Most Loved Workplaces Are
Highly Effective Companies

Most Loved Workplace® certification is the best way to validate your employee experience and get recognized for the great workplace you’ve built.

Solid Foundation

A most loved workplace means highly motivated employees who choose to perform at their peak and spread the word about your company.

Backed by Louis Carter’s Best Practice Institute, we surveyed over 175 companies and over 3000 executives across the US, Middle East/Northern Africa, and SouthEast Asia. 

We drilled down into what love of workplace means. In our recent book, In Great Company: How to Spark Peak Performance by Creating an Emotionally Connected Workplace, authored by our CEO Louis Carter, we identified the specific areas needed to become a highly respected, reputable organization where people love to work with each other—a Most Loved Workplace.

Essential Findings

• Strong relationships were found between the Most Loved Workplace (MLW) audit and employee commitment, innovation, and performance (both individual and sales)

• An analysis was conducted measuring the combination of the MLW and a personality measure

• When combined as a suite of assessments, the tests emerged as over three times more powerful than using a personality assessment by itself

• Therefore, the is statistical evidence that the MLW is reliable and valid, is a strong predictor of key organizational outcomes, and works exceedingly well when packaged with a personality assessment.


MLW Companies Perform Better

The survey outlines exactly what causes employees to love their organization, and what employers can do to cultivate that love in their company. We show what extras have no impact on the most loved workplace. The data show where employees diverge between a most loved, neutral, and disliked workplace, and how those differences impact the bottom line on a daily basis. In a single category, the results show 94% of employees report they are likely to perform better for a most loved company: 59% of those at 4 times as likely. The net result has the potential to transform all staff into high performing employees that positively impact the bottom line.

MLW Companies Retain More

Another response points to retention, with 95% of employees citing the feelings they have for their team, peers, subordinates, and bosses as the most relevant factor in their decision to stay with a company.