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About the Company

DataArt is a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems. With over 25 years of experience and headquartered in New York City, DataArt now employs over 6,000 professionals in 20+ locations throughout the US, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America. DataArt’s HR approach has developed a reputation for its state-of-the-art recruiting system. The company’s professional development programs, talent management investments, R&D, and unique corporate culture make positions at DataArt extremely appealing to candidates.
Most of the company’s engineers have a strong educational emphasis on hard skills, engineering and mathematics, exceptional technical proficiency, high-level thinking, creativity, and a strong sense of pride in their work. These qualities are further encouraged by DataArt’s corporate culture that prioritizes engineers over managers.

Company headquarters
Headquarters Location

475 Park Avenue South – Floor 15, New York

Number of employees
Number Of Employees
1001 - 10000
Company industry

Information Technology
Company website
Company Website
Company ceo
Eugene Goland