An easy 5 step process

A prestigious certification that signifies care for employees, committment to cultural excellence and continuous improvement.

And become a Most Loved Workplace® with the opportunity to be featured as The Top 100 MLW in Newsweek.


Step 1

Application & Setup Company Profile Page

The quick and easy Love Of Workplace Index™ Pulse Validation takes no more than 3-4 minutes to complete and will not add any fatigue for your employees.


Step 2

Create & Distribute the Love Of Workplace Index™ Pulse Validation to Employees

Once you have completed your profile, you will be given your own unique URL for your Love Of Workplace Index® Pulse Validation. Just copy the link and send it to employees to complete. The results will be confidential, and no personally identifiable information is required or collected.


Step 3


After completion of the entire process, we will tabulate all responses including the written application and additional research. We will consider all certified companies for the annual Top 100 Most Loved Workplace® issue of Newsweek Magazine.

Step 4


Once certified, your verified Most Loved Workplace® profile page will be available. Certified companies become eligible to take advantage of additional badging licensing rights for use in digital and in-print for branding, marketing, and ESG efforts for a fee.

Step 5

Promote Your Certification to the World

All certified companies will appear on the Most Loved Workplace® Site. If selected, the Top 100 MLW Companies will be featured in Newsweek.

Get Certified Today

Join a movement of companies that consciously place love for their employees at the center of their business model.

Stand Out

Achieve More As A People-First Company



Recruiting the best candidates can be time-consuming and costly. Get a competitive advantage with our data-backed certification and exposure to Newsweek’s audience of 90+ million.



Build loyalty and keep your best people on board. Employees of a Most Loved Workplace® are 2-4x more likely to stay.



Cut through the noise with actionable insights so you can build an employee-focused culture that inspires trust, engagement, and productivity.



When employees are engaged, your goals are their goals. They’re 4x as likely to do their best work and make customers happy - boosting your bottom line.