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Overjet is the world-leader in dental AI. Founded by experts from MIT and Harvard University, Overjet builds artificial intelligence that helps dental organizations give patients the highest quality of care. Our FDA-cleared technology is the first objective standard for making oral health decisions — so that dentists can detect pathologies with precision and educate patients with confidence. To learn more, visit: www.overjet.ai.

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50 Milk Street
16th Floor
Boston, MA

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Number Of Employees
0 - 1000
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Artificial Intelligence/Augmented Reality
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Company Website
Company ceo
Wardah Inam

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Why is Overjet a Most Loved Workplace®?

Overjet has made massive strides in achieving our mission to improve oral health with artificial intelligence. In March 2024, we raised $53 million of Series C funding: the largest investment in the history of dental AI. The round brought our total funding to more than $130 million, and increased our company valuation to $550 million. Already, thousands of dental providers and insurers rely on our technology to deliver the best dental care on the planet.

Our most important values at Overjet are excellence, velocity, ownership, and growth. We only hire ambitious people who hold themselves to these standards, every day. Because no one has ever built a dental AI company like Overjet before, each of us is a leader who takes responsibility for being the best at what we do — whether that’s fine-turning our machine learning models or creating epic marketing content. In short, we align our company values with our personal values by bringing in rock stars who have an insatiable hunger to learn, to take risks, and to be the CEO of their role.

Our CEO Wardah Inam is proof of what’s possible when you take responsibility for solving a problem — while holding your solution to a standard of absolute excellence. After immigrating from Pakistan, Wardah attended Harvard Business School, before earning her Master's and Ph.D. in computer science from MIT. She founded Overjet because she was unsatisfied with her own dental care experience: she received two drastically different diagnoses from two different dentists, about the same issue. Wardah decided to create the first objective standard for oral healthcare, by using artificial intelligence to detect pathologies with unprecedented precision. Today, that standard is Overjet.

Overjet conducts employee engagement surveys each quarter, with a clear plan to take action based on the responses. In addition, we provide ongoing leadership training for all managers, with a focus on how to create psychological safety within their team. By combining feedback and training, we continually make sure that every employee feels comfortable voicing their perspective.

As a fully remote company, Overjet makes progress at a speed that’s only possible with the latest collaboration tools — like Slack, Notion, and Loom. We move extremely fast because we each take ownership over our projects, while keeping each other informed with organized updates and structured meetings, only when necessary. These operating principles give us the perfect balance of flexibility and feedback.

Our philosophy at Overjet is that each person is unique and needs flexibility to operate at their best. We have the option to work from anywhere, to adjust our weekly schedules, and to take unlimited time off, which gives us the focus to change the future of dental care.