About Jim Scapa

Jim Scapa brings more than 35 years of business growth, innovation and cultural stewardship to his role as founder, chairman, and CEO of Altair, a global technology company that provides solutions in the areas of simulation, high performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence.

In 1985, Jim and two partners identified a need and formed Altair with a focus on the then-new field of simulation using HPC. Today, through Jim’s leadership, the company serves more than 8,000 customers and employs more than 3,000 employees with 86 offices across 25 countries. Altair software – used across a broad range of industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, government and defense, finance, energy, electronics, life sciences, architecture, and construction – enables customers to enhance product performance, compress development time, reduce costs, and make smarter decisions. Growth has been achieved both through long-term nurturing of internal technology development, and by strategic acquisitions of complementary technologies which have been successfully integrated into Altair’s offerings.

Altair enables organizations in nearly every industry to compete more effectively in a connected world while creating a more sustainable future.

Altair employees worldwide share a tremendous pride in the entrepreneurial spirit and corporate culture based on transparency, honesty, innovation, and integrity.

Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan.

Altair is loved because...

The CEO has some lofty diversity goals. For example: The company aspires to have a workforce of 50 percent female employees—and that includes the C-suite and the board of directors.

Date: Dec-21-2021

Jim Scapa Serves as a Model of Altair's Values because…

Embracing and living by them. He is always accessible and open to hearing new ideas, appreciates a challenge, inspires the organization to look to the future, is not afraid to fail, takes calculated risks for great reward, and embraces and values diversity. In fact, he regularly writes about his (and Altair’s) commitment to diversity, which you can see here: https://www.altair.com/newsroom/author/jim-scapa/