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Why Mast-Jaegermeister UK Limited IS A MOST LOVED WORKPLACE®

Systemic Collaboration


…being a social brand, we value interpersonal relationships and collaboration among our employees. Our working environment provides space for networking and sharing, with a focus on freedom and trust.
At Jägermeister, collaboration is at the heart of our culture. We foster a collaborative environment by utilizing modern communication tools such as Slack and Zoom, enabling our employees to connect and work together seamlessly. These platforms serve as virtual spaces where individuals from various departments can share ideas, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on projects in real-time globally.
Additionally, we encourage interdisciplinary groups, bringing together individuals with diverse skill sets and backgrounds to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation. By leveraging these collaborative tools and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, we empower our employees to work collectively towards shared goals and foster a sense of unity and teamwork throughout our organization.

Positive Vision of the Future


…have a clear corporate purpose, strategy, and values we are committed to.
At Jägermeister we believe that a clear corporate purpose and strategy are essential for fostering a positive vision for the future among our employees. We have defined our purpose, a compelling statement that stands for the core reason why our company exists and the positive impact we aim to make in the world. This purpose serves as a guiding light, inspiring our employees and aligning their efforts towards a shared vision: “Best nights of your life today and tomorrow.” By nurturing a values-driven environment, we create a strong sense of unity and motivation, where employees can contribute meaningfully and find fulfilment in their work.
Furthermore, we have developed a corporate strategy that outlines our long-term goals, objectives, and the roadmap to achieve them. Our strategy is communicated transparently throughout the organization, ensuring that every employee understands their role in contributing to the overall success. By providing a clear direction and a well-defined path forward, our strategy empowers our employees with a sense of purpose, clarity, and confidence in the future.
To reinforce the alignment between our purpose, strategy, and our employees, we regularly communicate updates and progress towards our goals. This open and transparent communication fosters a sense of belonging and ownership among our workforce, making them active participants in the journey towards our envisioned future. Through regular town halls, team meetings, and company-wide CEO updates, we ensure that our employees are well-informed and connected to the company’s overarching purpose and strategic direction.
At Jägermeister, we recognize the importance of keeping a pulse on the market and staying ahead of emerging trends. We invest resources in market research and analysis, enabling us to identify potential opportunities and challenges. By closely monitoring market trends, we can anticipate shifts in consumer behaviour and adapt our strategies accordingly. Our employees are actively involved in this process, as we foster a culture of innovation and encourage them to bring forth new ideas and perspectives. We drive innovation in marketing by exploring creative approaches and experimenting with different channels to reach and engage our target audience. By cultivating a positive vision for the future and continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we inspire our employees to strive for excellence and embrace a forward-thinking mindset.

Company Respect


… conducting regular surveys to ensure we have a full understanding of our employees’ needs, concerns, and overall mood. By gathering feedback through these surveys, we gain valuable insights that enable us to make informed decisions and take meaningful action to address any areas for improvement. This commitment to open communication empowers our employees by making them feel heard and valued and reinforces a culture of respect where everyone’s opinion truly matters.
To further enhance our survey process, we have developed two different surveys that are tailored to specific needs. The first is our comprehensive survey, aptly named ‘Your Voice’. This survey delves deep into various aspects of our employees’ experience, covering a wide range of topics,
In line with our sustainability strategy, we conducted a diversity survey and gained valuable insights that help shape our strategies and initiatives to ensure we create an inclusive environment where all individuals feel respected and valued for their unique perspectives.
In addition to Your Voice, we have also introduced the Pulse survey, a shorter and more convenient survey format. The Pulse survey allows us to gather quick feedback on specific areas of focus or to take a snapshot of the overall mood of our employees. By using this survey, we can quickly identify emerging trends or address any immediate concerns that may arise, enabling us to take proactive action and continually improve the employee experience.
These surveys play a vital role in our commitment to open communication and employee engagement. They are powerful tools that enable us to align our strategies and initiatives with the needs and aspirations of our employees. By acting on the insights they provide, we create a dynamic and inclusive workplace culture where every employee feels heard, valued, and empowered to contribute their best ideas and efforts.
Respect, inclusivity, and the acknowledgment of diverse perspectives are fundamental to our company culture. We actively promote an environment where all voices are heard and ideas are valued, ensuring that every employee feels respected and valued. To support this, we provide comprehensive training to our top management, equipping them with the necessary skills to lead by example and foster an inclusive culture throughout the organization. This training emphasizes the importance of open dialogue, awareness for active listening, empathy, and creating a psychologically safe space.
Additionally, we have implemented programs and practices that contribute to a Loved Workplace. We foster a family-oriented atmosphere, recognizing the importance of work-life balance and supporting our employees’ personal and familial commitments. We organize a Volunteering Day, which demonstrates our awareness of social responsibility and provides employees with the opportunity to engage in meaningful social projects. Even in difficult times like Corona, we remained loyal to our employees, offering support and resources to help them navigate challenges and maintain a sense of stability. By prioritizing the well-being and happiness of our employees, we cultivate a Loved Workplace that fosters a sense of belonging, fulfilment, and overall satisfaction.

Company Support / Killer Outcomes


Ensuring growth in the company starts with empowering employees to tap into their professional and personal career goals. Every employee has the opportunity at MJUK to plan for their career, and then we help them to understand a clear path to ensure that they can achieve it. Managers support employee career growth so they can build their skills and be motivated on the job. Development is a priority for MJUK, and we support both upwards movement but also encourage lateral movements within the Company as this in turn opens more opportunities as well as employees expanding on their current skill set. There are several tools internally to develop and support career growth however we do also set aside a budget so that externally our employees also have the freedom to proactively take responsibility for their development and request external guidance and education.

Alignment of Values


… are constantly working on an integration of the values into everyday life and culture of the company:
1. Leadership:
We train our managers and create exchange formats so that they develop attitudes that are in line with our corporate values and can act as role models.
2. Communication:
We communicate our values openly and transparently. It is important for us to communicate our values clearly and regularly. We do this through internal communication channels such as our intranet, Slack, staff meetings or special events. Employees should understand what the values mean and how they can be implemented in their daily work.
3. Integration into business practice: The values should be integrated into all processes, from decision
processes, from decision making to communication. In dealings with employees, partners and customers. Incorporating the values into the day-to-day work of the company ensures that they are not just paid lip service to but are actually lived.
Consistently living the values creates a strong corporate culture and promotes employee engagement. This is evidenced by the engagement rate in our employee survey.

Company Practices / Love


An effective induction program that fully onboards new employees, enabling them to experience the best days of their career.
A competitive benefits program that shows our employees that we care and that MJUK will support them thought-out their career whether that be healthcare, financial advice, employee discounts, paying or providing lunch for office based employees and the list goes on.
A employee experience platform – We recently launched our new employee experience platform, Culture Amp. We will be using them to run our engagement surveys, our development conversations and to make it easy for you to provide feedback to your colleagues creating the pathway for our employees/managers to grow their career and communicate more effectively. In addition, there is a huge library of online courses to support in our employees learning and development.
Culture Amp does exactly what we needed it to do, see below. Culture Amp will grow and scale with us, according to our needs and are the largest and most widely used employee experience platform in the world! The platform creates a pathway for engagement, development and therefore the opportunity to create a better world of work.
An up-to-date Employee Handbook to communicate our company’s values, policies, and rules and practices to new and existing employees. Our handbook is part of our induction introducing new employees to our company, explaining who you are, how you do things, and what you expect from them in terms of behaviour and performance.

CEO Strengths


I practice what I preach & stay true to myself.
I am self-conscious and aware of my strengths and weaknesses.
I strive to achieve a high commitment to quality and focus on efficiency in all my tasks.
Drawing on my key strengths of arranger, positivity & self-assurance, I continuously aim to drive our teams to do their best.
Based on regular reflection, self and with team members, I think forward and concentrate on the big picture.
I believe everyone on the team is part of our success journey.
I bring my thoughts and ideas however I do lean & trust other experts.
I challenge the status quo, try new things (saying yes to them) and am willing to take risks when implementing these new ideas.
I make decisions and stand behind them.
I always enable my team to make brave decisions.
I am aware of the shadow I cast as therefore actively support informal social events and celebrations with our colleagues.
I share my passion for Jägermeister and aspire to build strong bonds and trustful relationships across the Jägermeister family.
I celebrate all our wins – no matter how small!



Annual bonus (50% individual performance /50% company performance)
27 days holiday + bank holidays
Daily office lunch allowances for office based employees
Friday 3.30pm finish!
Core business hours 10.00am-4.00pm
Fuel (company car only)
BUPA Membership
Employee assistance programme
Aviva life insurance 4x annual basic salary cover
7% employer pension contribution (employee must contribute 5% to be eligible)
Cycle to work scheme
Annual Specsavers eyecare voucher
Jägermeister allowance every other month. (Jägermeister, Gin Sul, Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee)
Length of service awards (5 & 10 years)
Values awards (£100 voucher of choice)
Annual Recognition Awards
Festival season ticket application
Childcare Support outside of existing childcare voucher support
Employee Discount Portal – support during the cost-of-living crisis and beyond

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About the Company

The team behind your ice-cold shots and the best nights of your life. Sure that’s a big claim, but who really does it better than us? Launched in Germany over 80 years ago, Jägermeister has kept the same blend of 56 different herbs and spices since day one. But the secret ingredient behind it all is the Jägermeister team who bring the brand to life – A group of hard working creatives, who know the best spots for a drink like the back of their hand.
We know the importance of building an environment that is enjoyable and allows creative freedom, as well as supporting employee wellbeing. We take pride in making sure that whilst our shots may be best served at -18°C, our staff and the environment they work in couldn’t be any warmer. Check out our open roles to find your ‘perfekt’ Jägermeister job and apply to join the Jägermeister family!

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