About David Walker

David Walker is the co-founder and CEO of Triplemint, where he leads the team’s mission, vision for the future, business strategy, and culture.

Always an entrepreneur, David left Yale University to become the Director of Marketing at the tech startup YouRenew.com, where he developed and led marketing and business development strategy. YouRenew was acquired in 2014 by Clover Wireless.

David completed his B.A. in Political Science from Yale University. While there, he became a national champion rower, earning honors as the captain of the Yale Lightweight Crew Team.

Triplemint is loved because...

All-hands meetings end with a brainstorm to solve a big challenge. Focus on developing employees so they can eventually take on larger roles. Founders gave up salaries in 2020 to avoid layoffs.

The Most Loved Workplace Leaders Show with David Walker CEO of Triplemint

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David Walker Serves as a Model of Triplemint's Values because…

Leading by example. David Walker is always genuine, forward-thinking and transparent, never asking his team to do anything he wouldn’t do himself, which allows him to be empathetic and understanding of his employees and agents.