We’ve analyzed our Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® to see how the benefits they provide employees go above and beyond compared to most. What values motivate these decisions, and how does it impact their overall performance as a company? 

Using our own statistical data and understanding of what makes a Most Loved Workplace®, we have compiled a report demonstrating how our companies are redefining employee benefits and how it always works in their favor. 

With our case studies, we chose companies within the top global 100 in various industries that provide unique, effective employee benefits to showcase that no matter what your goal is as a company, employee satisfaction should remain a top priority.

How Employee Benefits Make a Most Loved Workplace®

We understand that employee benefits matter and have the data to prove it. But, as employees continue to exercise their rights to a happy, healthy workplace, it takes more than just birthdays off and vouchers. Employee benefits are not just perks but necessities if you want your team to feel valued, recognized, and engaged

Understanding employee sentiment is the key to providing benefits that actually mean something and working towards the image you have for your company. Once managers collate honest, helpful feedback from their workforce, staying one step ahead in providing what they need is easy.

Being a Most Loved Workplace® pays off, and our data shows how much better employees perform when their organization is certified as such. 

Our survey found that 94% of people would be between two to four times more likely to perform better if valued at work. 59% of this group answered they would be on the higher end of the scale, producing work at four times the amount.

59% four times more likely 94% perform betterSource

This blog post will cover some of the Most Loved Workplaces® worldwide and see how their unique employee benefits helped them make our list. 

Well-being Support

The well-being of your employees encompasses more than just a gym membership. Mental, social, and financial health are all important factors that make a balanced, productive employee. 

So how do you provide well-being support? What does it look like? And most importantly, does it actually work?

Depending on your employee surveys, you should understand where individuals feel left behind. Perhaps they are stressed or are struggling to balance personal needs and deadlines.  Whatever the cause, it is paramount that you take some of the load off. 

If you let your employees’ well-being decline, it will lead to low employee retention, a negative work environment, and poor performance overall. The best way to combat this is to take preventative measures by implementing different initiatives.

Well-being support can look quite different from company to company; the industry, work schedule, and culture determine it, among other variables. For example, physical benefits such as club memberships or ergonomic stand-up desks will provide a balanced lifestyle for a sedentary office job. 

1. Increased Productivity 2. Better mental health 3. Reduced stress 4. Improved well-being 5. Enhanced focus

To explore how well-being support is successfully executed by our top 100 global Most Loved Workplaces®, we will examine what they offer and how it benefits their employees in more detail.

AIA Group Limited – Insurance

AIA understands that its employees need a safe space to express their professional or personal concerns. 

The organization has an Employee Assistance Program that is implemented to provide an experienced counselor on hand to listen to any concerns that a member of the company may have. This is also extended to their family members. 

It’s a great way to open up an objective method of communication to ensure everyone is being heard, no matter their position in the company. From what we know here at Most Loved Workplace®, being heard is one of the most important aspects of cultivating a positive work culture.

To further support the well-being of their workers, AIA makes it easy for people to balance their careers and life at home by offering hybrid work schedules and flexible hours.  

HLB International – Accounting, Tax, and Advisory Services

HLB takes a simpler approach to well-being, but this doesn’t mean it’s futile. Even small measures here and there add up to a bigger picture where each employee has a valuable advantage. 

For example, if there is one large initiative, it increases the chance that some people won’t necessarily be satisfied if it doesn’t align with their needs.

In HLB International’s case, they have multiple techniques put in place to make everyone happy. They provide flu vaccinations, health improvement programs, birthday and anniversary celebrations, and fresh fruit to encourage a healthy diet. 

To benefit the social welfare of their workers, HLB also implements sporting teams, social clubs, and staff parties for connections within the company to thrive in a more laid-back environment, creating a positive workplace culture.

What they rate highly (scale of 5): I feel like i am part of a positive functional community (4.6)/I respect my manager(4.5) What they rate low (scale of 5): I have a best friend at work (2.3)/I have strong friendships inside of work (3.3)


Many benefits come from these professional relationships. It creates a sense of belonging and improves teamwork, thus leading to increased employee retention.

Unlimited Time Off

Having unlimited time off may set off alarm bells as a business owner. If unlimited holidays exist, doesn’t that mean no one shows up to the office? 

On the contrary, employees with unlimited time off will seldom take advantage and instead will be more proactive in getting their tasks done at a high level. 

This is because they feel valued, trusted, and respected as members of the company. As well as this, they will be less prone to burnout due to always having a day off on hand if needed to get back to their full potential.

However, unlimited time off is still quite a progressive benefit to offer employees and challenges many of the notions we have learned over the years of what it takes to be productive. If you see an organization including unlimited time off, you can guarantee that high-quality employees work there. 

Here are a few examples of our Most Loved Workplaces® with unlimited time off as part of their benefits package. 

Flexera – Information Technology

Flexera feels confident in its time-off policy because it uses engagement surveys and weekly one-to-one meetings between managers and employees. These allow clear communication of what is expected of their workers, and from there, it is up to them to manage their workload efficiently and meet deadlines. 

In addition to this, a monthly company meeting is held by the CEO to keep everyone up to date with how Flexera is doing. Keeping all employees on the same track creates a homogeneous, well-oiled machine despite varying work schedules. 

Hudl – Computer Software

Founded in 2006, Hudl specializes in sports analysis software and has over 3000 employees worldwide. As well as offering extremely flexible time off, they also like to encourage employees to take a break whenever needed. This is a far cry from many organizations prioritizing profit over employee well-being.

Hudl group meeting with a vibrant office and casual clothing.

Unfortunately, even if time off is up for grabs, it’s common in unhealthy workplaces for employees to feel guilty for using it. This typically comes down to other members of the company pushing the idea that they have not ‘earned’ it and turning it into a negative practice. 

If you fall into this category, working at Hudl will remind you what it really feels like to relax. This is due to their company-wide breaks, where every operation is put on hold for days or weeks. 

With no work being handed out, there is no other option than to spend time with loved ones, lie on the beach, and just chill out. When things pick up again, you will feel rejuvenated and ready to do your best work yet.

Profit Share

To really feel like your employees are sharing your success as members of the same company, you should consider incorporating profit share into the benefits package. Advantages from profit shares include increased motivation and loyalty within the workforce. 

Bear in mind not all employees are eligible, and certain criteria should be met for revenue to take the organization from strength to strength. 

Ultimately it is up to you what makes an employee eligible. However, here are the standard guidelines for all parties to achieve the best results:

  • Length of service: Most companies that offer profit share require employees to have been in their position for a certain amount of time. This can range from months to years (but is most commonly the latter). As time passes, managers will know whether an employee is there to stay. 

  • Retirement plan: If an employee contributes to their pension plan or 401(k) through the company, then managers are more inclined to offer them profit share as another incentive to save for the future.

  • Company profits: A company with low profits is not in the best position to provide shares to its employees. In many cases, workers only become eligible once certain financial goals are hit.

Profit share can sometimes be confused with stock options, which have similarities as employees financially benefit from both. However, if you have stock options in a company, you have a small stake in the ownership, whereas profit share does not give you that contract.

King – Entertainment

King is the entertainment company behind the video game Candy Crush. With around 2000 employees, King has become a leading mobile game pioneer. Due to their success, they want to share rewards with the hardworking employees that got them where they are.

As well as profit share plans, King also provides a competitive base pay so that even if you are not eligible for employee shares, you are still provided with a suitable salary. As well as gaining financial rewards, those who get profit shares feel recognized for their hard work.

1. Increases motivation and productivity 2. Strenghtens company culture 3. Encourages employee engagement 4. Boosts morale and job satisfaction 5. Improves retention rates

Bunge – Food and Beverage

Bunge believes that their ‘people’ make the company so special. This is proven by their extensive employee benefits package, including profit sharing. They also focus on other financial rewards, with a competitive salary and performance bonus. 

Therefore, if, for whatever reason, you are not eligible for profit shares, you are still rewarded for your hard work. This is an important element in making employees feel valued.

Honorable Mentions

We should also mention some of the companies on our Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® that offer unique employee benefits not already mentioned in our list.

BVNK – Financial Services

BVNK has teams all over Europe, the UK, and South Africa. The freedom to work autonomously and anywhere worldwide are two huge selling points for respective applicants. As well as having the choice to work from home, there are incentives in place that make going into the office much more appealing than usual.

BVNK’s office has snacks, yoga mats, and book libraries to foster a creative, collaborative space where you’re not counting down the minutes until home time. Having an office space such as this encourages workers to congregate in one area and feel more like a team again, despite how accessible virtual meetings and messaging apps are.

But, one of the most unique things about BVNK’s offices is that they are dog friendly. If you have a well-behaved, friendly dog, they can accompany you to your desk instead of being stuck at home or in an expensive doggy daycare.

This saves money and reassures owners that their dog is happy and safe in the office. It also makes employees feel less stressed and more comfortable in the workspace. Of course, not everyone will be overjoyed with a dog in the office due to allergies or fears, so it is important to keep them under control and check with colleagues beforehand.

Blueground – Real Estate

Since Blueground is part of the real estate industry, it has a very clever perk to the job many employees enjoy. They offer free and discounted two-week stays in their modern, high-quality apartments. 

This coincides well with their Bluegrounds Nomads Program. With remote work becoming the norm, especially for those in tech, the digital nomad lifestyle is more achievable than ever. 

With this scheme, you can hop from country to country, and as long as you have a laptop, you can get work done and travel simultaneously. It’s not the ideal lifestyle for everyone, but for those who want to travel and work in a rewarding role, Blueground is a strong contender.

Their nomad program gives workers the ability to make their own schedules ranging from: 

  1. A few days in one of their global offices 

  2. Hybrid with one or two days in the office

  3. Fully remote 

And with the two-week discount, the possibilities are endless.

AKQA – Advertising and Marketing

AKQA understands how important family is and supports loved ones as they go through hardships, maternity, or birthdays. They offer a plethora of benefits to their employees with a big focus on accommodating parental leave, adoption, and child care. 

However, one of their most unique perks is their paid leave for IVF and other fertility treatments. Every year, they allocate five days when individuals can focus on their families and be there for them when it counts. And once the treatment is successful, mothers get 16 weeks of paid leave, and fathers get two weeks immediately after the baby is born.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when a voucher or branded pen equated to employee benefits. The workplace is shifting, and workers are harnessing their true power as the lifeblood of organizations, no matter how big or small. 

Also, with the internet at our fingerprints, it is easy to see what we’re missing. Therefore, taking the leap and implementing innovative, progressive benefits is key to attracting and retaining employees.

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