Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® 2024

Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® 2024

Creating workplaces that go beyond the standard salary and benefits package to truly inspire and motivate employees isn’t just a goal at Most Loved Workplaces®; it’s the foundation of everything we do. That’s why we’re excited to unveil Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® list. This list celebrates global organizations – companies that operate in multiple countries around the world, that have made a profound commitment to their employees, highlighting how company culture is key to creating environments where employees not only trust and respect, but truly love their workplace.

We’ve recognized these 100 organizations as the Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® because their success is deeply rooted in the dedication and passion of their workforce. This group spans industries, from cutting-edge tech giants to smaller, community-focused businesses. Despite their differences in size and scope, they all share a common thread: building a workplace where employees are seen as essential to the organization’s success.

This diverse collection of companies was carefully compiled by us at Most Loved Workplace®, the leader in organizational culture development and analysis. We celebrate the Global Most Loved Workplaces®—saluting the leaders, innovators, and dreamers who are reshaping the future of work in global companies. These outstanding workplaces are not only achieving success in their industries but also raising the standard for organizations nationwide. They prove that when employees are truly valued, respected and loved, the possibilities for innovation and growth are limitless. Join us in applauding these trailblazers who demonstrate every day that a strong, employee-centered culture is the cornerstone of business success for our world’s Global organizations. For more information on our criteria, research, and company see our Information Page

RankCompanyNo. of EmployeesLocationWhy it´s Most Loved
1Navro95London, EnglandNavro is a startup with explosive growth in their user base due to both their borderless payment product and their amazing company culture. With diversity, authenticity and radical candor at the heart of everything, employees can truly be themselves at Navro. They'll feel deeply supported with one-on-one coaching, bereavement benefits that extend to breakups and the loss of pets and flexible schedules. Ideas are sourced from the whole organization with organized pitch days for employees to share their ideas with the CEO.
2Zabka Group3,000Poznan, PolandŻabka Group believes that employee engagement drives company success, so there is a focus on keeping employees highly involved in decision-making and driving the future of the company. They've built a listening strategy around collaboration and idea sharing. People are invited to project groups where they can have a measurable impact on building a particular project or solution. Coming out of COVID, they asked employees how they rate their work at home, what was missing not being in the office and how best to maintain work-life balance, and they used this data to create a hybrid working model. The company values—ambition, openness, reliability and responsibility—are also employee created. An employee-written book about the company's values is handed out during onboarding. The book was created by 12 employees, chosen through a contest, who went to Rome for two weeks to study philosophy. There is also an emphasis on personal development, with employees having the opportunity to join a leadership path or grow as an individual contributor through the Academia Żabka. Top managers are sent to study in the U.S. at Wharton, Harvard and Yale.
3Supercharge220Budapest, HungaryAs their CEO commonly says, "culture eats strategy for breakfast." The Supercharge culture is built on three key pillars—feedback, community and learning. They bring in external coaches to interview all employees annually to gather feedback and take action, constantly making changes, from the office space to software to learning opportunities based on what people request In terms of community, there is a constant stream of events, including thirsty Thursday, newcomer beers,and family events, and the CEO has a welcome coffee with every single new employee. Learning Every Day is one of the company values and Superchargers are sponsored to attend conferences and share what they've learned with their colleagues.
4FloQast650Los Angeles, California, United StatesFloQast is not just a place to work, but a community where every member is empowered to contribute, grow and thrive. FloQast ensures that every employee voice is heard and valued, regardless of geographical location. Particularly unique to FloQast is their emphasis on offering international assignments and rotational programs. Employees who have proven themselves have the opportunity to embark on short- or long-term assignments in different regions, which not only recognizes their hard work and potential, but also enriches their professional experience and fosters a global perspective. Moreover, the company is commited to retaining and rewarding talent through creative equity options and promotions.
5Petfolk200Charlotte, North Carolina, United StatesPetfolk is revolutionizing veterinary care by combining spa-like facilities with fear-free medical practices, creating a low-stress environment for pets and a supportive, engaging workplace for employees. Petfolk values its team by offering best-in-market pay, equity and a four-day workweek. The company fosters professional growth through extensive training and development programs, ensuring every team member is fear-free certified and well-versed in the latest veterinary practices. Communication and employee appreciation are central to Petfolk's culture, with regular updates and feedback mechanisms ensuring everyone feels heard and valued.
6Advithri Technologies LLC181Frisco, Texas, United StatesAdvithri Technologies fosters a work culture that highly values collaboration, support and respect. The company is recognized for regularly emphasizing team goals and creativity within a community-like environment. Advithri Technologies also ensures that all employees feel a sense of belonging and vision for the future, maintaining open communication and transparency to recognize each individual's contributions.
7HLB International46,755London, EnglandHLB International is a mid-tier accounting firm that sets itself apart from the Big Four by being more approachable, flexible and offering a better work-life balance. They highly value DEI—they have a Global Diversity and Inclusion council with clear and ambitious goals for gender diversity and the inclusion of underrepresented groups, and they organize Days of Understanding to have candid conversations about diversity. They've recently defined a new purpose, which is all about people—making a positive and sustainable impact for people, environment and community. In addition, their business development program, HLB Engage, gives young, ambitious employees the opportunity to network and build relationships worldwide.
8OxfordSM33Woking, EnglandOxfordSM engages and connects its employees through storytelling, knowledge sharing and creating relationships. Employees spend time getting to know one another through personality profiles, allowing them to better work together and ensure all feel welcome. Employees have access to coaches who provide guidance on achieving personal and professional goals. The employee experience is gauged through monthly happiness surveys which protect work-life balance and flexiblity.
9Auticon UK63London, EnglandAuticon is a social enterprise ending inequity for neurodivergent people in the workplace. The majority of the workforce is autistic and proud to be so! Auticon celebrates its people and helps them to grow into their most capable, confident selves. It goes above and beyond to make its people comfortable, allowing them to do their best to help make a difference in the professional world for others similar to themselves.
10YouScan59Kyiv, UkraineYouScan, a Ukranian-based company, closed up shop in the Russian market within days of the beginning of the war, despite that being 50 percent of their business. Their team was 100 percent on board with the decision, and they were able to overcome this challenge thanks to a strong, people-oriented culture based on trust. Many employees relocated due to the war, but communication remained strong through open Slack channels, regular team syncs, monthly newsletters and random coffee calls. YouScan offers a four-day work week in the summer, which they've found has improved work-life balance without hurting productivity.
11Aperian65Raleigh, North Carolina, United StatesAperian is a learning platform to help organizations become more inclusive. The company provides all employees access to their Inclusive Behaviors Inventory so that they can better understand their own inclusive behaviors and improvements they might make. Aperian incorporates healthy workplace practices, from robust mechanisms for learning and knowledge sharing built into everyday workflows to systems of recognition that value cultural differences in how people are comfortable being recognized. This remote workforce spans six countries and enjoys a mix of flexible, asynchronous work and opportunities to collaborate in-person and face-to-face. The average tenure at Aperian is 10 years.
12Relay Payments122Atlanta, Georgia, United StatesRelay Payments awards quarterly bonuses and $10,000 vacations to top performers, but what makes them most loved is their clarity around roles and ability to hire people who share the same values as the company. This is a high-performance culture driven by continuous learning. Employees can count on theirr contributions being recognized in myriad ways: verbally; from peer shoutouts, company swag and other gifts; and in shared equity in the company and ability to have their voices heard.
13Kevel100Durham, North Carolina, United StatesKevel is committed to creating a thriving and diverse community, and it doesn't just show up in their recruitment. By addressing feedback from specific groups, from BIPOC to LGBTQ+ people to women, they ensure everyone has the psychological safety to be their authentic selves in the workplace. And with all-staff retreats in places like the Bahamas, an international remote-first culture and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge, innovative technology, what's not to love?
14Kraken2,400RemoteKrakenites, as they are referred to internally, believe in the future of Kraken and are excited to show up to work each day. The company is globally inclusive and breaks down barriers and traditional structures through embracing each individual's uniqueness. The informal structure allows employees to be free to move within the organization and are provided the necessary tools to do so. Overall, employees are given the flexibilty, trust, freedom and resources needed to excel.
15Zyte235Cork, IrelandZyte has been a fully remote company from the onset, using things like one-to-one donut chats, coffee chats with the CEO and games like their Around The World Quiz and Among Us to bring employees together to socialize and build relationships. In addition, their Zyte Force, a group of volunteers led by a member of the HR team, plans events to make sure employees feel connected. Built off of a piece of open-source software, their first company value is 'open by default,' so they are open-minded, openly communicative and open to change. Each employee has an individual learning fund and can allocate up to 5 percent of their time each week to their development, both work-related and personal.
16Samsung Food97London, EnglandSamsung Food is a fully Remoteincredibly diverse company, employing just over 100 people from 30 different countries, tied together by a very relatable mission of making cooking and eating healthy easier. They are extremely responsive to employee feedback, with 10 to 20 action plans coming out of each of their quarterly surveys. They utilize Skip Level one-to-ones where rather than talking to your immediate manager, you can talk to higher-up team members about strategy and career paths. They offer a high level of flexibility, with many employees opting to move to a new country every six months. To bring the team together, they have an annual off-site retreat where they fly all employees to one location (past destinations included Seoul, Prague and Budapest) for relationship building and collaboration.
17Everest Infrastructure Partners84Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United StatesEverest Infrastructure Partners is an extremely high growth real estate acquisitions company that focuses on hiring early career staff who can take on large, high-stakes projects and grow exponentially with the company. Small, cross-functional teams create a supportive, nurturing environment and individuals are trusted to work autonomously. CEO Matt Newton and President Mike Mackey say that their intent from the beginning was to be clear and transparent about company financials and goals so that everyone is a shared owner of the company, and that spirit continues today.
18Synctera94Palo Alto, United StatesPeople love working at Synctera because it encourages employees to be themselves and to bring their whole personality to work. This highly collaborative culture is nurtured through a cadence of employee meetings designed to shape the company based on the knowledge and needs of its employees. Weekly Sync Up meetings keep everyone informed on shared goals and reflect an ethos of transparency and respect through unfiltered conversations about tough challenges, prioritizing work to avoid burnout and fun bits like what is on the CEO's song playlist this week.
19Wyndham2,257Parsippany, New Jersey, United StatesWyndham Hotels & Resorts prides itself on creating a supportive and engaging environment where team members genuinely love to work. With flexible work policies like early dismissal Fridays and a hybrid-work structure, employees are trusted and respected. This adaptability extends to their Learning & Development programs, which have been expanded globally in response to employee desires for more growth opportunities. With a focus on retention and leader effectiveness, Wyndham has set a high bar for engagement, ensuring that team members feel connected and valued. Their innovative approaches, such as the virtual recognition system and the comprehensive wellness program, alongside their efforts in DEI and talent acquisition, underscore their dedication to a values-driven culture. They are commited to fostering a positive work-life harmony in a vibrant, inclusive community.
20O2e700Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaO2E provides a safe environment for employees to show up as their authentic selves. A "willing to fail" attitude prevails, and employees are encouraged to take risks in an attempt to grow the company. O2E offers professional development opportunities and has a unique 101 Life Goals program which inspires employees to continue to develop their personal lives.
21AirHelp401Berlin, GermanyAirHelp is a consumer rights organization to support people who have had flight disruptions—a powerful mission that people are proud to join. AirHelpers collaborate across borders, departments and functions to fulfill the "we are here to help" ethos. Strong adherence to shared values simplifies communication across cultures and allows people to make mistakes because, as they say in Germany, 'if you're sawing wood, there will be sawdust.' They are committed to equal pay across the gender wage gap, and good work is rewarded with travel vouchers, as well as personalized rewards that honor the individual's dreams.
22BVNK77London, EnglandWith offices in London, Cape Town and Sofia, BVNK fosters a transparent, low-ego environment where continuous feedback and personal growth are deeply embedded in the culture. The company is committed to the professional development of its team, offering substantial learning resources, performance reviews and career development plans. The company's clear communication and robust support systems exemplify its core values, making BVNK a beacon of stability and innovation in the fintech industry.
23National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training105Dublin, IrelandAt NIBRT, the reputation of the organization is the reputation of the people in it, so it focuses on constantly showcasing people's work, holding conferences plus attending and presenting at conferences, as well as making sure that people have the resources they need to succeed in their research. It has a state-of-the-art facility for biomanufacturing research, allowing people to do research they might not be able to do strictly in manufacturing or in academia. It invests heavily in career development with a generous learning budget and mentorship from senior leadership. NIBRT also offers a hybrid working framework with maximum flexibility—if employees need to go home for a month, it's no problem.
24Chainlink Labs303RemoteChainlink Labs' global workforce is comprised of highly specialized teams working in an idea meritocracy with an open-source ethos that is building a world-changing product. This high-growth startup offers autonomous, remote and flexible work and will help employees connect to the experts they need in parts of the world where their ideas will blossom and they can make an impact.
25PureSpectrum211Westlake Village, California, United StatesAt PureSpectrum, employees are first and foremost kind. So when they're having a difficult time, their team will be fully supportive, which makes it easy for employees to bring their authentic selves to the workplace. And with authenticity comes candor, which is encouraged with regular roundtables with executive leadership where small groups can give honest feedback. Learning and development is also a critical part of the culture. Employees not only receive a stipend to pay for their education, they also receive assistance with completing applications, and projects are actively supported and even implemented at PureSpectrum.
26Tanium1,815Kirkland, Washington, United StatesTanium is a father and son-founded company built on three core values—do the right thing, unstoppable and win as a team—which are the basis for every decision it makes. People are given the freedom to innovate and develop products that make the world a more secure place. To win as a team, collaboration is the key. The company has Pod Weeks, where they fly all engineers to the same place so they can sit in person and discuss strategy going forward. All teams get together for training programs that are designed and delivered by the leadership team. Tanium offers extensive training for leaders and aspiring leaders, including personal leadership coaches. Every new hire receives equity in the company, which immediately makes the company mission their mission.
27Hack Health47Shanghai, ChinaAt Hack Health, fostering an engaging, supportive and innovative workplace is at the core of its culture. Through initiatives like the CEO's Weekly Report, the company maintains a clear, open line of communication. Monthly parties and open-pitch activities nurture a spirit of camaraderie and collaboration, allowing employees to choose their teams and take ownership of projects, exemplified by cross-regional teams in Shanghai and Beijing who learn from each other on client assignments. Leaders further demonstrate appreciation with unique gestures like personalized thank-you cards, reinforcing a culture where every employee feels valued and appreciated.
28Rapid Transformational Therapy82Santa Monica, California, United StatesRTT, or Rapid Transformational Therapy, is an organization on a mission to renew its culture to put its people before all else. Creating customized roles, working together to create a beautiful life for each individual and focusing on methods to allow each employee to grow and expand professionally are just a few examples of how the new culture is being born. Aspects of therapy and tools offered to customers are implemented in the workplace, creating an environment of respect. Employees are recognized, rewarded and empowered to live a good life both within and outside of the organization.
29Skillshare150New York, New York, United StatesSkillshare prioritizes creating a virtual workspace with a culture that is both creative and respectful. Employees bond to strengthen the team and enhance the employee experience. Employees are hired based on skill and alignment with company values. Skillshare encourages employees to fully engage in their work, stating that this allows them the opportunity to change the world.
30Tiger Recruitment55London, EnglandEmployees at Tiger Recruitment love coming to work. They bring their dogs into the office, regularly lunch or grab cocktails together and, since their bonuses and rewards don't require them to compete, share a strong spirit of collegiality. With offices in London, Dubai and New York, employees can choose to work abroad—or, with flexible and hybrid-work options, they may just choose to work from home.
31Thesis82RemoteThis tech company serving higher education is spread out over the U.S., U.K., Canada and France, but their remote employees are well-connected both formally and informally: all-hands meetings, small groups meeting for coffee with the CEO, talks about wellness-related topics and coffee sessions hosted by employees on themes like concerts or sharing hobbies.
32Cynthus52Ciudad de Mexico, MexicoCynthus employees support one another and work as a team. Employees are encouraged by their CEO to show up as professionals with ethical values. Employees are rewarded with benefits such as support for sports activities, payment for day care, payment for language study, performance bonuses, wellness courses and workshops, recognition programs and more.
33Incyte2,500Wilmington, Delaware, United StatesIncyte is deeply committed to its employees and the broader community it serves. It actively listens to its team, adapting to their needs and implementing tangible changes that enhance their lives. From global to divisional town halls, Incyte ensures every voice is heard, fostering a sense of belonging and community. The company's dedication to employee well-being is evident in its responsive benefits system, which includes everything from virtual physical therapy to cardiovascular health programs, addressing specific needs and promoting overall wellness. Incyte's forward-thinking approach extends to professional development, with a focus on mentoring, cross-departmental learning and leveraging tools like LinkedIn Learning to empower employees to grow within the company. This culture of care, innovation and respect not only makes Incyte a beloved workplace but also drives its success in the competitive field of drug discovery and development.
34ZapAI10Dallas, Texas, United StatesEmployee well-being is at the center of ZapAI's culture. Inclusive communication, open idea sharing and provided career paths add to this. The company even offers assistance in reaching personal goals and provides mentorship for professional and personal reasons. The workplace is flexible and fun, and it rewards employees for their achievements. The CEO leads with transparency and a committment to adhere to ethical practices.
35STRYDE71London, EnglandAt the heart of STRYDE's cutting-edge technology lies a team of experts who are dedicated to pioneering seismic node technology. With a global footprint from Oxford to Antarctica to Sudan, it fosters a highly collaborative and matrixed organization where every project is an opportunity for cross-functional teamwork. Leadership is accessible and grounded, championing a flat hierarchy that encourages open dialogue. And with flexible schedules that honor work-life balance and a mature, grown-up culture, the company empowers its team to not only be their authentic selves but to thrive and innovate in their work.
36Bizzabo165New York, New York, United StatesThe folks who work at Bizzabo are highly engaged in the events industry, but what really drives their love for their workplace is their shared values. These are part of the daily language of this company, and its teams thrive on knowing that their decisions and behaviors are supported because of their alignment with the shared values. This global workforce is supported by regional relationships, but works in cross-functional teams that cross borders and titles to nurture knowledge sharing and increase opportunities for growth and mobility.
37Kyndryl80,000New York, New York, United StatesKyndryl fosters a dynamic, service-oriented work environment through "The Kyndryl Way," which is aimed at enhancing collaboration, delivering value and promoting global knowledge exchange. Respect and inclusiveness are key, with employees directly giving feedback that shapes policies of diversity and openness. Employee development is a priority, with comprehensive training programs and career frameworks that encourage lifelong learning and professional growth. Leadership at Kyndryl is exemplified by CEO Martin Schroeter, whose approach embodies the company's values through direct engagement and the promotion of a flexible, inclusive work environment. This leadership style creates a workplace that supports employee well-being and encourages community involvement through volunteering.
38Daemon124London, EnglandDaemon stands out for its deeply ingrained culture of appreciation, collaboration and personal development. Leaders and founders at Daemon are not just figures of authority but are highly approachable, and recognition is not an afterthought but a core practice. Personal growth is tailored and continuous, with bimonthly check-ins that empower employees to take charge of their own development. Daemon thrives through active working groups and initiatives that celebrate and educate on the rich tapestry of cultures and identities within the team.
39Simprints50Cambridge, EnglandSimprints is a fully remote company, currently cementing employees' work-life balance with a four-day week, resulting in a huge increase in well-being and engagement. It is a diverse company with employees from 16 nationalities and a DEI task force, offering employee resource groups and diversity training programs to foster a culture of belonging. To encourage collaboration, the company has Lego Days and, every quarter for three days, hackathons where people can work on projects they don't normally work on with people they don't normally work with. For employee development, it has Eduprints, a fund that employees can access for anything from a master's degree to software development courses to executive coaching. To cater to its multinational workforce, it uses a flexible benefits platform called Juno, where employees can spend points on benefits in their country.
40Barrows North America50New York, New York, United StatesBarrows Global values feedback at all levels, so much that it annually hires a consultant to train it as a group on ways to give honest feedback in constructive ways. Feedback then shapes everything from the company vision to who should be on the leadership team and what the company marching orders should be. As designers of retail spaces, they also shop together for career enrichment and, of course, bonding experiences. The CEO has no office or assistant and is actively involved on the design floor with teams.
41LHi337London, EnglandLHi Group excels as a leader in recruitment by fostering a culture that's steeped in collaboration and empowerment, and where knowledge sharing and best practices are pivotal. Central to its ethos is the Employee Ownership Trust, which invests employees with stakeholder status, enhancing their commitment and influence over the company's trajectory. This structure supports an open, no-office policy that promotes autonomy and encourages diverse employee input directly into strategic planning, thereby nurturing a transparent, inclusive work environment. Furthermore, LHi champions professional and personal growth through clear promotion paths and robust support systems like LifeWorks. CEO Jim Denning personifies the company's "Younger You" philosophy, actively engaging with staff at all levels to mentor and guide their development. LHi's unique benefits, such as global incentive trips and the LHi Passport, reward loyalty and underscore its dedication to employee satisfaction and success.
42Day Translations74Tampa, Florida, United StatesReturning to the Top 100, Day Translations has continued to improve the employee experience. It has streamlined its performance assessment process, allowing employees to set their own goals and receive feedback from managers. It has introduced a new process where employees can request paid hours to go to conferences that will expand their knowledge, which has been very popular, and launched a platform for continued learning. Being fully remote and having employees around the world, the company now allows employees to propose up to two days per semester of paid volunteering opportunities in their own country.
43Damex45Waterport Place, GibraltarAt Damex, employees work hard and play hard together. Family, opportunity and energy make up the core values of this workplace and all three values shine through in the company culture. Employees report near-perfect engagement scores, care for one another and want to show up to support their peers and complete their work. Employees are currently being rewarded for their dedication with an increase in learning and development opportunities.
44Celigo719Redwood City, California, United StatesAfter drastic growth, Celigo is the same scrappy startup, now on a global scale. It still holds its values front and center in all that it does—department meetings, employee awards and surveys to assure it is hitting the mark for employees. A rotational training program accepts applicants right out of college to gain exposure to six departments before choosing their preferred department for an interview for a long-term position.
45Automattic1,944San Francisco, California, United StatesEmployees enjoy the flexible workspace and supportive peer group at Automattic. The environment is inclusive and respectful toward all. Work-life balance is a priority and is supported by an open vacation policy. Employees are eager to work toward the company goal of democratizing publishing so that anyone with a story can tell it, regardless of income, gender, politics, language or where they live in the world.
46Bold Business375St. Petersburg, Florida, United StatesBold has that fun, flexible work-from-home job that everyone is searching for. Bold's global workforce provides business support services with a fun flare. The company authentically cares for its employees, asks for pronouns to be used in emails and routinely celebrates the local cultures of its global workforce. It even hired Steve Perry—the lead singer of Journey—to send a shoutout to their appreciated employees.
47Cielo3,500Brookfield, Wisconsin, United StatesBeyond traditional raises and promotions, Cielo focuses on comprehensive development programs and real leadership connectivity to guide employees on their personal career paths. The company also values rest and recognition, evidenced by giving the entire team a week off during the Christmas and New Year period. This gesture underlines its commitment to employee well-being and mutual respect across all levels of the organization. Through initiatives like the Country Navigator platform, Cielo fosters global collaboration and cultural competency, enhancing both individual growth and collective achievement.
48EPAM53,150Newtown, Pennsylvania, United StatesWith a mantra of "hungry, humble, smart," EPAM champions a culture of continuous learning and innovation. This commitment to personal and professional growth is exemplified by its extensive learning programs, offering employees myriad opportunities to enhance their skills and expertise. At EPAM, the spirit of entrepreneurship permeates every level, encouraging open communication and authentic interactions, where even the CEO is just a ping away. Their approach to work is more than just innovative—it's driven by a genuine love for what they do, making EPAM not just a workplace but a community where every voice is heard, every contribution valued and every success is celebrated together.
49Stihl19,805Waiblingen, GermanyWith a legacy as a well-recognized, family-owned brand, Stihl helps employees thrive by blending traditional values with modern benefits. The company's commitment to a family-oriented atmosphere is showcased through annual celebrations like Christmas parties, family picnics and employee appreciation lunches, fostering a tightknit community. Cross-departmental collaboration is encouraged through workshops and an executive council, ensuring everyone is united by a common purpose. Stihl not only prioritizes employee wellness with on-site health services and custom-fitted work boots but also champions professional growth through its apprenticeship and executive leadership programs. This holistic approach to employee welfare and development, coupled with a genuine respect and pride in its high-quality products, makes Stihl a unique and rewarding place to work.
50Automation Anywhere1,500San Jose, California, United StatesAutomation Anywhere is not just a leader in AI-powered automation, it's a vibrant community driven by a passionate and diverse leadership team. Each day, the firm inspires its global workforce to make the world a better place, emphasizing creativity, bold action and relentless problem-solving to delight customers. Its values champion curiosity, adventure and perseverance, placing passion at the forefront of its efforts to effect change. Embracing a culture of inclusivity and respect, Automation Anywhere empowers every team member to contribute unique ideas and solutions, fostering an environment where internal and external customers experience dedication, loyalty and success. Its collaborative approach and commitment to diversity strengthens it mission, making it a powerhouse of innovation and a beacon of workplace excellence.
51TravelPerk1,200Barcelona, SpainTravelPerk is currently in hyper-growth mode. During COVID it pledged no layoffs, and it continues this pledge, showing its commitment to employees. The company creates a culture of respect by empowering employees; one of its values is "we are the owners." It also has an Employee Advisory Board, which is a naturally formed community that comes together to develop recommendations that are then shared with the CEO. Values are embedded in the company's performance life cycle and every new joiner spends two days at headquarters in Barcelona learning about the values and culture. It also has a Community Team focused on employee experience and engagement tasked with bringing the values to life across the organization. Each site has a Hub Ambassador driving events for employees at that site, utilizing employee engagement survey data to create relevant experiences.
52Apollo Health and Lifestyle5,187Hyderabad, IndiaApollo Health and Lifestyle Limited is one of the largest players in the retail health care segment in India, but the company strives to create a caring, collaborative team environment that feels more like a family. Stronger Together is the company mantra and every employee understands their winning behaviors shape a nurturing environment. A Chai Culture celebrates employees in each region through visits from leadership to recognize employee achievements. The company doesn't fire for any reason except ethical violations, instead meeting growth and achievement challenges with support for learning and development, with clear pathways for progression in technical or administrative careers.
53Conduent56,676Florham Park, New Jersey, United StatesConduent strives to create an environment in which employees can grow and thrive through new and challenging experiences. Employee engagement and connection to one another is important and promoted through communication channels and varied company events. Additionally, storytelling aids in transparency and guiding growth, along with myriad other programs and resources. Employees believe in the organization and its go-forward strategy and understand their role in creating success. This leads to excitement and confidence in the workplace encouraging employees to show up every day and give their best.
54Wellcom130Brooklyn, New York, United StatesLongevity in the workplace is rare these days, but Wellcom has managed to foster this by offering a safe and friendly environment where team members can work toward a shared goal. Wellcom is a workplace where employees can both start and grow their careers. The organization is transparent and open and even has a direct line of communication from employees to the CEO. There are many resources and perks available to employees.
55Dayforce8,500Minneapolis, Minnesota, United StatesThe driving force behind Dayforce's success is a deeply rooted culture that cherishes flexibility and career development across a remote-first, global workforce. The introduction of innovative career development initiatives, such as job shadowing and rotation programs, reflects its commitment to employee growth, enabling individuals to explore new roles and departments, fostering a vibrant, dynamic workplace. Dayforce's leadership development programs, including mentorship for junior employees and direct exposure to senior leaders for top performers, have significantly boosted retention rates. Amidst rapid growth, the company maintains an open and responsive communication culture to ensure that every voice is heard and valued. Through initiatives like Achieving Corporate Equity and engaging affinity groups, Dayforce is not just a workplace but also a community where everyone is encouraged to grow, connect and contribute to a collective vision.
56Pexapark AG104Schlieren, SwitzerlandPexapark is a young company at the forefront of renewable energy, where employees are driven by their mission of building a sustainable future. It emphasizes hiring for values and the CEO himself leads values workshops for new joiners. The company offers a wide range of development opportunities, from Udemy programs for engineers to certifications for the quant team to negotiation skills workshops for the advisory team, with a goal of creating clear career paths and a robust learning landscape for all employees. Having a people-centric DNA, it offers flexibility (no mandate on days in the office) and enhanced holiday and parental leave, which is very popular with an average employee age of 34.
57Milliken & Company8,000Spartanburg, South Carolina, United StatesMilliken & Company stands out not just for its innovative products but for its unwavering commitment to diversity and for its vibrant, inclusive culture that bridges every division and facility and is unwav. The company's forward-thinking approach to learning enhances leadership skills at all levels through a comprehensive curriculum of classes, mentoring circles and an innovative employee development program that paves a path for hourly associates into management roles.
58Altair3,179Troy, Michigan, United StatesAltair continues to set the bar high with a focus on health and wellness, embracing topics like mental health and self-awareness alongside fostering diversity and inclusion through vibrant Employee Resource Groups and impactful collaborations like the FIRST Robotics Competition. Its innovative return-to-office policy, paired with a strong emphasis on volunteering and community engagement, fuels natural collaboration and a sense of belonging. Altair's approach to professional growth and feedback—favoring real-time, authentic interactions over formalities—further solidifies its position as a forward-thinking, employee-centric organization that not only listens to but also acts on the voice of its workforce. With a steadfast commitment to expanding globally while maintaining a family feel across all locations, Altair is truly a place where employees feel valued, heard and integral to the company's mission to solve the toughest challenges through technology.
59Session AI60Milpitas, California, United StatesSession AI says the key to unleashing the potential of each of its employees is inclusion and engagement. Everyone in the organization—in the U.S. and India—provides feedback through surveys and regular communication with their supervisors to assure that their voices are heard. Employees can nominate each other for Stella Awards and are recognized for their achievements publicly at all-hands meetings and in company newsletters.
60Karyopharm315Newton, Massachusetts, United StatesExtreme passion for helping patients and curing cancer drives this pharmaceutical therapies biotech company, where people are welcome to bring their authentic selves to work. High performers are invited to work on cross-functional, multidisciplinary teams to tackle these complex problems and are supported through an array of leadership development opportunities and networks that help them grow their careers. This global company works in a hybrid, flexible schedule with half days on Fridays and one week each month where employees work in-office on collaborative projects, while also enjoying wellness offerings in the office like massage, acupuncture and counseling.
61Aspire Systems180Oak Brook, Illinois, United StatesAspire Systems provides a culture based on trust in which leaders offer a fair balance between responsibility and freedom. Respect and transparency are critical to the organization, and it requires a maximum 24-hour turnaround time to provide new information to all levels of the organization. Leaders are open and truthful with employees and the line of communication is always open for team members to voice their concerns. Aspire Systems additionally offers growth opportunities and the ability to chart an international career path.
62Activpayroll365Aberdeen, ScotlandActivpayroll champions a culture of brilliance and ambition, underpinned by its core values of being Big, Bold and Brilliant. The company excels globally, continuously seeking individuals who share its vision of impactful service for clients and colleagues alike. Transparency in strategy and financials keeps employees informed and engaged, while comprehensive surveys ensure that all voices contribute to the company's direction. Activpayroll is committed to employee development, offering professional qualification support and promoting internal mobility to enhance career trajectories. Additionally, the firm enriches its workplace through diverse employee-driven networks, recognition programs and social events that celebrate and support its staff. And with unique benefits like an Employee Benefits Trust and global life insurance coverage, they show a deep commitment to employee welfare and shared success.
63Mehilainen36,000Helsinki, FinlandMehilainen, the biggest private health care service provider in the Nordics, is a values-based company, never making compromises against their values and emphasizing values in hiring, training, decision-making and performance reviews. All employees engage in career discussions to create development plans on an individual level and the company provides training to support these plans, whether they would like to develop vertically or horizontally, a more demanding job or less demanding job, etc. It partners with University of Finland and Aalto University Executive Education for managerial training and has trained 1,000 managers since 2019. Employees are empowered by having well-trained leaders who know how to give and receive feedback and facilitate positive change.
64TITANS freelancers40Bratislava, SlovakiaTITANS freelancers ensures that every employee, regardless of rank or tenure, feels part of the TITANS family from day one by championing open communication and team collaboration. It prioritizes employee well-being and personal growth through extensive support programs, including tailored development courses and wellness initiatives led by the CEOs themselves. With values of competence, reliability and fairness at its core, TITANS freelancers not only celebrates diversity and employee contributions but also offers competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits and a true work-life balance. This holistic approach ensures that TITANS is a leader in IT while nurturing professionals to thrive and succeed.
65Flo Health467London, EnglandFlo Health provides employees clear expectations, tools for learning and development and regular feedback. The culture emphasises teamwork, honesty, openness and curiosity. Employees are encouraged to be innovative and resilient while searching out novel knowledge and sharing their expertise with peers and managers. There is also a strong focus on female health and families.
66Ipsy511Santa Monica, California, United StatesIpsy employees are rewarded with the opportunity to inspire their customers to express their unique beauty while influencing the industry to put the concept of beauty back into the hands of the users. Ipsy is made largely of women and POC and has values of inclusivity and respect at the core of its operations. The organization shows its commitment to its employees by frequently recognizing top performers, offering multiple wellness programs and providing company stock-sharing options.
67Eaton92,000Dublin, IrelandEaton's commitment to enhancing the employee experience and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation shines through its various initiatives. As a global leader, Eaton prioritizes continuous improvement, demonstrated by its award programs that celebrate technological advancements and efficiencies that simplify daily tasks for employees. These efforts are part of a broader strategy to enhance work-life balance and ensure that every team member can engage in meaningful work and personal development. The introduction of Future Ready February reflects Eaton's dedication to ongoing learning, offering workshops and sessions that prepare employees for future challenges while reinforcing a culture that values ethical standards, community impact and the individual contributions of its diverse team.
68Exabeam459Foster City, California, United StatesAs a leader in cybersecurity, Exabeam is dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace for people from all walks of life. With initiatives like the Exabeam CommUNITY Council and the ExaGals program, it is committed to sparking conversations, educating and driving change to enhance diversity and support underrepresented groups within both the company and the wider tech community. Beyond internal development, Exabeam takes proactive steps to shape the future of the cybersecurity field through philanthropic efforts like Exabeam Cyberversity and its Cybersecurity Scholarship Program. These initiatives are designed to increase industry diversity and provide career development opportunities.
69Mitgo568Neckarsulm, GermanyMitgo cultivates an open and inclusive workplace where employees from diverse, multinational backgrounds actively collaborate, sharing insights and innovative ideas across all levels of the organization, including direct interactions with the CEO. Mitgo values genuine listening, allowing every employee's voice to be heard, with the opportunity for individuals to lead projects they propose. The company supports personal and professional growth through targeted mentoring and training and by promoting autonomy in career progression. Employee-chosen values emphasize flexibility and readiness for change, which are exemplified daily by the CEO's leadership style. Mitgo enhances its supportive environment with unique benefits like additional days off, hybrid working options, comprehensive health coverage and memorable company events, all aimed at maintaining a healthy work-life balance and a vibrant corporate culture.
70Arista Networks4,023Santa Clara, California, United StatesArista Networks is dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence, emphasizing the importance of high ethical standards and a commitment to customer success. Known for its pioneering cloud networking solutions, Arista ensures its operations are driven by innovation, quality and a focus on meeting the intricate needs of its customers. Arista celebrates its diverse and vibrant workforce, ensuring a fun and inclusive workplace that's recognized as an outstanding place to work in both the U.S. and India. Its approach not only enriches its community involvement, but also solidifies its reputation as a forward-thinking leader in the tech sector.
71Thryv3,040Dallas, Texas, United StatesThryv provides the pace and feel of a startup, yet the infrastructure and support of a multibillion-dollar organization. This is felt by employees, of which 81 percent report being excited for things to come within the workplace. One of Thryv's core values is investing in its people, and it does so in myriad ways, including infinite learning programs and tuition reimbursement. Employees connect with one another through culture clubs, award ceremonies and celebrations and other events.
72Samuel and Sons Passementerie100New York, New York, United StatesSamuel and Sons is a family-owned business passed down through generations that views its employees as people. When you enter the business, you're considered a part of the family and are treated as such. The culture is built around being human, being passionate and upholding an entrepreneurial spirit. Employees have ample opportunities to collaborate and are encouraged to share their voices no matter the issue at hand.
73GRENKE Italia2,100Baden-Baden, GermanyGRENKE focuses not on work-life balance but on work-life integration, ensuring people are seen not just as employees—they shouldn't be split into slices where they are one person at home and another at work. Through a partnership with a company called Lifeed, life experiences are transformed into professional skills. To further this effort, GRENKE asks people to take part in cross-departmental projects, uncovering their hidden talents. There is an emphasis on using employee feedback to implement change, and the HR team is trained to use analytics not only to interpret the past, but to intervene in the future. The HR team is assisted by a group of employee-chosen ambassadors who are empowered to run with new initiatives. Spaces have recently been redesigned based on environmental psychology, helping promote the well-being of employees.
74Hunter Fan Company195Memphis, Tennessee, United StatesHunter Fan Company's culture is built on positive behaviors, active listening and collaboration. The company was born in 1886, but the culture has evolved and flourished since then. The work atmosphere is fun, rewarding and dynamic and is fostered through diverse and innovative people. The company invests in its employees by offering both personal and professional development resources and putting a strong focus on recognition, appreciation and celebration. Employees are encouraged to get to know one another through parties, competitions and events, leading to the ability to work cohesively to reach a common goal.
75All For One Group3,000Filderstadt, GermanyAll for One Group is built on an open and creative culture. It holds innovation days where the best idea is rewarded with a dinner date with the CEO and CHRO. It operates with a high level of freedom and flexibility, placing trust in employees to shape projects, teams and even their careers. All employees have the opportunity to receive mentoring and coaching to help them form and progress through individual development plans. Working hours are also based on trust—how you design your day is a topic for employees, their manager and team. Employees have access to OneAcademy, a suite of comprehensive learning programs and can acquire new hard and soft skills.
76Advanced Call Center Technologies12,000Berwyn, Pennsylvania, United StatesAdvanced Call Center Technologies is a 100 percent employee-owned company. Since changing its strategy to make the employee experience a focal point in its ongoing goals, the organization has seen exponential growth. It adheres to this by offering myriad opportunities to be heard, training programs and a unique career-pathing approach. ACT employees are encouraged to be their best selves by supporting one another and giving back to the local community.
77Mohegan11,007Uncasville, Connecticut, United StatesMohegan offers many opportunities for voices to be heard by conducting traditional team member engagement surveys, staff meetings, town halls and regular team member updates, as well as Kaizen events and opportunities for breakfast with the president. Mohegan offers transfer and promotion opportunities, stretch assignments, tuition reimbursement, in-house training programs and off-site seminars to support employees in making career choices compatible with their own unique skills, knowledge, personality and interests.
78Zebra Technologies10,034Lincolnshire, Illinois, United StatesZebra Technologies is changing the way work is completed. People love to work there because of its strong emphasis on building a culture where everyone is aligned on goals and offered clear development opportunities at every step of their career. Talent thrives in this environment because people are listened to through surveys and ZChats with executives, and feedback is acted on to shape culture and employee experience.
79Palo Alto Networks11,000Santa Clara, California, United StatesPalo Alto Networks puts its people first by providing choices whenever possible and recognizing each employee as a unique individual. Palo Alto trusts its employees and tries to be as flexible as possible to accommodate their wants and needs. The company is dedicated to employee development, innovation and collaboration and strives to inspire employees to find new ways to make a difference.
80Hempel7,600Kongens Lyngby, DenmarkOver 100 years ago, Hempel was founded with the idea that people were the most important asset and must be taken care of, and it maintains that thinking today. It prioritizes people's well-being and personal development, while offering individualized flexibility. There is a strong focus on DEI, and the CEO himself has taken responsibility for DEI initiatives, including its gender diversity agenda, a strategic partnership with Womenomics and Inclusive Leadership Training for people managers. Every time the CEO visits an office, he hosts a women's roundtable to find out what challenges they are facing. The feedback from employees has been incredible and has led to meaningful changes, such as a new global parental leave minimum.
81tbi bank1,900Sofia, BulgariaAt tbi bank, the People Team has one simple purpose: to make tbi a better workplace for enjoying a better life. The climate is driven by the managers, who all undergo 40-plus hours of management programs in addition to monthly workshops, where they are trained to listen, make people feel the importance of their job and link it back to vision and ensure people are able to develop their career. It uses a data-driven approach to identify managers' weaknesses through surveys and to address any issues. tbi prides itself on its diversity, with employees from 16 nationalities, and encourages people to be different and be brave, one of its core values.
82Truckrr Information Services50Tamil Nadu, IndiaTruckerr is disrupting conventional trucking solutions with fintech solutions. Employee morale is high knowing that their work is important and necessary. The company strives to offer a safe and dignified workplace for employees of all levels and departments. The company cares about its employees and stands with them, even through personal battles. A protected work-life balance, friendly outings and get-togethers, and collections of happy moments make this workspace a wonderful place to be.
83Finn350Munich, GermanyAmbitious, dynamic people love this fast-paced startup environment, where employees get shares in ownership from day one and are actively involved in shaping the trajectory of growth. Facilitating healthy, two-way feedback is a cornerstone of its approach, with weekly pulse surveys, 360s at all levels and considerate guidance for communicating well. Taking an idea and running with it is strongly encouraged.
84Ansys6,409Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, United StatesAnsys employees take pride in the fact that their work has the potential to change the world and invent a new future. Employee development is key in this organization, and each member is encouraged to create a development plan to aid in accomplishing goals such as building a skill or acquiring a new position. Employees' opinions matter; therefore, the company values which dictate the culture were decided upon by the employees themselves. Employees are engaged, recognized and supported by the organization through many programs and initiatives.
85KnowBe41,764Clearwater, Florida, United StatesKnowBe4 is committed to nurturing a workplace that's both fun and empowering. The company takes pride in its learning-oriented culture, ensuring all employees—from executives to front-line managers—are equipped with the skills needed to thrive through change. This commitment is underscored by comprehensive training programs, including certifications in change management that emphasize practical, real-world applications like role-playing. Its dedication to personal and professional growth is matched by its focus on engagement, routinely celebrating milestones and fostering a vibrant office atmosphere through events such as "lunch and learns." As a global entity, it places a strong emphasis on understanding and respecting the unique cultural nuances of each location, aiming to ensure its diverse workforce mirrors the diverse communities they serve. This approach reinforces the values of radical transparency and extreme ownership, driving accountability and honest communication across all levels.
86ABC Fitness1,277Sherwood, Arkansas, United StatesABC Fitness isn't afraid to admit mistakes and pivot when they learn a better way. Active listening sessions among small groups regularly take place throughout the organization to identify new ideas and areas for improvement that employees find most valuable. Opportunities to advance are clearly articulated through job architecture and career maps with learning pathways that are curated by leadership and supplemented with leadership training, tuition and certification assistance.
87Synopsys, Inc.20,870Sunnyvale, California, United StatesThis is a rare kind of tech company on a quest to learn and grow equitably. Small teams work together on Shark Tank-style pitch competitions and win the opportunity to build their ideas. Feedback is built into operations for continuous improvement, allowing employees a voice in the company's future. Recognition is big st Synopsys, not only at the annual awards ceremony or on the company's peer recognition platform, but in the way that everyone appreciates each other as people and truly enjoy being together both inside and outside of work.
88Firstup384San Francisco, California, United StatesThis remote-first company focuses on creating a sense of belonging using the products it's developed to improve the employee experience. Firstup's co-founder and CEO, Nicole Alvino, took lessons she learned about transparency while working at Enron and created this highly communicative environment where all employees receive a copy of Growth Mindset and are encouraged to accept failures as part of their growth process. DEI work is taken very seriously—employees apply for the DEI council and, if accepted, are paid for that important work.
89Split144Redwood City, California, United StatesThis tech startup is spread across the U.S., U.K. and Argentina, but the company is united in its shared values. Leaning into its values is what drives the teams' relationships, builds trust among teammates and, ultimately, ensures they row together collaboratively in the same direction. DEI efforts drive not only recruitment but are also used to train managers to create psychological safe spaces and create a work environment where people thrive by being themselves.
90The RepTrak Company144Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesRepTrak measures the reputations of other companies, but when it comes to their own company, they don't really care what others think. Instead, they care a lot about what their own employees think. RepTrak measures employee sentiments and engagement often to assure that teams feel supported and look for ways to improve engagement, innovation and connectivity across their global, remote workforce. Teams work cross functionally to create these internal solutions, bringing together senior and junior team members from across the globe—which results in fresh ideas for innovation and career opportunities both bubbling up across the organization.
91RKD230Dublin, IrelandA fast-growing architecture firm based in Dublin, RKD has a flat hierarchical structure, a flexible hybrid work model and a vibrant social environment. Employees are motivated by the work itself, building a sustainable future. They constantly talk about the impact that projects will have, often bringing in speakers to discuss the importance of the buildings they are building, including schools and hospitals. RKD has a diverse workforce of 24 nationalities and an Employee Transfer Program that allows staff to transfer to their international offices for up to six months to experience new cultures and engage with and learn from other teams. It achieves very low turnover by offering employees development opportunities, such as a study assistance program which provides financial and leave support for those who wish to engage in ongoing education, and a program where experts (both internal and external) present on current industry-relevant topics to ensure teams are supported in keeping up to date.
92Sonar520Geneva, SwitzerlandSonar makes coding fun again by ensuring a codebase that is easy to maintain for the long term. This value of improved quality of life extends to its employees as well, through a commitment to work-life balance, robust opportunities for self-driven learning and career growth and clear, effective communication. Anyone can sit in on cross-team meetings, to either listen in or speak up, and chatting with the co-CEOs is as simple as sending a calendar invite. Employees can expect to be respected and supported by their colleagues at Sonar.
93Titmouse1,333Burbank, California, United StatesKnown for popular shows like Big Mouth on Netflix, Titmouse has grown from humble indie beginnings to an animation powerhouse. At its heart, though, Titmouse has retained its indie spirit and close-knit culture by emphasizing creativity and collaboration. The studio is renowned for its unique initiatives like the Five Second Day, where employees showcase their talents through personal projects. And by championing open communication and valuing employee feedback, Titmouse ensures every voice is heard and valued. This commitment to nurturing talent and maintaining a supportive environment makes Titmouse not just a workplace but also a creative sanctuary where imagination thrives.
94Greif40,000Delaware, Ohio, United StatesGreif is a 140-year-old global company with more than 40,000 employees, yet staff in each location feel connected to the mission, values and goals so much that families tend to work for Greif spanning generations. Leadership meets with employees at each location on a quarterly basis, always welcomes employees to submit ideas to their innovation hub—which can then be funded and developed—and each receives personalized development plans and resources from Greif university plus company-sponsored education to meet those development goals. Employees choose a charity of their choice to raise money for annually, and Greif matches those efforts up to $500.
95Funnel315Stockholm, SwedenFunnel is fast-growing company with a unique culture of openness and transparency and a love for learning. Everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas with management and the CEO, and the company strategy is developed with everyone having a say. The Funnel Learning Calendar allows employees to schedule knowledge-sharing sessions and they have frequent Ten-Minute Talks where people can teach each other skills—be it how to code something or grow flowers. Employees enjoy a high degree of flexibility to work remotely, but can also go to spacious, centrally located offices in major cities around the world.
96Brisa750Istanbul, TurkeyBrisa stands out for its commitment to innovation, sustainability and courageously driving industry advancements. At the core of Brisa's success is its employees, who are valued and supported as the company's greatest asset. Brisa is dedicated to helping employees grow their careers, including comprehensive training and development programs like its Future of Work initiative, which is designed to prepare employees for future challenges with in-depth training on Agile Methodology, remote work best practices and the future of leadership. By leveraging smart technologies in a digital co-working environment and offering extensive employee support programs, Brisa fosters a workplace culture that prioritizes well-being and satisfaction.
97Nosto204Helsinki, FinlandBeing a Nordic company, Nosto has a strong focus on work-life balance, with managers who are supportive and open to discussing issues both work-related and personal. Its engagement surveys are interactive, allowing managers to reply directly to feedback, becoming a conversation. Nosto offers five days per year of paid personal development, as well as a personal training budget. This, combined with frequent career discussions, allows employees to point their career in a direction of their choosing. Popular perks include Nosto Fridays, half-day Fridays during the summer months and tenure-based extra vacation days.
98Unisys16,100Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, United StatesThis 150-year-old company is always reinventing itself around a shared purpose that excites its international teams. Focused on behaviors of exploring, experimenting, acting with agility, finding new opportunities and taking ownership of opportunities creates a culture where individuals can thrive. AI and machine learning help to match new capabilities to new opportunities that exist in the field, offering individuals opportunities to grow their careers in ways that they may not otherwise have considered.
99Everise15,000Plantation, Florida, United StatesEverise champions diversity as a cornerstone of its culture, embracing a global workforce of 32 languages, which enhances creativity, productivity and success. Diversity at Everise isn't just about varied backgrounds—it's about empowering women, supporting veterans and including individuals from the LGBTQ+ community and those with disabilities. This commitment to inclusivity is reflected in the leadership, which promotes a growth mindset and a people-first philosophy, consistently driving the company toward excellence. At Everise, every voice is valued, promoting a thriving, innovative environment where everyone can succeed.
100IDEAL Industries, Inc.840Sycamore, Illinois, United StatesIdeal Industries is an American company that produces connectors, hand tools, testers and meters for the electrical and telecommunications industries. The company manufactures many of its products in the United States and has a global presence. Its unique way of doing business emphasizes kindness, a value established by the founder more than 100 years ago that remains a cornerstone of its business today. Kindness involves preparing leadership to be the best resources to employees by training them in psychological safety and as coaches to help everyone in the organization grow in their careers.

Research Methodology

In today’s dynamic business environment and spirited public discourse, the importance of diversity and inclusion cannot be overstated. Companies at the forefront of embracing these principles are not just setting trends; they’re shaping the future. Our thorough research clearly shows that diversity is a key driver of creativity, advancement, and strategic problem-solving within any organization. Moreover, such companies don’t just open doors to new market opportunities; they position themselves as top choices for prospective employees.
However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that as societal perspectives shift, businesses must navigate increasingly complex and often polarized issues with caution. Upholding their values and maintaining accountability to their employees is paramount. This careful balance ensures companies remain true to their principles while adapting to the changing expectations of both their workforce and the market.

Evaluation Process:

Step 1: Direct Industry Feedback and Survey

  • We conducted in-depth interviews with over 1,000 HR professionals to pinpoint key drivers of employee satisfaction now and in the future.

Step 2: Employee Insights Survey

  • We executed a comprehensive survey among employees at these organizations to gauge their perception and experiences with their employers. This phase leveraged over 500,000 datapoints from current employees, including demographic data, enabling us to adjust our analysis based on responses from various demographic groups.

Step 3: Qualitative Research and Benchmarking on Diversity Metrics

  • We undertook an in depth review of public perception, social insights, and other publicly available information, analyzed through our proprietary sentiment and emotion construct.

Step 4: Media Validation

  • We reviewed published and validated news and articles published within the past 18 months regarding all analyzed companies to identify any potential legal or ethical issues related to workplace diversity practices.

Step 5: Validation and Scoring

  • Through our proprietary workplace sentiment and emotion construct, a scoring model was used to calculate a unique diversity rating for each company with the top ones featured on America’s Most Loved Workplaces® for Diversity list .