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SMS Environmental provides water hygiene services to enable clients to meet their statutory obligations with regard to Legionella control. SMS also provides products and services that have synergy with the core business, such as other water treatment services, other water sampling, air sampling, air conditioning, ventilation hygiene, and other building services.

All SMS services are tailored to individual organisations. Our expert advisors visit clients to discuss requirements and create a service package to meet their needs.
To replace traditional methods SMS has developed Opuz, our unique compliance maintenance software application. Opuz is a market leading certified system which enables SMS and our clients manage assessments and record keeping online. Opuz ensures record keeping is managed in real time and brings peace of mind to our clients. Data is secure and at our fingertips for monitoring, analysis and reporting.

In addition to these services, SMS offers environmental control training courses, consultation services and we can even help you write your water treatment policy documents.

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Harwell, Oxfordshire

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0 - 1000
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Michael Crook