About Mihir Shukla

Mihir is a visionary in the automation space and co-founder of Automation Anywhere. He pioneered the technology that empowers customers worldwide to automate business processes with intelligent software bots – AI-powered digital workers that perform repetitive and manual tasks, resulting in dramatic productivity gains, optimized customer experience and more engaged employees. His vision for intelligent automation powered by cloud-native technology has defined a new category in automation. Under his leadership, Automation Anywhere has become a global leader and continues to create groundbreaking technologies to accelerate digital transformation for some of the world’s largest organizations. Prior to founding the company, Mihir held leadership roles in Internet, e-commerce, and wireless markets at the forefront of innovation.

Automation Anywhere is loved because...

Employees are showcased in real-life case studies to demonstrate how collaboration and innovation actually works at the telecom firm. Catch this: Big company problems are tossed out for any employee to solve.

Mihir Shukla Serves as a Model of Automation Anywhere's Values because…

Mihir Shukla is at the forefront of one of the most influential technologies in the last decade. By pioneering the concept of AI-powered digital assistants, Mihir is making work more human by removing low-value tasks, and freeing humans to the next big idea.