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Systemic Collaboration


Synopsys employees have a shared understanding of how innovation is driven by collaboration – we talk about it frequently. Employees seek feedback and input on their individual work with the goal of delivering the best potential outcome. They also challenge each other to consider different perspectives along the way. We call this our “Yes, If…” mindset which means responding to new ideas and challenges with openness and a willingness to explore different approaches. This type of behavior is a core part of who we are a company and happens naturally through the course of many projects.
On top of that, we create specific spaces for collaboration such as our annual Pitch Fest competition where employees can work together to develop a new idea and compete against their colleagues to get funding for that idea. Our regions also organize events focused on innovation and collaboration, such as InnoDay. In South Asia, our ACE (Acknowledging and Celebrating Excellence) program recognizes excellence and innovation. This year we received 1,700 submissions from across our BGs, and a cross-functional jury recognized 166 (individual and team) ACE winners.
We also create space for collaboration that’s focused outside of our core work. The Synopsys for Good program gives employees the opportunity to volunteer as a team in a variety of ways in service to their community. We are currently in the middle of our Season of Service, where in person and virtual events take place around the globe throughout the month of November, encouraging our team to come together to make a positive impact.

Positive Vision of the Future


Synopsys is committed to the constant pursuit of positive employee experiences. This includes regularly reviewing all opportunities for employee engagement, evolving them as the world and the workforce changes, and introducing new experiences along the way.
The nature of our business requires rapid innovation, which means employees have the opportunity for challenging work all the time. But we don’t think that’s enough – we have multiple ways of engaging employees through work (e.g., job rotations), stretch opportunities (e.g., Pitch Fest), volunteering (e.g., Synopsys for Good where we give back to our communities), and belonging (e.g., employee resource groups for many different communities).
Employees are also engaged in a variety of conversations from more formal All-Hands meetings at least once a quarter, to less formal function or team touch-base meetings. These conversations generally include Q&A giving us the opportunity to hear what’s on employees’ minds.
As we scale, we recognize the importance of strengthening our managers ability to drive our culture and create a positive employee experience. This is why we pay very close attention to what our people are experiencing through our employee survey, SHAPE. Using that data, we are designing specifically tailored development opportunities for our managers, and supplemental tools for them to use with their teams to make improvements in the identified areas. Empowering managers at all levels of the organization to actively own any potential disengagement.

Company Respect


Creating an environment where every one of our employees can be themselves and contribute their unique perspectives in a meaningful way is at the heart of our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work. We know that being truly inclusive requires each of us to take actions that ensure everyone is respected.
This includes knowing why and how to interrupt our own biases, having the ability to effectively navigate through disagreement, and speaking up for each other when needed.
It’s also constantly and proactively seeking to remove barriers – behavioral and systemic, individual, and organizational – that may get in the way of each of us doing and being our best at work. The goal for all our DEI work is to make sure our employees are supported in doing the best work of their lives and feel belonging at our workplace.
So, what does this mean, practically speaking?
We are looking at every one of our people systems and asking ourselves – what can we do to improve this system to make it more equitable? Part of our work moving forward will include building bias interrupters into our systems and studying that impact.
We conduct an annual comprehensive pay equity review for all positions globally to ensure people performing similar work are paid fairly for the skills and expertise they bring to Synopsys. The People team follows up if any potential cases of disparity are identified.
We are working to weave DEI into everything we do, it is not a stand-alone strategy. We hired a new Chief Diversity Officer earlier this year to help us do that, but we also recognize as a leadership team, that it is all our responsibility to advance this important work.
We will not be perfect in this work. Instead, we commit to always learning and continuously improving, knowing that to be truly innovative and inclusive to all, we must listen, be curious, and open to changing our perspectives.

Company Support / Killer Outcomes


Professional development workshops: We host a variety of workshops aimed at enhancing specific skills, embracing new technologies, and adopting innovative methodologies relevant to our industry. An example is Learning Week, where globally we host a myriad of both formal learning and discussion focused opportunities for all employees to engage in developing their capabilities. We hold events like The Engineering Innovation Leadership Conference (EILC), which is a cross-BU venue to share recent innovations that exposes new ideas and technologies to be leveraged and furthered by others. It brings together our most senior technologists (Fellows, Architects and Scientists) and engineers to network and get their insight/feedback.
Leadership and Management Training: We invest in developing leaders through comprehensive leadership and management training programs. This includes accelerated development programs where emerging leaders participate in cohorts to learn from experts and each other.
e-Learning platforms: We provide access to top-notch e-learning platforms, ensuring that all employees can upgrade their skills at their own pace, regardless of their location.
Coaching and mentoring: Experienced mentors and coaches are available to provide guidance, share their knowledge, and help employees navigate their career paths.
Feedback mechanisms: Constructive feedback is a crucial part of our culture. Regular performance reviews and 360-feedback sessions ensure everyone knows where they stand and what areas they need to work on.
Wellness and work-life balance programs: We believe in nurturing both the professional and personal aspects of our employees’ lives. Our wellness programs are designed to support mental health, while our flexible working arrangements help maintain a healthy work-life balance.
Community engagement and volunteering: Employees are encouraged to engage with their communities through volunteering and service projects, fostering a sense of purpose and connection to the broader society.

Alignment of Values


For more than 35 years our core values have been the foundation for all we do —Integrity, Execution Excellence, Leadership, and Passion. They remain a critical part of how we approach our work each day and are embodied in the following ways:
Integrity: Internally, we think of this as “do what we say and say what we do.” And while it sounds simple, it’s deeply rooted in our founder making the commitment early on to always do good business. We bring this to life by being authentic in all we do. We’re transparent about challenges and failures – and what we learn from them.
Execution Excellence: This starts with enabling employees to bring their best each day by offering challenging, exciting work; supporting their goals and passions; and creating a sense of belonging based on who our employees are as individuals. These things are the foundation for excellence, which we look at as continuously improving to deliver the most value to our customers and other stakeholders through constant innovation.
Leadership: Our commitment to lead shows up in different ways. We work hard to be a technology and innovation leader and seek the talent, partners, and expertise to help us do that. We also encourage all employees to have a sense of ownership about their work here – to have a founder’s mentality which means leading from wherever they sit in the organization.
Passion: This is truly one of our key differentiators. We have the most passionate people in the industry working at Synopsys. They are committed to the success of their work, their peers, and the company overall. They work hard together and have fun together. Passion comes through in the excellence of our work and in our culture of respectfully challenging each other to keep improving and innovating.
These core values are also the catalysts for our culture of Vitality. All employees must embody Vitality through the ability and perseverance to learn, adapt, and collaborate in order to survive and thrive. It’s how we empower teams to get through challenges and to evolve with the world around us.
While our values have been in place for quite some time, we’re always looking ahead, at what’s next to ensure our values are leveraged to help us get there. It’s our “Yes, if” mindset that allows us to test that out − to ask if we need to shift our perspective or approach to meet our goals.

Company Practices / Love


We encourage collaboration across teams, business groups, and regions. We expect our employees to have a broad view and understanding of our business, and that requires extensive collaboration.
To help facilitate this, we offer job rotations as part of our internal mobility strategy. Rotations give employees the opportunity to build new skills and experiences through a temporary reassignment on another team or in another business group for a defined period. A few specific examples from how these opportunities have helped employees grow over the past year:
Here are some recent quotes from our team:
“I gained exposure to the challenges in another business group and now understand the dynamics of another part of our company. I also gained valuable experience from the SOC designers about the internal criteria for IP vendors. ”
“I gained insights into corporate vs. business group thinking and strategic planning. I deepened my network beyond my current group and can leverage those relationships going forward.”
“I learned my potential hidden talent in marketing to our stakeholders. Now I feel I could thrive in a role like that and also bring those skills back to my current job. ”
Another example is rooted in our aspiration to truly operate as one global organization. We had a team of people from five different business groups work together to develop the industry’s first autonomous artificial intelligence (AI) application for chip design, (Design Space Optimization). They came together with various skills and expertise and quickly turned what was considered a “crazy idea” into an opportunity that now drives higher engineering productivity and has won industry awards.
In terms of where we work – we are focused on creating a uniquely branded Synopsys workplace experience that promotes collaboration, engagement, and inclusion. Our new facilities environment enables collaboration and allows employees to do their best work by incorporating leading design standards.

CEO Strengths


Our CEO serves as a model of Synopsys values by embodying unwavering integrity in every decision and fostering a culture where employees unite under a OneSynopsys vision. Sassine Ghazi began his journey at Synopsys as an engineer 25 years ago, and he still retains an infectious excitement for innovation, regularly immersing himself in new ideas with engineers. His casual demeanor makes him remarkably approachable, fostering a culture where high-fives and engaged conversations are the norm. This personal touch, combined with his deep knowledge of the business, ensures that our workplace is not just an organization but a thriving community, rooted in our Synopsys values of: Integrity, Execution Excellence, and Leadership.
Additionally, our founder and former CEO of 37 years plays a pivotal role in enhancing our corporate culture. With a legacy of leadership that laid the foundation, continued involvement of Aart de Geus adds a unique dimension. His wisdom and experience contribute to a culture of continuity, reinforcing the values that shaped us. Together, these leaders create a dynamic environment where every voice is heard, diversity is celebrated, and a spirit of innovation flourishes.



Total Rewards at Synopsys is designed to offer meaningful benefits and compensation for the time, energy, commitment, skills, and expertise employees bring to the organization every day.
Our goal is to ensure all employees and their families can maintain their health, financial, and overall wellbeing, to grow and thrive personally and professionally.
Our pay-for-performance philosophy ensures that those who contribute the most to the company are rewarded for their efforts through equity grants, bonus and/or salary increases.
We’re continuously evolving our benefits to ensure we support our employees as the world around us changes. We’re proud to offer programs like student loan repayment; a cancer care concierge program; mental and emotional health tools and resources; and support for parents and caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome or other learning and developmental disabilities, to name a few.
In addition, we have various programs available to employees based on their location, including:
Armenia: Low interest rate loans to buy property.
Portugal: Rolling out new transportation program to make the commute easier.
South Asia: SEEDS (scholarship for women in IT), employee welfare fund to help families dealing with illness/death of an employee, tuition reimbursement for upskilling.
AsiaPac: Robust wellness program that aligns to local festivals and observances.

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