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Why Apollo Health and Lifestyle Ltd. IS A MOST LOVED WORKPLACE®

Systemic Collaboration


As a responsible corporate citizen, the Apollo Group takes the spirit of leadership well beyond business and has embraced the responsibility of keeping India healthy where collaboration plays a very pivotal role, hence it is considered to be an integral part of our ecosystem.
Collaboration is also a part of the organization’s Winning Behaviors that are practised and are linked to the employee life cycle. We prioritize fostering an environment where employees seamlessly work together towards common goals and is practised through a top-down approach by one and all in the organization.
We inculcate collaboration through the following points;
I. Open-Door Policy: Employees have the liberty to connect with Leadership to share ideas, questions & concerns, if any
II. Technology: We use technology as part of the collaborative approach and use tools such as MS Teams, SharePoint, etc. in our diverse ecosystem to communicate with our employees.
III. Town Hall Meetings: Quarterly town hall meetings take place with the Leadership team engaging with the employees to hear them and provide updates of the organization as well
IV. Focus Group Discussions: FGDs are conducted across the network to have a clear understanding of employee’s thoughts to encourage collaboration
V. Engagement: Through the Engagement initiatives at AHLL, we collaborate and encourage a synergy in the system that promotes the best practices in the organization
VI. Innovation Awards: The Moonstone Award at AHLL encourages ideas from any business format to improve businesses, services or products offered by the organization thus encouraging collaboration within the ecosystem
VII. DEIB Initiatives: The talent strategy of the organization begins with DEIB initiatives fostering a place for mutual understanding, growth and collaboration
VIII. Workshops and Training: Regular sessions on Synergy, Teamwork and Effective Communication takes place at AHLL to connect and build teams
IX. Cross-Business and Departmental Communication: We collaborate within the business functions through a concept of Departmental Interface focusing on the highlights and the lowlights thus, bringing in the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization

Positive Vision of the Future


A constant communication by the Leadership team cultivates a positive vision for the future through innovation, empowerment, and support.
1. Forward-Thinking Leadership:
Under the visionary guidance of our Chairman and Managing Director, we are aligned to a vision of ‘Touch a Billion Lives’ and this is percolated to the Apollo Family in the ecosystem
2. Long Term Goals:
A 1-3-5 year strategic plan is in place for the organization which is aligned with the Vision and Mission of the organization
3. Annual Operating Plan:
The AOP at AHLL brings together all our employees to consider the goals for the year, along with our Business and Functional Leaders. Goals are divided into Organization Goals, Business Goals, Team Goals, and Individual Goals
4. Goal Setting Exercise:
Goal Setting exercise is done as per the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) and the Balanced Score Card Framework aligning our employees with a transparent vision
5. Development Plans:
We have a Three Level pyramid structure focusing on
i. Front Line Healthcare Staff,
ii. Managerial Cadre and
iii. The Leadership Team
Focused Development through training and Development workshops are conducted at each level to enhance the skills and competencies at every level

Company Respect


Respect and inclusivity are core values in our company, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued. Here’s how we achieve this
1. Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) – An anonymous survey is conducted to gain the satisfaction scores of the organization
2. Focus Group Discussions (FGD): FGDs across the network are conducted as part of our Organization Development Initiatives
3. Regular dipsticks: Short dipstick survey are conducted to understand the pulse of the organization
4. Suraksha ‘Samvaad’: A specially curated survey on POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) is available for insights on safe and inclusive workplace
5. Buddy System: As part of our onboarding strategy and to maintain employee connect, we do a check on employees during a 30/60/90 feedback session
6. Stronger Together Workshop: To focus on our Mantra at AHLL, and to promote a Diverse and Inclusive workplace, we conducted the workshop throughout the network. The workshop is a facilitation program that focuses on Synergy, customer centricity and team building
7. HRMS Mood Meter: Our HRMS has a mood meter to capture the daily mood board of our employees, letting us the pulse on a daily basis
8. Performance Management System: Discussions between the manager and employee take place during the appraisal reviews
9. The RPT Project (Reform, Perform, Transform): An ideation initiative is rolled out in the organization where the employees are encouraged to share their ideas and work on two identified projects and are rewarded accordingly
10. HR Discussions: Our monthly HR & Employee connects happen over something we call ‘Chai pe charcha’ (Discussions over Tea) where we meet casually to hear our employees. Quite often accompanied by a ‘Samosa’ as well 😊
11.Skip Level Meetings: Periodic Meetings to understand the pulse of our employees along with appropriate measures for change
12. Employee One on One Discussions: This is where the employee has an opportunity to connect and share personal or professional details
13. HR Committees: Various committees exist to address Grievances, POSH cases, etc. to ensure there is a voice heard

Company Support / Killer Outcomes


Empowering our employees to thrive both professionally and personally is at the core of our values. Here’s how we support them in reaching their goals
1. Career Advancement Opportunities for Hi-Pots:
Development programs available for our high-potential employees to further their professional careers
2. Tie-up with Leading B-Schools:
Opportunities to pursue higher education in the area of interest and promote personal and professional growth
3. Flagship Programs from FranklinCovey:
We have tied up with FranklinCovey to provide two flagship programs that are done for our employees to better their personal and professional leadership skills. The ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Signature 4.0 Workshop’ and the ‘Leading at the Speed of Trust Workshop’ are two programs that have proven its mettle with our employees
4. Project Udaan (meaning Project Flight):
Individual and Team Assessments along with Development programs to enhance the Leaders at AHLL. Individual Development Plans are created to track progress and growth of employees
5. Emotional Intelligence at AHLL:
We are tied up with Thomas International for conducting a Personal Profile Analysis for our employees during their onboarding journey. This is followed up with an Emotional Intelligence Workshop where we use the TEIQue method to assess and develop the Emotional Intelligence of our employees
6. Ikigai Wellness Program:
Promoting well-being in the organization through IKIGAI concepts and finding passion and purpose in personal and professional life
6. Career Path Planning:
We offer career path planning sessions and advancement opportunities within the company, empowering employees to chart their professional trajectory and achieve their long-term career aspirations
7. Upskilling, Reskilling and Meta-skilling:
We have tie-ups with our sister concerns of Apollo, (Medvarsity and MedSkills Ltd.) which focuses on the upskilling of our employees through various program that breed capabilities and helps in transforming our organization, where the HR function plays a very pivotal role in connecting earning to learning for driving performance at the workplace.

Alignment of Values


Our values in the organization revolve around our mantra ‘Stronger Together’ where we focus on the 3E’s (Excellence, Expertise and Empathy) and the TLC (Tender Loving Care) approach making this the essence of our working styles at AHLL.
1. Supportive Environment:
These values take a top-down approach to creating & maintaining a culture where our employees feel supported, respected and valued. We do this through,
a. Value Cards-provided to employees along with their ID Cards
b. Plaques/Placards placed on walls to share the vision/mission and value
c. AHLL Ways of Working Booklet
d. Website Information- Values also displayed on our URL and intranet sites
e. Corporate Communication – Cascaded on a regular basis
2. Development
Resources and support for development are catered to individuals by our leaders through a program called ‘GrowthXcel’ which is specially tuned to the individuals’ growth and aspirations in the organization
3. Recognition of Contributions:
Contributions from employees are recognized through one of our initiatives called ‘POWER’ Cards. These cards are based on the Winning Behaviors of Apollo (P-Passion for Growth, O-Ownership, W-Customer WOWs, E-Empowerment of Self and others, R-Result Oriented Teamwork). Employees thus are encouraged to work with the values set for the organization.
3. Diversity and Inclusion:
We foster a diverse and Inclusive environment where employees feel respected and valued. Our hiring practice, our diversity training programs and our support groups for our employees create the backbone of a valued workforce. We have a specially curated workshop called ‘Stronger Together’ to encourage DEI within the ecosystem

Company Practices / Love


Creating a Loved Workplace involves a combination of thoughtful programs and practices. Here are some examples we implement at AHLL –
1. Apollo GEMS Program -Rewards and Recognition: GEMS stands for ‘Going the Extra mile in Service’ at Apollo. And our employees are recognized with GEMS available in our R&R program. For e.g. – Silver Shield Award, Moonstone Award, Amethyst Award, and Gold Cards.
2. Assessment Centers: Regular Assessment centres are conducted at different levels of the organization and Development Plans are created.
3. Apollo CARE Program: A specially curated program that focuses on the TLC (Tender Loving Care) approach to better the relationship with our Internal and External Customers.
4. AHLL’s Got Talent: There is life beyond work at AHLL and we ensure that the hidden talents of our employees, be it dancing, singing, mimicry, magic shows or any personal talent that can be brought out during this interesting and engaging event. We have completed two seasons of this popular show at AHLL
5. Monday Motivation: Regular communication (on a weekly basis) to motivate our employees, through recognitions received, inspiring quotes etc. to uplift the moods at work
6. Cogni-Sat: The Cognitive Saturday, the Saturday of Learning, is a monthly engagement program where the whole organization comes together to learn from the leaders.
7. Service Excellence, The Disney Way: Applying Service Excellence concepts that can be learned from the services offered to customers. This is a 6-month program that covers aspects of Service Excellence.
8. Micro-Learning Videos: Byte size videos for easy learning on the go. This gives us the opportunity to reach out to our employees in a distributed network.
9. Gamification: We use user-friendly apps to ensure that we teach through Gamification. The participants who score well, are recognized and rewarded for scoring high marks during this fun-learning activity.
10. Donation Drives: We are tied up with reputed social service organizations to contribute towards society and the underprivileged through our Donation Drives throughout the year, and throughout the network at various regions.
11. CSR Initiatives: Regular Health camps are conducted for creating awareness on NCDs (Non-communicable diseases) and ProHealth, our AI based health check-up.
12. Q4E App (Quality for Excellence): Apollo Q4E App is a comprehensive tool for upholding Apollo’s standard of excellence in Continuous Quality Improvement. The application strives to bring the complete Q4E Program of Apollo Health & Lifestyle Ltd to the fingertips of the employees with the convenience of using it in any kind of system like desktop, tabs or mobile phones. The application also intends to make the complete Quality Improvement journey paperless with the use of technology & automation, faster communications and lesser turnaround times

CEO Strengths


As the leader of our organization, our CEO plays a key role in embodying and championing our company values. Here are few of his notable ways of working-
1. Pioneering Attitude:
Stays ahead of the curve by constantly creating innovative solutions for the wellbeing of our patients and society as a whole
2. Proactive Involvement:
Always looks for ways to add value in everything we do by going the extra mile
3. World Class Excellence:
Continuously strives for excellence in all spheres – be it clinical, financial, operational, and service or people management, by benchmarking our processes and procedures with best-in-class models available
4. Trustworthy Spirit:
Continues to be an example of trust and a beacon of hope to all by keeping their best interests at heart and delivering on all promises
5. Compassionate Care:
Touches and enhances the lives of patients/customers and employees by practicing Tender Loving Care to create better experiences for all



At AHLL, our commitment extends beyond merely delivering tangible advantages; we prioritize the provision of intangible benefits as well. Presented below are illustrative instances:
1. Wellness @ Work: (W@W) We have 6 buckets Wellness at Work initiatives that provide Social, psychological, Environmental, Financial, Physical, and Occupational benefits to our employees. The initiatives are driven throughout the year so that the employees are continuously engaged with the organization
2. Yearly Annual Health Check-up: A comprehensive check-up is offered to our employees free of cost and can be done at any of the Apollo centres across the network on any day, through an easy-to-apply process on our HRMS portal.
3. Health Benefits: Our health benefits extend not just to the employee, but to his immediate family members and dependents (including in-laws)
4. Insurance: We cover our employees for Group Personal Accident Insurance along with Group Medi-claim for all employees and their dependents.
5. Financial Benefits include;
a. Tax Saving Flexi-Benefits: Components identified for our employees according to their grades in the organization to enable a better take-home salary
b. Interest Free Salary Advances
c. Retiral Benefits: Superannuation, Provident Fund, Pension and Gratuity are offered to all employees
d. Retirement Benefits: Available for all at the time of retirement
e. Bonus: A bonus paid out to the employees as per the eligibility criteria
f. Variable Pay: Paid out based on the terms and conditions of employment.
g. Incentives and Compensation Benefits available to all
h. Local Conveyance for all local official travel within and outside the city
6. Employee Stock Appreciation Rights (“ESAR”) Scheme is provided to the identified talent in the organization which motivates them to contribute to the growth and profitability of the organization
7. Leave Benefits: In addition to the Earned, Casual, and Sick leave, AHLL offers
a. Parental Leave Benefits: Generous parental leave policies for both parents (Maternity and Paternity)
b. Adoption: Leave benefits are also available for adoption in the family.
c. Bereavement Leave: for all dependents and in-laws
d. Miscarriage Leave offered to all employees as well
8. Long Service Awards: Employees are recognized and felicitated for their tenured services
9. Marriage Benefit: A token of appreciation is offered to employees who wedlock
10. Child Education Benefit: Employees are given an education allowance for their children
11. Connectivity Benefits: Mobile reimbursements available for all employees at AHLL
12. Housing Benefits: House Rent Allowance, Advance towards Rental deposits are available for employees. The Database of available rental homes in the city are also provided through the Buddy system to all employees at AHLL.

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The Apollo Group of Hospitals and its subsidiary companies have successfully served patients for over 3.8 decades. Established in 2000, Apollo Health & Lifestyles Ltd., a subsidiary of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (AHEL), was founded by our Chairman, Dr. Prathap C Reddy, who envisaged world-class healthcare for all Indians, to fulfil his vision of “Touching a Billion Lives”.
Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited (AHLL) is one of the largest players in the retail healthcare segment in India. Since its incorporation in 2000, AHLL has experienced significant growth and come a long way, not only in terms of its geographical footprint and number of centres but also in the array of service delivery formats that it operates today. It functions primarily through its 8 core offerings viz. Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital, Apollo Fertility, Apollo Spectra, Apollo Clinic, Apollo Sugar Clinics, Apollo Dental, Apollo Diagnostics and Apollo Dialysis Clinics.

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