Long periods of inactivity. Employees who felt alone and overworked. COVID brought a lot of new problems with it. Despite this, there were some businesses that not only made it through but also became role models.

Today, many organizations are considering ways to deliver genuine value to retain top employees in the age of the Great Resignation. Employers must differentiate themselves in an employee-driven labor market.

The need for companies to be ‘loved’ by their employees has never been greater. The workplace has been turned upside down by COVID-19, and the relationship between workers and management has never been tenser. According to the United States Department of Labor, 11.5 million people resigned from their jobs in the second quarter alone.

However, many employers fail to understand that being a ‘loved workplace’ is not the same as employees receiving benefits for a “job well done.”

The message appears to be clear: businesses that treat employees well even in difficult times will attract the best and brightest, even when the talent war gets hot. The degree to which workers feel a sense of love for their employer is the focus of a Most Loved Workplace. 

Here are some of our Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces that have maintained a love for their employees as a center of their business model.

SAP America

SAP America has a “culture of kindness.” Every employee who contacts the CEO, for example, receives a response. The pandemic mental health day that started at the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak will also continue, with an additional ten days added in case of a crisis.


Based in Goleta, CA, the apparel and fashion brand relies on employees’ creativity to grow and get ahead of the competition. Workers are encouraged to suggest ideas for direct investment from the top. The leadership team, which includes the CEO, considers ideas from teams of employees from various levels before deciding which ones to pursue further.


At this New York-based consulting firm, employee-created institutions in technical skill areas are vital for training. An open-door policy means that anyone can schedule an appointment with the CEO.


It may be hard to believe, but Big Blue’s employees—and outsiders—are encouraged to contribute regularly. The company’s 72-hour Innovation Jam, for instance, frequently resulted in the birth of new businesses.

Zebra Technologies

At this company, an opportunity is equal to loyalty. The Zebra Network (ZEN) assists workers in developing skills on their own time, which Zebra hopes will lead to development in their careers.


The company provides employees with incredible opportunities and the liberty to collaborate with other entertainment creators. Good perks include limitless sick time and a monthly lifestyle stipend.


Failure is not something to be afraid of in this environment. Failure is a chance to learn, develop, and progress. They put what they preach into action—and push themselves to new heights.


Internally, Nielsen promotes and supports employees to look for professional development possibilities within the organization. Also, the company’s Smart Work initiative emphasizes health and wellness.

S&P Global

All employees have access to coaching for professional and personal growth. As a result, the staff is heavily tenured. The following statistic is noteworthy: 7% of left employees have returned.

Ryan Specialty Group

Workers at this Chicago insurance agency are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild when they have a brilliant idea. The organization claims that the phrase “It’s not my job” will never be used in the workplace. Mentorship is a continuous thing at the company.


Even though the company is still relatively new, succession planning is a significant thing. To fill unfilled roles, there is continuous feedback and promotion from within.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Employees who desire to gain new skills are provided training and assigned tasks to help them advance in their professions. Bonuses and compensated volunteer time are both desirable.


Do you want to advance in your career? There are numerous chances to collaborate across disciplines to break down traditional silos. Bonuses are also given for things like bringing the company’s principles to life.

Custom Ink

The organization gives workers two-to-three month rotations in various business divisions to keep things exciting and personal growth going. It also aids in teamwork.

Final Word

The companies listed above are for you looking if you are looking for companies where your personal and professional values and vision align with the company. These companies can also help you if you’re an executive looking to improve your performance and build a happier and more productive workforce. To find other companies with similar benefits, you can refer to the list here.