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AirHelp is a market-leading tech company, dedicated to helping passengers with flight delays and cancellations. Since being founded in 2013, we’ve helped 2.2 million passengers get their rightful compensation.
We’re a global team of 400 people, helping customers worldwide in 18 languages. We make claiming compensation easy for passengers and, for our AirHelp Plus members, we offer innovative insurance that protects against the unexpected — turning flight disruptions into something good.
But that’s not all, we’re a supportive and inclusive community where all ideas matter, all contributions are valued, and growth is encouraged every step of the way.

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Warschauer Platz 11-13
10245 Berlin

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0 - 1000
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Information Technology
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Tomasz Pawlizyn

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Why is AirHelp a Most Loved Workplace®?

They’re involved in the strategy for the future very early on, and they’re able to track the results very closely. Just this year, the entire company attended the AirHelp Summit in January to share our goals for 2024 and beyond. Since then, our vision and progress continued to be a constant topic in monthly townhalls, newsletters and other internal communications. Our management takes a transparent approach to communication and is open to answering any questions. These efforts, combined with our ability to emerge stronger from the difficult times during the pandemic, helped build employee confidence and a positive vision for the future.

Our company values are persistence, ownership, integrity and teamwork, and they are aligned because they came from our employees! We consulted with the whole company extensively via interviews and surveys in order to arrive at our values in 2019. Reinforcing them has been a goal and a constant in every communication or initiative ever since. Our values also provide the basis for our performance review, for our employee awards (monthly, quarterly and annual), and for our recruiting process to ensure that new hires are also well aligned with our culture.

By staying committed to our goals and the promises we make to our customers, and by giving transparent updates to the entire company, our CEO, Tomasz embodies Integrity. For playing an integral role in keeping us afloat during the pandemic, allowing us to diversify our services and emerge stronger than ever, he demonstrates Persistence. Every day, when he participates in discussions on nearly every team channel, encouraging collaboration and demonstrating trust in his colleagues, he exemplifies Teamwork. The way Tomasz leads and handles the situation when things go wrong, with empathy and understanding, shows what Ownership looks like when we work in a psychologically safe workplace.

Regularly asking for people’s feedback: through regular formal surveys to measure engagement or ask for improvement ideas; through engagement tools like Lattice, that assess how people are feeling week by week and encourage peer-to-peer feedback; or simply through polls and open questions that give people a chance to weigh in on any decision we make. In addition, department heads regularly bring employee ideas to the table at management meetings. Publicly praising people for their ideas and hard work is also a part of our culture. Not a day goes by without someone sending a message to the company-wide #thanks channel, which is always celebrated by the entire team.

Our employees come from all corners of the world and work from different locations in Europe and Brazil, but we see the company as one team. For this reason, day-to-day collaboration takes place online via Slack, online meetings, etc. To foster cross-departmental collaboration and understanding, we offer monthly team days — where AirHelpers choose fun activities to get together, creating memorable experiences and strengthening social bonds. Each department also plans quarterly offsites to foster ideas, connections and teamwork in person. Twice a year, we gather all AirHelpers in one location to share the company goals and projects, and celebrate achievements.

Our benefits are divided into fixed and flexible. All AirHelpers have a free membership and access to our services, plus pension plans, health insurance, mental health support, food subsidy and monthly team events. They have access to language classes and can choose 2 out of 7 foreign languages to learn. We also offer everyone a leisure travel allowance. Traveling is a shared passion among AirHelpers and helps us better understand our customers’ experiences and perspectives.
The flexible benefits include the choice between subsidized child care, subsidized public transport, personal education allowance, child tuition allowance, gym membership, or a monthly donation to a charity of their choice. We try to make sure that there is something for everyone.

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