About Amy Errett

Amy Errett is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist and social-mission visionary. In 2014, Amy co-founded Madison Reed, a San Francisco-based at-home hair color company with co-founder Sabrina Riddle. A former Manhattan investment banker, Amy is considered to be on the leading edge of disrupting and successfully re-inventing existing business models.

Madison Reed is loved because...

Welcome to the club: The chief executive meets all new employees and top prospects. Early on, pandemic friendly, too: “Nobody…right now should worry about a paycheck” was the message.

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Amy Erret Serves as a Model of Madison Reed's Values because…t

Leading by example. David Walker is always genuine, forward-thinking and transparent, never asking his team to do anything he wouldn’t do himself, which allows him to be empathetic and understanding of his employees and agents.



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