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Machine Learning Behind MLW LOWI Comment Analysis

The machine learning whitepaper details how the Most Loved Workplace team developed an advanced sentiment and emotion analysis model, using custom machine learning to interpret employee feedback within their platform.

Research Document on Love of Workplace Index and SPARK Model

The research paper on the Love of Workplace Index (LOWI) and SPARK model examines the emotional connection employees have with their workplace and how it drives engagement and performance, offering a data-driven approach to foster a passionate and productive work environment.

Most Loved Workplace® Key Strategies

Catch the on-demand replay of our 'Kickstart 2024 with the Most Loved Workplace® Community' webinar, where Lou Carter CEO and founder, Kayla, product manager, Lisa Willis, Data Analyst with Most Loved Workplace, share key strategies to position your company as a Most Loved Workplace® for the upcoming year. Don’t miss these actionable insights—available for viewing now.

Transforming Workplace Culture: Insights from a Most Loved Workplace® American Tire Distributors

In this engaging webinar, we delve into the Most Loved Workplace® case study of American Tire Distributors, a standout example of cultural transformation within the Most Loved Workplace framework. The session is led by a team of experts, including key personnel from American Tire Distributors who were instrumental in driving change.

Most Loved Workplace® GPT

Most Loved Workplace Expert GPT, provides comprehensive insights and education on the strategies and features of the Most Loved Workplace (MLW) application, focusing on enhancing workplace culture. Its expertise is rooted in a deep understanding of MLW's tools, including the Love of Workplace Index™ (LOWI), employee sentiment and emotion analysis, SPARK and Love Index scores, and various case studies showcasing the application's impact.

The Leader Show on Newswseek

The Leader Show with Lou Carter on Newsweek

Each episode offers advice and best practices from CEOs at Most Loved Workplace® Certified companies that know when employees love their company culture, it's good for business, customers, community, and the world.

The Spark Model: Love of Workplace Index®.
From founder and CEO, Louis Carter's book, In Great Company
Determines the degree of emotional connectedness and connection to workplace outcomes such as retention and discretionary effort.

In Great Company presents a practical approach to ensure that your employees perform at their highest possible levels. It’s not about increasing salaries, offering huge bonuses, or investing in the latest employee engagement tools. The real answer is simpler, deeper, and longer-lasting: getting your people to love where they work.
Founder and CEO of one of today’s top leadership development firms, Best Practices Institute, Louis Carter takes you step by step through the process of building a lasting emotional connection between your staff and your company. Carter’s proven strategy is founded on five key principles: collaboration, optimism, values, respect, and performance. Fuse them together, and your company will be the envy of your industry.
This groundbreaking guide provides everything you need to create an environment where people have a strong sense of belonging―a place where people finally feel like they’re part of something big, where employees want to work collaboratively and creatively, where your staff and your company grow together. Bridge the engagement gap by ensuring that every member of your team spends their entire work day in great company.  More information here.

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