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Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN) has distinguished itself as a model of workplace excellence, securing a coveted spot on the prestigious Most Loved Workplaces® list. Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to the welfare of its 1,800 employees, DFIN has placed a premium on fostering an environment of respect, care, and appreciation. Here are some key takeaways from the journey of Donnelley Financial as a Most Loved Workplace.

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    • Prioritizing Employee Sentiments 

      A pivotal element in DFIN’s success lies in its emphasis on embracing the sentiments and emotions of its employees. Through utilizing the Workplacely platform and the Most Loved Workplace® survey, DFIN has gleaned invaluable insights into the feelings of its workforce, particularly during the tumultuous events of 2020. 

      This approach has not only enhanced DFIN’s employer branding but has also facilitated improvements in internal communication. Here are some of the things DFIN aims to achieve by prioritizing employee sentiments.

      Understanding Employee Sentiments

      DFIN’s success in prioritizing employee sentiments is clear in its approach to understanding and addressing the emotions of its workforce. By utilizing tools like the Workplacely platform and the Most Loved Workplace® survey, DFIN has been able to delve deep into the feelings and perceptions of its employees. This emphasis on emotional intelligence has allowed DFIN to create a more empathetic and supportive work environment, particularly during challenging times such as those experienced in 2020.

      Enhancing Employer Branding

      Through its focus on employee sentiments, DFIN has improved its internal communication and strengthened its employer branding. Employees who feel understood and valued are likelier to become brand advocates, promoting DFIN as an employer of choice. This positive reputation can help win top talent and contribute to a more engaged and committed workforce.

      Driving Organizational Change

      DFIN’s commitment to understanding employee sentiments has also driven meaningful organizational change. By listening to employee feedback and addressing their concerns, DFIN has been able to implement initiatives that improve employee satisfaction and retention. This proactive approach to employee engagement has contributed to DFIN’s success as a Most Loved Workplace® and has positioned the company as a leader in employee-centric practices.

      Fostering a Culture of Openness

      One of the critical outcomes of prioritizing employee sentiments is creating a culture of openness and transparency at DFIN. Employees are comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions, knowing they will be heard and respected. This transparency culture improves employee morale and fosters innovation and collaboration, driving DFIN’s continued success.

      DFIN’s emphasis on embracing employee sentiments has been instrumental in its success as a Most Loved Workplace®. By prioritizing emotional intelligence, DFIN has enhanced its employer branding, driving organizational change, and fostered a culture of openness. These efforts have benefited DFIN’s employees and contributed to the company’s overall success and reputation in the industry.

Building a Thriving Workplace Culture!

Discover how to leverage the right technology and implement a proactive strategy that cultivates talent and facilitates team collaboration.

      1. Driving Transformation with Actionable Data 

        DFIN has harnessed the power of the Most Loved Workplace® data as a guiding light for its talent strategies, playing a pivotal role in its evolution. By leveraging insights from the survey, such as the significance of 401k matching and employee stock purchase options, DFIN has effectively tailored its offerings to meet its employees’ needs. 

        Here are some of the ways DFIN used data from the Workplacely platform to drive business transformation:

        1.       Leveraging Most Loved Workplace® data for talent strategies: DFIN has used the survey insights to validate and enhance its existing talent strategies. The data has provided valuable insights into which offerings employees find most valuable, such as 401k matching and employee stock purchase options.
        2.       Tailoring offerings to meet employee needs: By understanding the importance of specific benefits and perks to its employees, DFIN has been able to tailor its offerings to meet their needs better. This personalized approach has improved employee satisfaction and helped DFIN attract and retain top talent.
        3.       Validating and enhancing existing talent strategies: The data from the Most Loved Workplace® survey has served as a compass for DFIN, guiding its talent strategies. By validating the effectiveness of its current strategy and identifying areas for improvement, DFIN has been able to stay ahead of the curve in talent management.
        4.       Using insights for continuous improvement: DFIN views the Most Loved Workplace® data as a tool for continuous improvement. DFIN has created a more engaging and satisfying work environment for its employees by studying the data and making changes based on the insights gained. 

        Empowering Action and Fostering ConnectionsEmpowering Action and Fostering Connections

      2. Going beyond mere data collection, DFIN has empowered action through insights. Initiatives such as ‘Cocktails & Conversations’ and virtual office hours have strengthened employee connections and nurtured a sense of belonging. These endeavors have not only elevated employee morale but have also enriched the overall workplace culture at DFIN.

        Leveraging the Most Loved Workplace® Badge 

        DFIN has strategically utilized its Most Loved Workplace® certification as a keystone of its employer branding efforts. From showcasing achievements on social media to distributing curated swag kits, DFIN has effectively utilized the badge to attract top talent globally. This acknowledgment has bolstered DFIN’s standing and underscored its commitment to cultivating a positive work environment.

        Final Word

        DFIN’s transformative journey from a print-centric entity to a technology-focused enterprise underscores its dedication to leveraging employee insights. By prioritizing employee well-being and employing data-driven strategies, DFIN has crafted a workplace where employees feel valued, listened to, and proud to be part of the organization. As other companies aspire to replicate DFIN’s success, the lessons learned from their journey serve as a blueprint for excellence in workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

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