Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® and the Excellence Index

Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® and the Excellence Index

Creating workplaces that go beyond the standard salary and benefits package to truly inspire and motivate employees isn’t just a goal at Most Loved Workplaces®; it’s the foundation of everything we do. That’s why we’re excited to unveil Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® and the Excellence Index. This list celebrates organizations across the Globe that have made a profound commitment to their employees, highlighting how company culture is key to creating environments where employees not only trust and respect, but truly love their workplace.

We’ve recognized these 100 organizations as Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® because their success is deeply rooted in the dedication and passion of their workforce. This group spans industries, from cutting-edge tech giants to smaller, community-focused businesses. Despite their differences in size and scope, they all share a common thread: building a workplace where employees are seen as essential to the organization’s success.

This diverse collection of companies was carefully compiled in collaboration with the Best Practice Institute, a leader in organizational research. Together, we’re celebrating the Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces®—saluting the leaders, innovators, and dreamers who are reshaping the future of work in the world. These outstanding workplaces are not only achieving success in their industries but also raising the standard for organizations nationwide. They prove that when employees are truly valued, the possibilities for innovation and growth are limitless. Join us in applauding these trailblazers who demonstrate every day that a strong, employee-centered culture is the cornerstone of business success in the globe.

RankCompanyEmployeesHQ CountryLoved Because
1HLB International40,831EnglandHLB International sets itself apart from competitors by being more approachable, flexible, and offering a better work-life balance. Its Global Diversity and Inclusion Council drives clear and ambitious goals for gender diversity and the inclusion of underrepresented groups through “Days of Understanding” to have candid conversations about diversity. The HLB Engage program provides young and ambitious employees networking opportunities, developmental and cross functional projects to gain exposure throughout the entire company. The HLB Skills Hub, supports all HLB people with upskilling and reskilling efforts and also serves as an internal marketplace for all kinds of opportunities on a global level.
2Certinia1,000USAWith offices throughout the Americas, UK, EMEA, and APAC, this company brings its employees' voices to the forefront; the top 100 performance leaders attend a leadership summit presenting ideas Shark Tank style. Certinia offers opportunities that allow employees to engage and connect. Extensive PTO, volunteer opportunities, guest speakers and even a gift-giving program help to maintain work-life balance and comradery.
3Experian21,700IrelandExperian creates a strong sense of inclusion and belonging. It has a DE&I training program for leaders, and next year will roll out training for all employees. In terms of development, its “Career Hub” is a one-stop shop with three components that provide all employees opportunity regardless of where they are in their career.
4Warren Investments550BrazilWarren Investments is committed to equality. Executives get coffee for interns and bring people in from the street and train them into a career. The company even provides associates access to the same stock packages as its clients. Its values aren’t only written on the company walls—they’re also written on the cans of beer in the company fridge!
5On1,800SwitzerlandOn has little red tape to achieve its goals. It uses the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) to understand how employees think to ensure that teams have a mix of thought processes. On was born in Switzerland, so it has been a global company from the beginning—requiring a representation of employees from around the world on day one, it built a very diverse workforce.
6Pestana Hotel Group5,000PortugalPestana Hotel Group has expanded throughout Europe, Africa, South America and the United States, offering global opportunities in hospitality, like allowing employees to work for 3 to 6 months in another country, where they gain cultural expertise and share best practices. It also offers an 18-month international development program for mentorship from senior leaders.
7Celigo700USACeligo embraces an autonomous, diverse workplace. The employee experience is critical, and their voices are never ignored. Feedback is solicited regularly, and employees are encouraged not to shy away from speaking on difficult topics. The organization always strives to be developing competency and improve peer-to-peer accountability with a focus on making things better for the next team in line.
8Turo873USAThe CEO of Turo, Inc. deejays employee dance parties and shows up with donuts to chat about Corgis, but don’t let the collegial good times fool you—they’re totally serious about career development with $2,000 awarded to each employee annually just for learning and development, quarterly performance bonuses, continuous access to leadership, and opportunities for career growth.
9AKQA2,800USAAKQA’s culture is built on trust, recognition and accountability for living the company values. The culture calls for actions over words, stresses transparency and respect, and encourages collaboration and growth. Employees are empowered to create their own work through the AKQA Framework. There are ample opportunities for employees to collaborate with the aim of making the customer’s life better.
10PartnerHero2,348USAPartnerHero provides individuals opportunities to change their lives and communities by feeding the hungry, clothing those in need and offering disaster response. There is a strong focus on DE&I and a laid-back, tranquil culture. The company aims to live by its mission without borders and offers travel opportunities to Honduras and the Philippines with higher pay for working in these geographies
11Join Talent200ScotlandJoin Talent is a 100 percent remote company where employees enjoy transparency and trust. Monthly pulse surveys show that people are grateful for an open culture where they can be themselves. It also encourages employees to have work-life balance and support their personal goals through a program called JT Dreamers.
12Blueground800USAThe Blueground workplace is full of cultural diversity, as BG Nomads are able to live and work anywhere while still being connected through technology and off-site in-person events. The CEO incorporates company values of transparency and care in all aspects of business operations, starting with a personal welcome to all new BeeGees. There is a high level of talent in the organization, and opportunity for growth.
13Wind River1,539USAAt Wind River, training opportunities result in a team of experts across the globe who lead projects. Leadership conducts AMAs, surveys, symposiums, round tables, road shows and listening tours regularly. So much listening has resulted in additional benefits like compensation options, a Self-Care Week, volunteering days and birthdays off in addition to access to Unmind, a platform for meditation and mental wellness.
14Hilton Grand Vacations15,000USAHilton Grand Vacations envisions a world where people go further and do more. It views its employees as family and makes putting people first a priority with an annual engagement survey and shorter surveys throughout the year. The organization cares about its team members and community, doing what it can to support and inspire them, like inviting employees to send recognition that can be redeemed for gifts.
15Dr Lal PathLabs4,850IndiaDr Lal PathLabs did a refresh of its values and a month-long launch with workshops. Every month is the month of a certain value where employees are rewarded and recognized for living that value. It started to focus on more mental well-being, running seminars and ultimately adding meditation sessions. The company also provides medical insurance for all employees and their families—even their parents.
16Kraken2,300USAKraken is known as authentic and security-minded. Email is limited—these global crypto natives stay connected through hundreds of active Slack channels, connecting on ideas with each other to develop new products. Remote work means that meetings are held virtually, with annual team retreats oriented around growing connections to each other and their mission to boldly go where no one has gone before with crypto.
17Moveworks540USACandidates are attracted to the fast-paced environment in a trending industry. Once hired, they state that the best perk of the job is the incredible, talented team they have the opportunity to work with. The team works together to bring Moveworks' mission to life: to make language the universal UI.
18JUMO201South AfricaCandidates are drawn to the high-talent team and positive culture at JUMO. Employees are excited to work at a startup with potential for growth. DE&I, personal well-being and responsible business tactics are viewed as integral company values by all levels and departments and are considered when making major decisions.
19Zapier800USAZapier is a proud leader of easy automation regarding workflows and data movement. The team environment is positive and members report feeling cared for by their peers. The company understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance and believes in "play every day."
20Automattic2,003USAEmployees at Automattic enjoy an environment that is inclusive and respectful towards all. Work-life balance is a priority and is supported by an open vacation policy. Employees are eager to work towards the company goal of democratizing publishing so that anyone with a story can tell it, regardless of income, gender, politics, language or where they live in the world.
21Incyte2,378USAIncyte's vision is to become a leader in the development and delivery of novel drugs for serious unmet medical needs. The company cares about its employees and shows this through competitive salaries, strong benefits and great products. There is a healthy work-life balance and a positive culture that strives for teamwork.
22O2E Brands723CanadaThe top draw to O2E Brands is the strong culture and cohesive teams. The company fosters this by hosting frequent bonding events and celebrating each win together. There is the freedom to innovate and room to grow within the company with professional development programs offered and encouraged.
23PureSpectrum168USAPureSpectrum is built on the ethos of making researchers' jobs easier. The company is a rapidly growing startup viewed as a great place to work by its employees. The team is kind and always willing to help one another. An additional perk of the job is the strong benefits package and unlimited PTO.
24EPAM59,250USAEPAM offers the best of both large-company and start-up worlds. Employees feel they can make a difference in the industry, their communities, and careers with Journey - a six-stream platform for Professional Growth, Onboarding, Learning & Development, Staying in Touch, Recognition, and Professional Opportunities. Employees can chart their own course and be their genuine selves in an open-door environment where everyone has a voice.
25BVNK216EnglandBVNK bridges the gap between traditional and digital finance to make payments borderless, instant and secure. Employees love the culture and the experience of working at a rapidly growing company. Webinars, conferences, resources, and courses propel employees' self-led career goals. They report that they feel the leadership team is strong, exemplified by their CEO addressing current market changes, team changes and the resulting impacts openly and headon.
26Wyndham Hotels & Resorts2,535USAWyndham offers a low-stress, fast-paced work environment. There is a strong focus on work-life balance and the opportunity to work remotely Monday through Friday with a company-wide half-day every Friday. Employees enjoy on-site perks, including a gym, Starbucks and nurse practitioner. Employees say the hospitality is fun, and the customers are enjoyable to work with.
27Ansys5,600USAAnsys' mission is to deliver the predictive insights of simulation whenever and wherever they’re needed and to accelerate the next great leaps in human advancement. Employees report a great work-life balance, culture and teams. They are proud to do high-impact work with good people.
28Media.Monks8,900USAAs part of the world’s first "Global All Hands" program, the organization can offer the unique experience of working with global, diverse teams to make innovative creations. Media Monks focuses on the mark of now and embraces a "break it to make it" culture. Leaders are fearless and work to inspire employees to do what has never been done before.
29Kyndryl90,000USAKyndryl, the world’s largest startup, offers unique and exciting career opportunities. It is committed to employees offering a low-stress, low-pressure environment and wellness programs to recharge through activities including meditation and yoga. Schedules and work locations are adapted to the employee’s needs and whether in office or at home, Kyndryl ensure employees receive the recognition they deserve.
30Nature Energy500DenmarkAt Nature Energy, everyone brings different specialized skills to the table, making collaboration vital. Every quarter managers attend fireside meetings and employees attend monthly meetings where they can ask the CEO anything. Strategy is a bottom-up process, each team suggests must-win battles which are narrowed down at a fireside chat. Employees have opportunities through graduate programs, internal organizational develpment and working abroad.
31Cielo3,500USACielo leaders believe it's important to show employees that the value of their work and opportunities for growth are often more valuable than money. The organization values energy, passion, the desire to move forward and interconnectivity. Employees are offered cross-cultural training, live session tours and career guidance. It recently launched Cielo University for internal and external candidates and offers additional leadership training.
32Flexera1,300USAAlthough Flexera is a largely virtual organization, it encourages a tight-knit culture through "Together-Tuesdays," anniversary celebrations, and a monthly celebration for "cloudies." The organization takes the well-being of its employees seriously and therefore offers mentorships, unlimited PTO and regular recognition. DE&I is an important part of the culture, and recruitment is linked to this value. Bias-training is offered to all employees.
33Valiant4,326USAValiant operates on the pillars of kindness and respect. The culture is one of open and trusting relationships, leading to a comfortable workspace. Employees report that they feel proud of their work and know that they are making a tangible difference in the world. Valiant invests in employees' personal and professional growth and well-being, putting the employees first in important company decisions.
34Gilead17,500USACandidates choose Gilead Sciences to be part of a socially-responsible and ethical company. The culture of inclusion and ability to make a difference in the world are just two lauded attributes. The CEO expects integrity and accountability from every employee, including himself, and believes everyone is a leader. Gilead’s teams are taken care of with several health, wellness, and development resources.
35Colart1,000EnglandNew joiners take art classes to connect with the brand and products. Employees are encouraged to get involved in projects outside of their roles. Consequently, many employees find new passions and change roles completely. With an open office plan, a stranger walking through has no idea who the execs are, encouraging openness to share ideas.
36Cohesity Inc2,200USACohesity offers a fast-paced workplace with a lot of opportunities to grow. The organization is mission-driven, highly collaborative, and puts a strong emphasis on giving back to the community. Cohesity is well aware of the importance of mental wellness and offers employees several programs to refresh and find balance. Additional skill-building programs are available, along with the opportunity for feedback at any time upon request.
37Aptiv200,000IrelandPeople love Aptiv’s safe, green, and connected mission in tandem with its clear and compelling business strategy. Aptiv recognizes the quality of individuals as both workers and people, providing coaching and mentoring options, internal job opportunities, global rotations, and stretch assignments to help colleagues develop and grow their careers.
38Hummel1,200DenmarkHummel is a 100-year-old company on an interesting journey of developing the brand, creating new products and entering new markets. Employees have four development dialogues per year with their manager focusing on learning and development and training they want to take on. They are also given the opportunity to learn by working in a different country if they’d like.
39IG Group2,507EnglandIG is a purpose-driven and growth-oriented company led by a female CEO. Employees love the opportunity to tackle challenges on teams that are made up of individuals from diverse geographic locations and backgrounds. The organization values tenacity, hard work and innovation. The hard work is recognized with bonuses and other incentives. IG offers several learning opportunities, including online platforms and guest speakers.
40Ball Company21,000USABall has a family feel, recognizes pay equity across the board, around the world, per an internal study by external experts. Parental leave is not gender dependent, plus intentional support for working parents like flexible and remote work. People from underrepresented communities will see themselves represented here from the interview to the C-suite and clear pathways for moving up within the organization.
41Spotify9,000SwedenAt Spotify, "Band Members" are encouraged to work how and where they do best. Leadership is there to support, not micromanage, and employees are able to build their own hybrid schedules with flexibility surrounding their base of operations. To excel in each role, Band Members have access to training and growth opportunities led by GreenHouse, as well as access to cross-functional projects.
42AIA25,405Hong Kong SARAIA has a variety of leadership academies for first-time managers to senior leadership, with all leadership programs having a segment on well-being, to develop the whole individual. It has re-skilling academies where employees are guaranteed a new role after they complete the program. It launched unconscious bias training to make sure colleagues understand their role in creating the workplace environment.
43Coforge23,365USACoforge is a people-first company believing in respect in the form of praise, trust, candor, feedback and transparency. Employees are in the spotlight and can make a significant impact. Learning and growth are important at Coforge as it is believed that as the employees grow, so does the company. Employees have many unique programs to take advantage of, including mentorship from the CEO himself.
44Neo4j725USANeo4j is a community of people passionate about building something greater than themselves. The culture is driven, nerdy and fun. Employees are seen, heard, valued and capable of making a real difference. The company is transparent about all aspects of the business, including the good, the excellent, the bad and the ugly. Employees are treated with wellness days, equity sharing, and skills training.
45Motto30USAMotto, where business insight is shared, career growth is supported, and genuineness is everywhere. This women-owned company is led by an involved CEO who gives direct feedback and encouragement. Employees can ask for more opportunities and will be given more responsibility and compensation for it. Holiday bonuses, an independent working environment and unlimited/untracked personal time off make an ideal employer for a global team.
46DataStax554USAEmployees at DataStax are sometimes coached but never managed. You get the benefits of a startup, like no internal job titles, with the work balance of an established company, knowing what is expected of them each day and how their work fits the company’s growth. The company also gives 100 percent medical premium coverage with no copays.
47OpenCast Software450EnglandOpencast is a hybrid workplace offering employees the chance to make a positive impact on society. Each employee has a stake in the success of Opencast through share options and annual bonuses. The majority of the workforce approves of the CEO due to his light-touch approach to company hierarchy and open-door accessibility.
48Hudl1,220USAHudl leans into creating a flexible, diverse, and accommodating workplace. The workplace is hybrid and offices are activity based and offer free lunch and childcare. Employees are passionate about their work and excited to exist at the intersection of sports and technology uniquely. Employees are set up to learn, grow, have fun, and achieve.
49TravelPerk1,200SpainTravelPerk puts an emphasis on values and culture. Values are embedded in the performance life cycle and every new joiner spends two days at headquarters in Barcelona learning. It also has a Community Team focused on employee experience and engagement. Each site has a Hub Ambassador that is driving events for employees at that site—they utilize employee engagement survey data to create relevant experiences.
50Tata Communications13,378IndiaTata Communications has a concept of “managers as coaches” and provides whatever training and certification is necessary for employees to achieve their goals. Notably, it also provides a global employee assistance program to all employees and their families for confidential, professional counseling; a paid day off per year to volunteer; and a childcare policy of six months paid leave for primary caregivers.
51TITANS freelancers31SlovakiaTITANS freelancers is a small company with a flat structure, keen on listening to people. Leadership has an open-door policy and communicates to the team in podcasts, motivational videos and materials. Not to mention, employees enjoy professional massages at work. In collaboration with external companies, tailored courses, workshops and coaching programs are available, and they offer a subsidy to employees for language learning.
52Gympass1,618USAGympass is reinventing well-being to be engaging and accessible. Employees love working with a global team in a high-growth environment. The leadership team is transparent and does its best to make sure both the customer’s and the employee’s wellbeing is prioritized.
53Pure Storage5,314USAThe positive company culture at Pure Storage is driven by hosting frequent company events. Work-life balance is prioritized, and employees are offered professional mentorship. Employees state that they feel positive about the management team and the peers they work with. The great pay and benefits don't hurt either.
54King2,000EnglandKing challenges itself to dream bigger in a seriously playful way. The management team is respectful and prioritizes taking care of staff. Employees enjoy the high-energy, high-growth workplace and the opportunity to be around amazing, like-minded individuals.
55GWI585EnglandGWI's mission is to help humans understand each other everywhere. The company values teamwork and supporting one another. The culture is well-liked among employees and creates a positive outlook. Employees love that it is a quickly growing business with great potential.
56DataArt6,000USADataart is a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems. Employees enjoy watching and creating the technological progress happening at Dataart. It is a people-first organization with the potential to learn and grow within the company.
57Altair3,087USAAltair welcomes, regularly supports, and funds experiments stemming from employee ideas—even celebrating failures. Managers give employees transparent feedback and coaching, mentorship, and discuss career aspirations. Altair understands that empowering individual voices encourages an entrepreneurial mindset and strives to increase Black/African-American and women employee and executive representation and initiatives designed to attract, retain and promote women and Black/African-American employees at Altrair.
58Day Translations80USADay Translations has always been a fully remote company made up of people and cultures from all over the world. It uses an online platform called Gather for an annual event and people use it to meet, collaborate and play games. Employees are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions. In return, the company is transparent. It also offers interdepartmental training.
59Ceridian8,500USAAt Ceridian, hybrid teams from all over the world enjoy cultural learning opportunities and cross-functionality to volunteer for opportunities to make work and life better. Ceridian’s commitment to equity means that culturally underrepresented employees are paired with executive mentors to assure career growth and internal studies into gender and ethnic equality result in compensation reparations.
60Mitgo727GermanyAt Mitgo there aren’t a lot of rules, and employees have the independence to make decisions and even make mistakes. Employees created the company values, with every team member participating in the selection process. New joiners are assigned to someone from a different department to tell them about the culture. All key roles are offered internally first to give employees a chance to grow and change jobs.
61Milliken & Company8,000USAMilliken & Company strives to foster a culture where everyone is valued, respected, and engaged. Miliken’s global recognition program is presented in five languages to respect its international team. Miliken provides opportunities for continuous learning, peer mentorship, and community involvement, like the annual Volunteer Olympiad where associates get the time and corporate support to focus on the community.
62Portao 340BrazilPortão 3 offers a flexible benefits package, transparency and a variety of development opportunities. All employees are encouraged to set personal and career goals reviewed regularly with managers. It fosters a sense of employee ownership and investment in the company’s success. In addition, it conducts climate surveys for continuous improvement. Teams can also organize an annual all-inclusive resort trip to connect and celebrate.
63Eaton91,000IrelandEmployees who win hackathons at Eaton present their solutions to leadership which drives innovation for the company. Eaton’s Stretch Assignment Marketplace program provides development opportunities worldwide where employees work on Eaton projects while learning and networking. Eaton’s environmental commitments—like reducing carbon emissions and lowering greenhouse gasses—led to 86 percent of employees reporting being proud to work at Eaton.
64Kaplan4,200USAWorking for Kaplan means lifelong learning. Employees gain access to individual development plans, a competency-based on-demand development library, in-house technical, soft skills and professional training, a month long virtual DevelopU conference, and access to Kaplan and partner educational products.
65Deluxe Media4,500USADeluxe values diversity in its work and its people. Also proud to be environmentally conscious, offsetting travel emissions, using clean energy, giving incentives for electric car use and encouraging partners to be more sustainable. Employees are excited to go to work because while the dynamic nature of the work means they don’t know what each day will bring, they know they will learn something new.
66Zebra10,500USAZebra offers all employees the freedom, tools, and opportunities to define and build their own unique professional careers. Zebra’s Go the Extra Mile program rewards employees with points to be redeemed in a catalog of products and experiences.
67Watco4,750USAWatco employees meet daily to review the plan, outline action items and collaborate across departments to accomplish their goals. Industry partners repeatedly acknowledge Watco’s leaders for their achievements, influence, and expertise. Team members move around the company to gain skills and knowledge and often are promoted within the company. Managers conduct “stay” interviews to learn what Watco is doing right and where it can improve.
68COMPAÑÍA ESPAÑOLA DE PETROLEOS, S.A.U (CEPSA)10,310SpainCEPSA is a nearly century-old company pioneering a sustainable future—a mission employees feel gives them real purpose. The company has launched a suite of values to elevate the vision further. While it has been supportive of the shift towards hybrid work, it believes the ultimate way to move people’s hearts is to get them together, so the company has kept all its physical space.
69Distillery420USACulture is important at Distillery. There are weekly engagement events, quarterly tech talks, and celebrations. Slack channels, an intranet, Google Meet, and mural boards offer opportunities for internal communication and collaboration. The organization offers performance bonuses, unlimited PTO, and a flexible work environment. There are clear goals and expectations with rewards charted by career pathing, communications-trained management, and regular constructive feedback.
70DevSkiller46PolandDevSkiller is a technology company, where the many cultures of its employees offer different perspectives and ideas. Its values were created bottom-up by asking its employees. Their open feedback culture gives everyone a voice, prompting innovation and business success.
71Conduent62,000USAConduent projects involve cross-functional teams across geographies, rallying around our mantra of “one team, one mission.” Associates engage with global colleagues, ask questions, and share stories, ideas, and recognition. “Clarity of direction” is consistently a highest-scoring category in Conduent’s annual engagement survey—associates understand the role they play in shaping the company’s future. New hires are accelerated through application development roles to fast-track their career.
72Grey Group3,200USAGrey Group’s “5Things: This Week in Social” podcast series celebrates social media. Grey discusses the world of social and how it impacts brands. Grey’s mentorship for female talent and people of color, management training and unconscious bias and bias in recruitment programs have resulted in women comprising more than 50 percent of Grey’s global staff and almost 40 percent of leadership.
73Apex Global16,000GuatemalaEmployees are attracted to the refreshing atmosphere found at Apex Global. The culture is built around fun and is upheld by frequent cocktail hours, coffee chats and cultural events. Apex Global values respect, safe communication, and growth and has a heavy focus on impact. Employees are empowered to identify problems and create solutions.
74Medallia2,500USAEmployees at Medallia provide feedback to leadership through always-on technology and a platform for submitting their ideas. It hosts a week for giving back, allowing employees to use paid volunteer time in their community. Medallia’s tuition assistance program provides $15,000 to employees towards obtaining a degree. Medallia is a Fair Pay Workplace that is committed to delivering true pay equity and transparency.
75Italgas4,000ItalyItalgas listens to its employees implementing a referral program to reward employees. It offers every open position internally first; and it launched a digital ambassador’s program, a reverse mentorship where the newer, younger employees help the older employees with new technology. To benefit both its people and the planet, the company shuts down the office every Friday to cut down CO2 emissions.
76Certified Konsult35IndiaCertified Konsult stands by trust, quality, and client satisfaction. The organization values integrity, teamwork, accountability and innovation. Open dialogue and respect create a collaborative environment. career plans and performance management help employees grow professionally. Employees love the opportunity to make a difference and actively work toward building a better society.
77IPSY532USAIpsy employees are rewarded with the opportunity to inspire their customers to express their unique beauty. Ipsy is made largely of women and POC and has values of inclusivity and respect at the core of its operations. The organization shows its commitment to its employees by frequently recognizing top-performers, offering multiple wellness programs, and providing company stock-sharing options.
78Zappi325EnglandZappi matches random people for virtual coffees. Friday all-hands meetings include a DJ, lightning talks and a kudos board to share positive feedback. Zappi pays for teams to travel together regularly for social events for bonding. Before making any decision, policy requires consulting with everyone impacted and experts. They offer a stocked kitchen, live music, ping pong, and more.
79Quantexa650EnglandQuantexa’s global team works in a hybrid environment empowered by technology like Q-Net, a virtual place where colleagues collaborate, offices with 360-degree video conferencing cameras for effective hybrid meetings, and a buddy system that embeds new hires in company culture. Quantexa offers mentorship programs, study support funds, tailored eLearning courses, and knowledge-share communities focused on data and technology to give employees support for career growth.
80Montea NV45BelgiumMontea's promiseto employees is to make them grow. Being a very small company enables it to tailor individual development, linking employee growth to strategic objectives and addressing any gaps. It offers a range of learning opportunities, including classroom training, on-the-job projects, e-learning, mentoring, coaching, and networking opportunities. It aims to have long-term partnerships with employees, so everybody in the company is a shareholder.
81Teleperformance410,000USATeleperformance allows employees to live anywhere and connect with supervisors and colleagues via Cloud Campus. Ready for promotion? Around 70 percent of Teleperformance promotions are internal employees. Teleperformance hosts a global annual talent competition, For Fun Festival, where employees and their families share their passion for music, art and dance.
82MBH Bank9,500HungaryMBH Bank, combines three banks with a fresh strategy and culture. Recognized as a supportive workplace for women and families thanks to the “Baby+” program and support for maternity and paternity leave. A performance management system aligns bonuses and retention with desired behaviors and values. The "High Potential Program" and MBH Academy cater to employee development and mental health, ensuring professional and personal growth
83Amplifon19,350ItalyAmplifon provides an invigorating and dynamic work environment, driven by a mission to save lives. Its culture combines the advantages of a multinational firm with the agility and closeness of a startup. Valuing employees as their greatest asset, the company offers wellness initiatives, training, travel prospects, and yearly recognition. The CEO and majority shareholders prioritize employee well-being, even if it means financial sacrifices.
84Ingemark50CroatiaIngemark attracts candidates with its tech stack and remote work opportunities. Responding to employee feedback, it transformed its workspace to prioritize productivity from home, adapting offices for collaboration. Each employee has a personal mentor and a tailored curriculum. Regular one-on-one meetings focus on values, while quarterly "Open at Ingemark" events address identified concerns. Changes include a 38% salary increase to remain competitive in Croatia.
85Mohegan12,000USAMohegan offers opportunities for voices to be heard by conducting team member engagement surveys, staff meetings, town halls and regular team member updates as well as Kaizen events and breakfast with the president. Mohegan offers transfer and promotion opportunities, stretch assignments, tuition reimbursement, in-house training programs, and off-site seminars to support employees in making career choices compatible with one’s unique skills, knowledge, personality and interests.
86Alares Internet2,100BrazilAlares is undergoing a cultural shift, emphasizing autonomy and open communication to foster employee expression. In 2023, collaborative goals replace individual ones, prioritizing teamwork. Performance evaluation now focuses on team achievements, not individual accomplishments, promoting collective thinking. The company invests significantly in leadership and career development programs to ensure internal promotions. While English proficiency is not required, an English program is offered to all employees.
87IPC Systems1,060USAThe offices at IPC Systems are collaboration hubs by aesthetic and functional design, but individual ambition is encouraged and heavily rewarded through public kudos and bonuses. Employee growth is supported through tuition reimbursement and access to Babel, LinkedIn Learning, workshops, and certifications. Mentorship frames the culture as employees work across cultures and markets to make systems changes.
88Adikteev90FranceAdikteev offers flexibility, with weekends starting Friday at noon and a 35 percent fully remote workforce. It places an emphasis on corporate social responsibility, around three employee-chosen pillars: Environment, Education, and Diversity & Equal Opportunity. Every process at the company involves the values, including recruitment and assessments. Every year 15 to 25 percent of employees receive some kind of promotion, and they facilitate horizontal moves.
89PriceSmart10,880USAPriceSmart’s strong employee engagement programs recognize and celebrate personal achievements and milestones and encourages recognition of attainment of team goals and aspirations. PriceSmart provides an international Employee Assistance Program to support employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.
90flydocs330EnglandFlydocs’ CEO, André Fischer, says his core ethos of “It’s a people-first business, always!” drives every single decision. The Chat Space forum he initiated connects leadership with employees to informally listen and learn from each other. Less structured workspaces allow teams to check in, share experiences, and also to have some fun.
91Vantage Risk Companies250BermudaVantage Risk Companies is a start-up that doesn’t pressure employees to overextend themselves. Instead, it has partnered with Mindshare to assure sustainability and train management to recognize and prevent irregular work hours or performance that may be mental health decline indicators. All-hands meetings mean every employee contributes to company growth and sees themselves in the cascading milestones.
92Bedford Consulting111EnglandBedford Consulting’s 110 employees represent over 27 nationalities and 31 percent are women. This diverse and inclusive company asks employees to contribute to blog posts and videos with their own opinions and ideas. Employees enjoy coffee roulette, which randomly pairs up employees for 15-minute non-work-related chats, plus payday pub visits, BBQs, and holiday visits.
93Amdocs31,000USAAmdocs knows employees are holistic individuals with needs and purpose, so it has committed to development, balance, and diversity. Employees access meditation, yoga, and cooking classes. Life balance is supported by unlimited vacation and five paid hours a month to volunteer. Not just granola hippies—also successful career opportunities with 40 percent upward mobility last year.
94Bristlecone3,000USABristlecone is a high-engagement company with strong connections between employees and managers. Employees value creating positive change and being role model corporate citizens. Community is built around volunteer days, a focus on sustainability, and giving kudos. There is a culture of continuous learning and active listening with an expectation of a safe workplace where everyone has the time to speak and be heard.
95Pattern310USAEmployees are constantly empowered by Pattern’s CEO to “go do something smart” and figure out what that looks like for their function. CEO models balancing work and family—it’s not uncommon for this founder and CEO to excuse himself from a meeting that has gone a bit over to attend a family event.
96Bunge23,000USABunge’s formal organization structure is augmented with informal networks committed to working across business units, geographies and functions. Employee resource groups have executive sponsorship to ensure all views are heard. Executives also encourage employees to connect directly to them.
97Wynn Resorts15,242USAWynn Resorts offers employees tuition and seminar reimbursement, scholarship programs for employees and their family members, free leadership and development classes, citizenship classes and paid naturalization costs, paid parental leave and new parent incentives, and immediate vacation and benefits. Wynn Resorts also rewards employees with frequent giveaways including paid trips, cash prizes, electronics, and stays with dining at their resorts.
98Everise13,699USAWith 80 percent of all positions filled internally, there is always the opportunity for career growth at Everise. Employees career growth is supported by mentorship, continuing education, tuition reimbursement and a global exchange program. Everise listens to employee feedback through regular employee surveys, mentorship programs, employee huddles, and virtual town halls with executive leadership.
99Greif Inc12,201USAEmployees in each location feel connected to the mission, values and goals so much that families tend to work for Greif spanning generations. Leadership meets with employees at each location on a quarterly basis, always welcomes employees to submit ideas to their innovation hub, and each receives personalized development plans and resources from Greif university plus company sponsored education.
100FLEETCOR10,000USAFLEETCOR focuses on employees through recognition programs, benefits that fit their needs, flexible work schedules, resources for personal development, a peer-to-peer recognition program, and communication tools that allow people to bring their authentic selves to work. FLEETCOR offers extended time off, free virtual exercise classes with certified trainers, and subsidized memberships with gyms and weight-loss programs.

Research Methodology

In today’s dynamic business environment and spirited public discourse, the importance of diversity and inclusion cannot be overstated. Companies at the forefront of embracing these principles are not just setting trends; they’re shaping the future. Our thorough research clearly shows that diversity is a key driver of creativity, advancement, and strategic problem-solving within any organization. Moreover, such companies don’t just open doors to new market opportunities; they position themselves as top choices for prospective employees.
However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that as societal perspectives shift, businesses must navigate increasingly complex and often polarized issues with caution. Upholding their values and maintaining accountability to their employees is paramount. This careful balance ensures companies remain true to their principles while adapting to the changing expectations of both their workforce and the market.

Evaluation Process:

Step 1: Direct Industry Feedback and Survey

  • We conducted in-depth interviews with over 1,000 HR professionals to pinpoint key drivers of employee satisfaction now and in the future.

Step 2: Employee Insights Survey

  • We executed a comprehensive survey among employees at these organizations to gauge their perception and experiences with their employers. This phase leveraged over 500,000 datapoints from current employees, including demographic data, enabling us to adjust our analysis based on responses from various demographic groups.

Step 3: Qualitative Research and Benchmarking on Diversity Metrics

  • We undertook an in depth review of public perception, social insights, and other publicly available information, analyzed through our proprietary sentiment and emotion construct.

Step 4: Media Validation

  • We reviewed published and validated news and articles published within the past 18 months regarding all analyzed companies to identify any potential legal or ethical issues related to workplace diversity practices.

Step 5: Validation and Scoring

  • Through our proprietary workplace sentiment and emotion construct, a scoring model was used to calculate a unique diversity rating for each company with the top ones featured on America’s Most Loved Workplaces® for Diversity list .