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Founded in 1982 on the values of ethics, engagement and excellence, AFS is one of the most experienced supply chain consultants in the industry. Employing a team of more than 380 logistics professionals in eight major locations across the U.S. and Canada, we bring a lifetime of experience that enables over 1,800 clients across more than 35 countries to drive sustained savings and operational improvements in increasingly competitive and connected markets. As a non-asset based and non-asset biased third-party-logistics provider, AFS offers a range of logistics services, featuring freight and parcel audit, parcel cost management, LTL cost management and transportation management, which includes freight brokerage and freight forwarding. AFS is regularly part of the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies and has been named a Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation by Women in Trucking. To learn more, visit

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AFS Logistics, LLC
670 Emberwood Dr.
Shreveport, LA 71106

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0 - 1000
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Tom Nightingale

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Why is AFS Logistics a Most Loved Workplace®?

At AFS, we place a high value on ethics, which includes transparency and open communication. Our CEO, Tom Nightingale, regularly shares personal video messages with all team members every quarter. In these updates, he provides information about how AFS has performed throughout the year and according to our plans. This open communication helps our team members maintain a realistic and positive outlook on the future of our company.

At AFS, our core values are Ethics, Engagement, and Excellence. We don’t just put these values on a plaque, but we integrate them in everything we do. Our hiring process is intentional, ensuring that every member of the AFS family naturally embodies these values. We hold each other accountable and trust our leaders. We celebrate each other’s successes and build relationships through intentional bonding time. Our perspective on Excellence is unique – we strive to do our best and give our best, rather than aiming for perfection.

Effective leadership is crucial to the success of any organization. At AFS, our CEO Tom Nightingale is a great example of a servant-leader who models the behaviors he expects from his team. Tom plays a key role in creating and maintaining a positive and healthy work culture at AFS. He expects all team members to give their best and do their best, no matter what. Our executives share the same level of leadership and commitment to our team, and they model our core values of ethics, engagement, and excellence.
We place a significant emphasis on ensuring the success of our new team members. Every executive and senior leader at AFS is committed to doing whatever we can to help each person succeed. After all, when our team members succeed, our executives, company, and clients succeed as well.

Creating a respectful culture within an organization is key, and it starts with its leadership team. Our CEO is an exemplary leader who values and empathizes with his team. He personally reaches out to each team member on their birthday and work anniversary to show gratitude for their contributions to AFS, setting him apart from others. He is also highly accessible, creating an environment where anyone can schedule a meeting with him, and he always honors the request. He expects all executives to be just as available for their team members. At AFS, all executive and senior leaders are committed to helping each person succeed. We value every team member’s input and encourage them to share innovative ideas. AFS values the input of every individual and encourages them to play an active role in maintaining a positive work environment. We recognize that a workplace culture that promotes respect and support is just as important as providing a competitive compensation package.

At AFS, the atmosphere is highly collaborative. Our team members foster relationships with each other, which enables them to work seamlessly, communicate across departments, and tackle any challenges together. To enhance our productivity and collaboration, we utilize diverse project planning and collaboration tools.

Our company provides an exciting opportunity known as the AFS’ Career Accelerator Scholarship Program. This program is designed to help aspiring high school students pursue a career in logistics by offering them tuition assistance, full-time work experience, and mentorship. The scholarship recipient receives financial aid for two courses per semester, including tuition, book, and lab payments, covered by AFS. They also gain valuable experience working as an entry-level account coordinator with AFS Logistics and learning from experienced professionals.
This program invests in the success of our future logistics professionals and our business’s success. The logistics industry and our company are poised for significant growth, and it is essential to create awareness of the opportunities that logistics can offer and foster the next generation of business professionals.