About Alexi Gharib Nazem

Alexi Gharib Nazem, MD, MBA, is the co-founder and CEO of Nomad Health, the first online marketplace for freelance clinical work. In addition to leading Nomad, he is also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell in New York.

Previously, he led field operations for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s successful 100,000 Lives Campaign. Alexi trained in internal medicine at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston after receiving an MD from Yale and an MBA from Harvard. He also holds a BS in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale.

Please provide any additional material, info, or talking points you would like addressed on the show. : We’d like to discuss the Nomad company culture and how transparency and collaboration are core pillars of how we work together. In terms of business points, we’d like to discuss how Nomad is helping to solve the healthcare staffing shortage with our technology, and our goal to remove every obstacle between providers and the patients they care for.

Nomad Health is loved because...

Another company that did the right thing during the early times of COVID-19. For example: Amid the quarantines and illnesses, frontline workers got full pay—no questions asked.

The Most Loved Workplace Leaders Show with Alexi Gharib Nazem CEO of Nomad Health​

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Alexi Gharib Nazem Serves as a Model of Nomad Health's Values because…

Embodying every value important to Nomad. Our CEO is a doctor whose career has been focused on providing care. He started Nomad as a way to help more patients through technology. He sets an example through his leadership and the work that he does to inspire everyone at Nomad to dream big.