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Note: These certifications are available starting with 2022 certifications only.

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Certification Guarantee

* Only Applies to Level 3: Transformation Certified

* Best Practice Institute will guarantee certification as a Most Loved Workplace® with the following resources available to you, and with your agreement to apply the principles and practices of a Most Loved Workplace®

All Level 3: Transformation Certified companies will receive the following:

Pulse Surveys

You will receive a custom URL to share with your employees to take the survey. The survey will stay open for 2 weeks and will require no less than 33% of your employee population or a minimum of 1000 employees (whichever is smaller) to be considered for certification.

Your Top Score

The "Love Bucket" composite score is an index to identify the levels of emotional connection your employees have to your workplace.

You score in the 5 areas

SPARK is the peer-reviewed and validated construct to measure Most Loved Workplace certifications. Systemic Collaboration, Positive Future, Alignment of Values, Respect, Killer Achievement are the areas assessed within your workforce, and each will be scored to identify areas for improvement and attention.

Bottom 5 question scores

Most Loved Workplace certifiaction is about identifying areas to improve on, and show positive change. Certification is not "only" based on your total score. Reporting shows clearly the areas needing attention.

Top 100 Workplaces

Certified Most Loved Workplace Companies will be considered for the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces list appearing in the October issue of Newsweek Magazine, reaching more than 60 Million online and in-print readers.