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As a leader in sports and entertainment for almost 30 years, DIRECTV provides industry-leading content, service, and user satisfaction. By reimagining what is possible, DIRECTV’s mission is to aggregate, curate and deliver exceptional, innovative service to its customers.
In 2023, DIRECTV elevated the customer experience by delivering Gemini, which can integrate customers’ content from their third-party platform subscriptions onto a single one-stop, digital experience. With DIRECTV, the sports season never ends, and customers are treated to broadcasts of several major sports, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and multiple domestic and international soccer leagues. DIRECTV provides customers the choice of watching sports, movies, and TV shows on their TVs at home or their favorite mobile devices via the DIRECTV app.

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El Segundo, California, however we are a virtual-first organization.

Number of employees
Number Of Employees
1001 - 10000
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Bill Morrow