in which ten charities the company’s charitable program will support. A range of initiatives focused on respect ensure that all voices are heard and valued with employees involved in major decisions including determining the company culture and values.
37Neo4j700LondonThis open-source community aims to make graph technology available and accessible to all. All company plans, developments, and issues are shared with everyone through All Nodes meetings and Ask Management Anything sessions. Ideas are diligently reviewed, and employee feedback is valued through public and anonymous surveys
38GoHenry308LymingtonGoHenry is a company whose employees are free to make their own success - you can’t hide there, but they’ll support you in whatever you’re doing. In terms of training, they’ve shifted away from corporate workshops towards removing the red tape and letting employees choose what would be the most impactful training for them. They rely heavily on employee feedback to shape their people strategy. Their engagement surveys led to the enhancement of paternity and maternity leave (a very competitive 6 months full pay for employees who have been there at least 3 years), flexible holidays (if you don’t care for a certain holiday, you can work that day and take a different day off), and a cycle to work scheme.
39Genomics128Oxford and CambridgeCandidates are drawn to Genomics for their diversity, the opportunity to work with smart people, and their vision, to transform healthcare through genetics. Their leadership wants to be challenged, so employees here can share their opinions from the jump through an anonymous post box, open-door sessions with the CEO, and breakfasts with the leadership team. They have an “All-In Club” focused purely on DE&I where people from all different roles come together and do a spotlight or an event on a different topic, from gay pride to women in STEM to mental health.
40Kyndryl90,000LondonKyndryl is devoted to shared success and enforces collaboration through its massive Guild program promoting the global exchange of industry knowledge, technical ideas, professional learning, and innovative techniques. Employees are united by a commitment to progress in technology, business, and society. The culture is built on the Kyndryl Way which consists of challenging the status quo, being restless to power the future, and having an empathetic approach to diverse perspectives.
41Cielo2,856LondonCielo cares about providing a positive employee experience. The CEO holds listening sessions to understand which areas need improvement and the feedback is used as part of the organization’s strategic planning. Cielo University offers continued education opportunities, and Cielo-versary offers paid days off for birthdays and anniversaries to ensure a healthy work-life balance. Cielo partners with Country Navigator- the market leader offering learning for cultural awareness, global leadership, DE&I, collaboration, and more.
42Coforge23,365LondonCoforge is a people-first company that believes in respect in the form of praise, trust, candor, feedback, and transparency. Employees are always in the spotlight and have the ability to make a significant impact. Learning and growth are important at Coforge as they believe that as the employees grow, so does the company. Employees have many unique programs to take advantage of, including mentorship from the CEO himself.
43Setfords138Guildford, SurreySetfords is a forward-thinking law firm that sets itself apart by looking after its employees. The business was designed to give lawyers a bit more autonomy and control, and they now have over 450 lawyers who work predominantly remotely all across the UK. While their lawyers work mostly remotely, their headquarters has a lot to offer, including a fully funded restaurant, a gym, a personal trainer that can be booked by any employee, monthly yoga sessions, a book club, and a number of events, such as SetFest, a festival held in their restaurant that raises money for charity. They even allow dogs in the office every Wednesday - again, not your typical law firm. At Setfords, employees are encouraged to be curious and share ideas - you don’t need to be a manager to initiate change. All employees make a pledge of how they’ll treat each other and are held to those standards, creating an environment of respect.
44LHi366LondonAt LHi, every employee has a piece of the pie through their Employee Ownership Trust, where every person in the business, once they’ve been there for 12 months, is stakeholding. They’ve also created an Employee Ownership Trust Committee, which takes feedback from the various teams and delivers it to the board to shape business decisions. This approach ensures cohesion because everyone is working towards a common goal. This is company with no open door policy because there are no doors - nobody is bigger than the business and anyone can pick up the phone and call the CEO. Their “Launch Program” is a professional development program designed to send employees’ careers up into higher orbit. They have a program called “The Future You,” driven by the CEO, which encourages employees to do things every day to improve their future self. Their people-focused approach also includes a market leading family policy where everyone can take a year off if they have a child. A unique concept, employees are rewarded for promotion, extraordinary performance, and workiversaries with Converse sneakers where the color represents their achievement.
45Automattic1,990LondonThis isn’t your typical work-from-home job. Employees have location flexibility worldwide, tracking projects on WordPress blogs, private chat rooms, and Slack due to the geographic spread. The company operates 24/7, yet individuals enjoy flexible work hours. With an open vacation policy, parental leave, and wellness perks, Automatticians are trusted to prioritize their well-being. Working from the coffee shop? Automattic buys the requisite latte.
46Jägermeister UK53LondonWorking for Jägermeister UK is every bit as fun as you would imagine it to be. This family-run company is all about authenticity and opportunity – come as you are and enjoy the social life and networking opportunities as you’re empowered to succeed by leadership that responds to the needs of employees. The benefits are excellent, salaries are above average, and yes, there are cocktail parties galore.
47Tiger Recruitment62LondonEmployees at Tiger Recruitment love coming to work. They bring their dogs into the office, regularly lunch or grab cocktails together, and since their bonuses and rewards don’t require them to compete, there is a strong spirit of collegial support at Tiger. With offices in London, Dubai, and New York, employees can choose to work abroad – or with flexible and hybrid work options, they may just choose to work from home.
48Viewber45BerkshireWellbeing is integral to their strategy and employees can ask for a Bear Hug to receive a little extra kindness and leniency from teammates that day. Employees receive and share recognition of each other by awarding “Viewbears” which can add up to days off or cash awards, leadership is highly accessible and collaborative in the work and all staff can rate leadership on a regular basis.
49Zaizi150LondonPeter Drucker said that culture eats strategy for breakfast, and that’s the belief at Zaizi. They have a culture of open communication, listening, and trust. They’ve shifted from a hierarchical structure to clubs, allowing them to maintain a family feel. People are given the power to shape the company, as well as to grow themselves. Employees collaborated on and signed the “It’s OK” charter, which gave people a voice on what is okay to do when working remotely (they are nearly 100% remote since Covid) - perhaps most importantly, it’s okay not to be okay. Zaizi offers coaching for teams to work better together and coaching for individuals. They also have a very clear framework for career progression with a KPI that 30% of staff move up a level each year, and employees are given time and a budget for personal development.
50Quantexa650LondonQuantexa’s team members are curious, caring, and authentic people who push the boundaries of what is possible. The company considers employees’ mental and physical wellbeing and safeguards these through a variety of programs and initiatives. Employees love the unique and comprehensive benefits including the Work from Anywhere Scheme which allows employees to spend up to two months working outside of your country over a rolling 12-month period. Mostly, employees love the opportunity to contribute in their own way and are empowered to do their best work.
51Palo Alto Networks11,000LondonPalo Alto Networks boasts a wide array of employee network groups – early in career, Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander, Jewish, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, Muslim, Black, veterans, people with disabilities and women’s causes. The groups perform meaningful work in areas ranging from empowering young girls in technology to racial equity and civil and human rights, to addressing housing, mental health and food insecurity.
52DataArt5,700LondonDataArt prides itself on trusting its people. The company integrates deeply human values including curiosity, empathy, trust, honesty, and intuition. DataArt is committed to its people and is on a mission to realize the potential of each person to help them achieve their best results. Employees have flexible work hours and the opportunity to switch between projects and departments to improve skills, change specializations, and keep things fresh and fun.
53OxfordSM35SurreyOxfordSM has been fully virtual for 36 years, so they’re well ahead of that trend and are experts in collaborating remotely. They focus on understanding people and their preferences to create squads that can gel together. It’s one of their goals to make sure that employees are learning every single day, and new joiners have said that they learned more in one year with OxfordSM than they did in the previous five years at other companies. Rather than forcing projects on employees, they try to make sure that everyone is working on a project that interests them and gives them a chance to learn something new. The company has no hierarchy, no line managers, but everyone in the organization has a sponsor to help support their professional development. Monthly Happiness Surveys are conducted to ensure that people are happy - while it rarely happens, if they score under 8 out of 10 on the Happiness Survey, the leadership team will take immediate action. They offer flexibility with a culture where as along as the work gets done, all is good - the job fits around your life, not the other way around.
54Altair3,089LondonAt Altair, employees put their heart and soul into developing game-changing solutions to improve the world. The team is made up of curious, complex thinkers who love to solve problems for today and tomorrow. The culture is one of respect where members are not afraid to dive into difficult conversations. Everyone has a voice and should contribute ideas and challenge the status quo. It is a collaborative, kind, and safe working environment.
55Ceridian9,050GlasgowThe company’s Achieving Corporate Equity program pairs underrepresented employees with executive mentors and sponsors to assist in professional growth and advancement. Talent scouts look internally for recruits, so get ready with training opportunities at Ceridian University and Ceridian business academy.
56M247300ManchesterM247 is an IT firm boasting a very diverse workforce, 31% being female and 24% identifying as LGBTQIA+, far exceeding the industry averages. They have partnerships with Mentor Her and InnovateHer, supporting women in tech. While people may join for the access to cutting edge technology, feedback has shown that they stay for the culture. They consistently hold active discussions about what people want and need, which has lead to a full diversity calendar and social calendar. They’ve recently invested in a new office space that has had a huge impact on collaboration. Their quarterly appraisals are not about objectives, but rather how people are feeling and what support and training they need to get to where they want to be. Despite having an average employee age of 25, attrition has dropped below 1% as the company has built 5+ year career pathways for graduates, apprentices, and junior employees.
57Milliken & Company8,000LondonRest assured the company you’re working for is seriously committed to the future of our planet: Milliken & Company became one of the first 50 companies in the world to have science-based targets approved by the U.N.toward becoming net-zero by 2050. Previous commitments met include eliminating all PFAS chemistries in fibres and finishes.
58Eaton87,000BerkshireEaton employees work together for an important cause with a global impact. The company believes in inclusivity, equality of women in the workplace, and internal hiring and promotion. Eaton provides safe space meetings where employees can voice their feelings regarding current events and work to support one another. The company has put a three-tier wellbeing strategy in place to protect employees’ mental, financial and physical health. Employees do important work, and in turn are well taken care of
59Deluxe Media Inc4,800LondonDeluxe Media Inc encourages transparency and communication across all levels of the organization. Performance and development is driven by employees’ goals, and employees have the opportunity to crosstrain adjacent skills and take on hybrid roles. The company values include innovation, collaboration, and inclusion and believes each reinforces a strong connection to the business and the people that drive its success.
60Hudl1,400LondonHudl focuses on providing an awesome working environment consisting of lounges, head-down hideaways, and technology to bring a global team together. It hosts celebrations, plans outings, and executes an annual global get-together for employees. The company offers a work-from-anywhere policy, paid sabbaticals every five years, free lunches, and stipends to set up home offices. The CEO is accessible and on the front lines and works to ensure everyone is aligned and working towards a common goal.
61Zebra Technologies Corporation10,500LondonZebra Technologies Corporation empowers employees to chart their own career paths. Their culture fosters curiosity, learning, and acceptance and is visible in both employees' and management's behaviors and actions. Zebra Technologies Corporation additionally works with employees to give back to the community with its Go the Extra Mile program.
62Compass Pathways166LondonCompass Pathways company practices are crafted with care and attention to inspire and motivate its team. The environment is creative, forward-thinking, and fun. The team both works and plays hard. There is a focus on mental health, green business, and EDI. Respect is fostered in the culture through bi-weekly community circles, regular pulse surveys, and meeting time with the CEO.
63TaylorMade Golf Co1,160HampshireLive, breathe and sleep golf? Here’s a choice employer. The company helps employees imagine possible career paths through programs like Career Stories, in which leaders share their own personal career journey, and through outside guest speakers like Jeff Weiner, the Executive Chairman of LinkedIn. A striking number of employees have decades of service in the company. It is possible you could run into Rory McIlroy or Tommy Fleetwood on the lift.
64Venatus102LondonAt Venatus, employees are given the freedom to generate ideas and are encouraged to provide regular feedback which drives future business decisions. The CEO is on the floor and honestly communicates both positive and negative updates to keep employees well informed. Employees are offered professional training and staff led committees and groups such as DEI, ESG, and Women groups.
65Spotify9,473LondonSpotify Technologies S. A. is innovative, sincere, passionate, collaborative, and playful. It believes in its talented team members and offers the support and autonomy needed to build creativity and experience growth even in the most difficult of times. The culture is inclusive and employees are empowered to share their full selves. The culture strives no normalize conversations about mental health and offers a dynamic and hybrid workplace.
66Kaplan4,850LondonAn employee Cycle to Work scheme encourages virtual options for internal meetings where possible, and recently launched an annual employee travel survey to measure the emissions caused by staff commuting. Overall, the company’s sustainability practices were awarded a Silver EcoVadis Medal. All employees go through diversity and inclusion training and inclusive leadership training for managers. There’s also an anti-racism resource library built from employee-sourced content and a new intranet platform with social capability, which has provided a place for employees to make suggestions and form communities.
67Flydocs320BirminghamFlydocs is constantly evolving to meet its employees’ needs. Employees love the hybrid work environment paired with the opportunity to regularly check-in with one another regarding personal and team wellbeing. Flydocs is a people-first business, and this principle drives all decisions made at the company. There are professional development opportunities through a self-learning portal and leadership cohort programs.
68Zappi296LondonThey call it “radical flexibility” – each employee decides where, how and when they work in consultation with their team. In the last company survey, 93% of employees agreed Zappi supports their positive wellbeing. But it is fun and engaging? Weekly deejayed meetings, rooftop social events, and a fully stocked kitchen suggest that it is.
69RLDatix2,000LondonAt RLDatix, the people approach is “Speak, Listen, Act” - colleagues’ ideas are shared through their annual engagement survey and pulse surveys throughout the year, and the business listens and acts. For example, they made a huge investment in redesigning their offices to encourage collaboration. They’ve created an environment where employees of all levels have the opportunity to better themselves. For example, they have a High Performer Entry Level Program, where they hire employees just out of university and give them an extensive onboarding experience to set them up for success. They developed a platform called RLGratix, which gives employees the opportunity to thank and congratulate each other and allows managers to award points to employees, which can be redeemed as a bonus or paid forward to a charity of their choice.
70V7 Recruitment20ManchesterEnjoy working as part of a team? This environment has no separation between offices – everyone sits together. Each week starts out with a discussion of projects and goals, and ends with a wrap up where wins are celebrated and plans to support each other are hashed out. There is an open-door policy for management, but it isn’t needed since you’ll be working with a mix of directors, managers, resourcers and back office staff all week with access to the people, information and support you need.
71IG Group2,460LondonIG Group values respect, collaboration, and sustainability and strives to embody these principles through several programs and efforts. Culture is built around three values which are embedded in the employee experience: champion the client, learn fast together, and raise the bar. The culture is diverse, and there is ample opportunity to define your career and grow your professional capabilities.
72Hunter PR269LondonWhen it comes to employee’s love, Hunter PR works hard to earn it. Hone your expertise by diving deep in subject matter expertise and grow your portfolio with global clients. Plan to collaborate on a cultural committee, meet mentors in your affinity group, and attend epic Halloween parties. Feedback actively shapes the work environment from where (hybrid of 2 days a week in office) to how (subject matter experts across functions) they work, to planning events like Bring Your Parents to Work Day and Cupcakes & Cocktails events at their One World Trade Center HQ, to planning what is available in the year round training curriculum.
73DataStax550LondonEmployees come to work at DataStax for the opportunity to work in a field that is currently booming, and they stay due to the giving culture and ample employee appreciation. DataStax offers a wealth of programs to ensure there is a work-life balance and opportunities to give back to the community, helping employees feel happier and healthier both in and outside of the workplace. The company additionally offers unique benefits including healthcare travel coverage and pet insurance.
74Intercity210BirminghamAt Intercity, one of their core values, “We Care”, sets the tone for much of what they do. For starters, they’ve achieved a platinum EcoVadis rating, putting them in the top 1% for sustainability, but it’s also clear how much they care for their employees. Per employee feedback, they shifted to a 2 days in-office, 3 days at-home hybrid work model. They’ve offered support for cost of living increases, including workshops on financial wellbeing and energy management, as well as a cost of living bonus and interest free crisis loans. Intercity invests heavily in personal and professional development. Their Management Academy Program helps employees achieve ILM qualifications while being mentored by a member of the executive board, and they offer a Future Stars Program for all apprentices and graduates that come into the business, providing training and development for specific roles with guidance from the leadership team. Team members have monthly 1-on-1s with managers focusing on their development.
75Gemba69LondonWith award winning CEO Nathan Robinson and CTO Frankie Cavanagh, who developed hit VR games including SuperHot, Gemba attracts a fun workforce and then gives teams the space to be themselves. You’ll find buttoned-up and tucked-in colleagues working alongside folks with green hair, a Culture Manager making sure there are plenty of opportunities for the team to enjoy their colleagues and their time in office, and plenty of opportunities for promotion and mobility. Gemba is also parent and dog friendly!
76Findel318CheshireCare is a core value of this eCommerce educational resources supplier. In addition to contributing to the education of children through its products and charitable giving, the company shows its care by listening to employees through surveys and employee resource group feedback. This year, the company announced its commitment to 10 good things to make the world a better place, including upholding high standards of sustainability through sourcing, reducing Scope3 emissions, and committing to zero landfill waste.
77Thesis Systems76LondonThesis Systems values charity, opportunities, leisure, entertainment, responsibility, and excellent wellbeing and has a group to drive engagement for each of these pillars. These values were decided globally by employees and are continuously reviewed through engagement surveys. The company ensures all voices are heard through an open-door policy and an anonymous feedback program for those uncomfortable voicing their concerns in person. There are additionally regular coffee sessions, one-on-ones, and team meetings.
78Fulcrum Asset Management102LondonWorking in a small financial institution of this caliber affords you plenty of opportunities to work with more autonomy and on more unique projects. Fulcrum relies on employees to bring their full selves to work, and they do through book clubs, yoga clubs, weekly massage appointments, and social outings with colleagues. Professional development is valued here – about a quarter of staff at any given time is involved in taking training courses, leadership development, or presenting at a Lunch and Learn to their colleagues.
79Swiss Re15,401LondonSwiss Re’s global workforce benefits from Swiss cultural hallmarks: collaboration, inclusion and integrity. Employees are trusted to “own the way you work” through flexible hours and work locations, with exceptional care to support working parents with new child leaves and on-site childcare facilities. Hierarchies and divisions are broken down across the organization so that kitchen staff are as welcome as executive leadership to reach out to the CEO with their ideas -- resulting in zero waste approaches in some kitchens. Opportunities to learn across national borders and cultural differences through job shadowing, global employee resource groups and support for employees to move up through the company and across the globe.
80Invinci Agency12LondonThis boutique consultancy for Amazon brands is composed of individual contributors who work in a matrix management style where they share ideas across different areas of the business in order to work effectively. Each employee is an entrepreneur that owns their project and idea, supported by one-to-ones and coaching when help is needed. Quarterly socials bring the employees together in-person to sustain the culture.
81Ball Corporation21,000LutonLike grandma’s canning jars, Ball’s products often stay perpetually in play – from recycled Coke cans to optical mirrors in use at NASA, in large part due to corporate sustainability practices that value contributions of each member of this global workforce. Global, publicly traded company with family feel – pay equity across the board, around the world, per internal study by external experts. Parental leave is not gender dependent plus intentional supports for working parents like flexible and remote work. People from underrepresented communities will see themselves represented here from the interview to the C-suite and clear pathways for moving up within the organization.
82Amplifon19,350ManchesterAmplifon offers employees the opportunity to work in an exciting and dynamic environment with a clear purpose of saving lives. The culture is unique in that it offers the benefits of a multi-national company while preserving the agility and proximity of a startup. The company views employees as its number one asset and treats them as such with wellness programs, training, travel opportunities, and annual awards. The CEO and majority shareholders are willing to do what it takes to protect the well-being of their employees, even when it means taking significant financial setbacks themselves.
83TravelPerk1,200LondonTravelPerk is a company currently in hyper-growth mode. During COVID, they pledged no-layoffs, and they continue to pledge no layoffs despite the macro uncertainty, which shows an exceptional commitment to employees. One of their values being “we are owners,” they create a culture of respect by empowering employees. They also have an Employee Advisory Board, which is a naturally formed community that comes together to develop recommendations that are then shared with the CEO. TravelPerk puts an emphasis on values and culture. Values are embedded in the performance life cycle and every new joiner spends 2 days at headquarters in Barcelona learning about the values and culture. They also have a Community Team focused on employee experience and engagement tasked with bring the values to life across the organization. Each site has a Hub Ambassador that is driving events for employees at that site - they utilize employee engagement survey data to create relevant experiences.
84Pharmacy 2U552LeedsPeople beginning their professional careers will find opportunities at Pharmacy2U to advance with the company through the clear career pathways and ample opportunities to gain certifications and grow as leaders. Employees receive personalized recognition for a job well done with rewards that cater to their particular interests.
85Aspire Systems300LeicesterThis company publishes a monthly magazine to keep people informed, but all new information is shared within 24 hours so that employees can trust their leadership and feel respected. Mentor and buddy programs support professional development, along with fast tracks for high performers and spot rewards for great efforts.
86IPC Information Systems1,025LondonThe company supports communications in global financial markets, but its people are supported by each other. Collaboration is key to the working environment where everyone plays a hand in the success of each other, both informally through open office design consents and formally through allyship, sponsorship and mentorship programs. Formalised programs specifically geared toward women’s advancement include external partnerships, new hire mentoring, apprenticeship and executive mentorship.
87K2 Partnering Solutions650LondonPrepare to live, work, and play the international way, whether you want to relocate abroad or simply win a trip to the World Cup or Olympics as a job performance award – Employees of K2 Partnering Solutions love working with their international colleagues to solve business challenges for clients by collaborating from London to Tokyo. This global workforce represents 54 nationalities and 58 languages, but communicates with one platform to connect across the organization and across borders. Clear goals and career opportunities are transparent so from day one employees know which competencies they need to achieve the success within the company so employees can go anywhere in the world their ideas can take them.
88NRG Riverside240LancashireThe largest municipal and specialist fleet hire and management company in the UK opened a new Centre of Excellence in Manchester this year to expand development and training opportunities for apprentices, colleagues and technicians. Coupled with the company’s high growth and open communication culture, there are clear advancement opportunities to grow your career into senior positions.
89Vividq53CambridgeVividq is a startup born out of Cambridge University where the brightest young minds are leading the visual revolution of AR by integrating immersive holographic display technology into every conceivable consumer device. This agile company encourages staff to show up as their authentic selves and self-organize their work to achieve the best results possible which are then shared through a demo every two weeks. Geek culture abounds with hackathons and social activities like escape rooms and logic puzzles.
90PXP Financial170WarePXP Financial is a multinational company with 200 employees from 25 nationalities working across offices in the UK, Austria, Bulgaria, India and the US. Their process of mapping individuals’ strengths and building teams based on fit for function helps everyone feel confident about their roles and able to clearly see who to turn to for support. The result is a highly collaborative company where people feel confident in their work and able to grow with the company – which explains why they have a 25 percent higher-than-market rate for promotions.
91Allan Webb270GloucestershireAllan Webb won the Gold Award from the Armed Forces Employer Recognition Scheme for their efforts in supporting Veterans, recruiting employees from Veterans Association career fairs. They offer a variety of development opportunities, including niche engineering training courses that are only offered by a handful of companies. They also sponsor technical and masters degrees and offer a range of support for employees’ mental health, which has been very beneficial for its Veterans. To their employees’ delight, the’ve adopted Agile and Home Working and they are constantly looking for ways to improve the employee experience. For example, their ED&I committee and mental health ambassador team joined forces to establish a Quiet Room, a place to destress, and their “Brilliance” award scheme rewards people when positive customer or internal feedback has been received.
92SMS Environmental210OxfordshireIn an industry where employees are often working long hours, SMS Environmental takes a family-friendly approach, believing employees must have a good work-life balance. For example, overtime (typical in the industry) is discouraged and they offer enhanced maternity and paternity leave. They have a very open office environment where you can sit next to the CEO and people can openly talk about the performance of the business and share ideas. SMS offers opportunity for growth internally, with most of their senior leaders having started as engineers. They offer clear development routes with business coaching and they place a focus on leadership, trying to identify rising stars within the business.
93Airfinity98LondonDo you have a passion for assuring decision makers are prepared for the next disease outbreak? Airfinity is a growing data and analytics company where teams are highly bonded around this shared goal. These youthful teams work closely together with the CEO on complex problems in a flat organization with a casual culture where they can directly impact the product and trajectory of the company. Between the research, development of new ideas, and ample social events, the culture feels like an extension of college life.
94CodeMonk25LondonCodeMonk is changing the future of work by helping to develop AI that can automate manual skills and free people up to work on creativity and subject matter expertise. All roles at CodeMonk are remote, have flexible schedules, and employees are rewarded with bonuses quarterly when their ability to automate menial tasks results in profitability. Regular townhalls and one-on-one conversations keep employees aware of each new objective and able to see their work contribute to the growth of the company and the AI industry.
95Grey Group3,200LondonThis creative team is highly collaborative in this highly competitive field. An artefact of their supportive and authentic culture: the team created a coffee table book, Six Feet Over, of their experiences during the pandemic that included a beer can from staff struggling with alcohol use and an MRI from an employee experiencing breast cancer during Covid.
96Teleperformance410,000BristolWith half of their workforce working from home, the company's Cloud Campus allows employees to connect with supervisors and colleagues anytime and from anywhere. Regular webcasts from the CEO keep employees connected to the mission and goals, and an annual For Fun Festival helps deepen relationships between employees across the globe by participating in this talent show style festival of art, music, and dance for employees and their families.
97Medallia2,500LondonTo model the company value that every experience matters, the CEO set up an “Ask Joe” channel so that any employee can ask questions directly. This certified Fair Pay Workplace is committed to delivering true pay equity and transparency, and is full of development opportunities from online trainings that go at your own pace to interactive group discussions like book clubs.
98QS Quacquarelli Symonds818LondonQS Quacquarelli Symonds’ shows respect for employees through listening to the needs of employees and adjusting company policy in response to feedback. For example, HR info and e-signatures accurately reflect employee’s chosen pronouns and chosen names. Special attention is paid to assure the interview panels represent the community’s diversity and that information is tracked and reported. Open communication and multiple channels for listening to feedback assure that employee voices are heard.
99BlackLine1,873LondonManagement team regularly hosts Q&A sessions with all employees. Listen, Learn, Connect conversations provide a dedicated space to discuss topics important to employees. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are ingrained in the company’s core values and demonstrated with unconscious bias training to all employees, encouraging everyone to speak up and be heard, and integrating DEI principles into every stage of the talent lifecycle.
100Amdocs31,000LondonA range of internal mobility opportunities allow employees to explore different roles and areas of the business, which is why 40% of open roles are filled by internal candidates. To help employees meet professional goals, the company invests in training, learning and development programs providing the opportunity to learn new skills and advance existing ones.

Research Methodology

In today’s dynamic business environment and spirited public discourse, the importance of diversity and inclusion cannot be overstated. Companies at the forefront of embracing these principles are not just setting trends; they’re shaping the future. Our thorough research clearly shows that diversity is a key driver of creativity, advancement, and strategic problem-solving within any organization. Moreover, such companies don’t just open doors to new market opportunities; they position themselves as top choices for prospective employees.
However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that as societal perspectives shift, businesses must navigate increasingly complex and often polarized issues with caution. Upholding their values and maintaining accountability to their employees is paramount. This careful balance ensures companies remain true to their principles while adapting to the changing expectations of both their workforce and the market.

Evaluation Process:

Step 1: Direct Industry Feedback and Survey

  • We conducted in-depth interviews with over 1,000 HR professionals to pinpoint key drivers of employee satisfaction now and in the future.

Step 2: Employee Insights Survey

  • We executed a comprehensive survey among employees at these organizations to gauge their perception and experiences with their employers. This phase leveraged over 500,000 datapoints from current employees, including demographic data, enabling us to adjust our analysis based on responses from various demographic groups.

Step 3: Qualitative Research and Benchmarking on Diversity Metrics

  • We undertook an in depth review of public perception, social insights, and other publicly available information, analyzed through our proprietary sentiment and emotion construct.

Step 4: Media Validation

  • We reviewed published and validated news and articles published within the past 18 months regarding all analyzed companies to identify any potential legal or ethical issues related to workplace diversity practices.

Step 5: Validation and Scoring

  • Through our proprietary workplace sentiment and emotion construct, a scoring model was used to calculate a unique diversity rating for each company with the top ones featured on America’s Most Loved Workplaces® for Diversity list .