To become one of the top three Most Loved Workplaces® in the Computer Software Company category, companies had to prove they created the foundation for workplace success, both in their industry, employee sentiment, and satisfaction at their company. 

For many, tech jobs rank among the most desirable industry based on pay and advancement opportunities. Software is, unsurprisingly, the backbone of many industries. Technology runs the most important facets of the modern world. However, salary alone doesn’t make a happy workforce.  To become a company employees love, it takes a little more than that. In 2021, workplaces have faced unprecedented challenges that required flexibility, understanding, and the ability to provide for their greatest assets – their employees. It takes understanding.

When it comes to loving where you work, the employees from these three companies report consistent praise for their employers.

Here’s the three best in the computer software category:

SAP AmericaComputer Software Companies

SAP (System Analysis Program Development) consistently tops the rankings for tech companies. A leader in enterprise application software, SAP produces top-of-the-line business management programs for streamlining data processing and information flow. They also foster an inclusive, open environment that promotes employee initiative and rewards communication. SAP employees regularly rank their workplace satisfaction highest on these factors, often citing the open communication between team members and leadership as a significant selling point. Employees know that their project contributions are noticed – and rewarded – by team management. SAP makes sure they know their worth to the company and their teams.

SAP invests in employee education, offering both internal training and funding for industry-specific certifications. Highly motivated employees get accolades for their desire to hone their talents and branch out to new skills that can make them more effective in their current positions, better prepared to advance in their fields, and better assets for their team. The company values employees as people, encouraging their professional and personal growth.

CadenceComputer Software Companies

Cadence Design Systems is a US-based engineering and software company. They are most known for developing electronic design automation (EDA) software used to design chips, systems, and printed circuit boards and IP covering interfaces, memory, analog, SoC peripherals, data plane processing units, and verification.

Most importantly, Cadence has a “people first” philosophy that has kept them on the 100 Best Companies to Work For list for the last seven years. During the unprecedented 2020-2021, Cadence invested in their employee’s welfare by providing multiple stipends. One specifically for their employees to purchase home office equipment to keep them productive while they work from home and another to help pay for additional childcare or eldercare. Combined with flexible work hours and bonus holidays, they also provided virtual medical care and free COVID-19 testing for all employees, including contractors.

Cadence constantly innovates, adapting its office culture to provide the best environment for its employees to thrive at work, making the company equally successful. Their “One Cadence-One Team” culture manifests in the company’s push for a healthy, open environment for employees to feel empowered by their work. They go so far as to offer a Volunteer Time Off program, where employees get five paid business days to serve their community! The mentorship program has been wildly successful, as new employees get immediate feedback and understand expectations for advancement from day one.

Automation Anywhere

One of the fastest-growing companies on our list, Automation Anywhere, is a leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the platform on which more organizations build world-class Intelligent Digital Workforces than any other. The Automation Anywhere enterprise-grade platform uses software bots that work side by side with people to do repetitive work in many industries.

What puts Automation Anywhere on our list is their dedication to employee wellbeing. They’ve launched a remote work program during the recent pandemic that keeps their staff safe and still productive. Their flexible work hours give employees more control over their time, understanding that the traditional workday isn’t necessarily the best for every person. More than that, they offer their employees unlimited sick leave and paid time off.

Why Are These Computer Software Workplaces Loved?

As anyone in tech knows, recruiting the best employees for your company means you have to stay ahead of the competition. It means giving highly motivated and skilled personnel the tools for success and incentive to stay in a place where they are appreciated and satisfied. Businesses often give lip service to the concept of a positive company culture without putting forth the effort to make those lofty words into reality. Companies must prioritize employee innovation, reward initiative, and provide consistent support both on and off the clock.

In short, employers who care are attractive to employees. More specifically, they love companies that respect and appreciate what they bring to the table in their fields. The companies on our list have risen to the unprecedented challenges of the last year to nurture a productive, positive environment that fosters talent and prioritizes people as well as profits. By prioritizing health, wellbeing, further education, and communication, these companies gain the trust and respect of their employees because they’ve shown that it is reciprocal.

As these companies have proved, a healthy workforce is a productive one.

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