Newsweek and our company Best Practice Institute (BPI) and Most Loved Workplace® (MLW) announced our annual rankings for the Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® list, and HLB International was ranked #1. 

For the first time, we are naming the Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces®. This ranking is based upon BPI/MLW’s proprietary Love of Workplace Index™, an analysis of external public online ratings and direct interviews with and responses from company officials.

After surveying more than 2 million employees from businesses with workforces varying in size from 30 to more than 10,000, we determined the list. The list recognizes companies that put respect, caring, and appreciation for their employees at the center of their business model and, in doing so, have earned the loyalty and respect of the people who work for them. 

Some of the top themes from the global list include the following: 

  1. Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I): Many companies on the list prioritize DE&I, reflecting the growing emphasis on creating inclusive work environments and addressing systemic inequalities, which aligns with the ongoing global conversations surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.
  2. Remote Work and Work-Life Balance: The list includes companies that offer remote work options and prioritize work-life balance. With the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacting our work, remote work has become more prevalent and relevant than ever. Companies prioritizing remote work and work-life balance resonate with the current events and preferences of employees seeking flexible work arrangements.
  3. Employee Well-being and Mental Health: Several companies prioritize employee well-being and mental health through various initiatives such as training programs, wellness platforms, and meditation sessions. Given the increasing awareness and discussions around mental health and well-being, companies prioritize these aspects as more progressive and supportive of their employees’ overall wellness.
  4. Social Responsibility and Community Support: Many companies are committed to social responsibility and community support, aligning with the current societal focus on corporate social responsibility and the increasing expectations for companies to contribute positively to their communities and address social issues.
  5. Transparent and Open Culture: Companies prioritizing transparency, trust, and open communication are highly relevant in the current context, where employees and stakeholders value transparency and authenticity. Transparent communication has become essential during times of crisis or uncertainty, and companies that foster open cultures are better equipped to navigate challenging situations.

ONE> HLB International sets itself apart from competitors by being more approachable, and flexible and offering a better work-life balance. Its Global Diversity and Inclusion Council drives clear and ambitious goals for gender diversity and the inclusion of underrepresented groups through “Days of Understanding” to have candid conversations about diversity. The HLB Engage program provides young and ambitious employees with networking opportunities and developmental and cross-functional projects to gain exposure throughout the company. The HLB Skills Hub supports all HLB people with upskilling and reskilling efforts and serves as an internal marketplace for all kinds of opportunities on a global level.

TWO> Certinia, based in the USA, secured the second position on the list. With offices throughout the Americas, UK, EMEA, and APAC, this company brings its employees’ voices to the forefront. Certinia offers opportunities that allow employees to engage and connect. The top 100 performance leaders attend a leadership summit presenting ideas Shark Tank style. Extensive PTO, volunteer opportunities, guest speakers, and even a gift-giving program help maintain work-life balance and camaraderie.

THREE> Experian, based in Ireland, was ranked third. The company creates a strong sense of inclusion and belonging. It has a DE&I training program for leaders and plans to roll out training for all employees next year. Regarding development, its “Career Hub” is a one-stop shop with three components that provide all employees an opportunity, regardless of where they are in their careers.

FOUR> Warren Investments, based in Brazil, secured the fourth position. Its values are on the company walls and the cans of beer in the fridge! Warren Investments is committed to equality, as executives get coffee for interns, bring people in from the street, and train them into a career. The company even provides associates access to its clients’ stock packages.

FIVE> On, based in Switzerland, was ranked fifth. On was born in Switzerland, so it has been a global company from the beginning, requiring a representation of employees worldwide on day one, building a very diverse workforce. On his little red tape to achieve its goals, and uses the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) to understand how employees think, ensuring that teams have a mix of thought processes.

SIX> Pestana Hotel Group, based in Portugal, secured the sixth position. Pestana Hotel Group has expanded throughout Europe, Africa, South America, and the United States, offering global opportunities in hospitality. It allows employees to work for 3 to 6 months in another country, gaining cultural expertise and sharing best practices. It also offers an 18-month international development program for mentorship from senior leaders.

SEVEN> Celigo, based in the USA, was ranked seventh. Celigo embraces an autonomous, diverse workplace where the employee experience is critical and where they feel heard and understood. The company encourages employees to take ownership of their work and provides ample professional growth and development opportunities. Feedback is solicited regularly and acted upon swiftly.

EIGHT> In eighth place is Turo Inc, Turo is a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform that allows car owners to rent out their own cars to regular people. Consider it a Airbnb for cars. Given high rental car prices and often limited rental car availability, alternative rental car services like Turo can be a lifesaver.

NINE> Next on the list is AKQA, AKQA is renowned as a global design and innovation agency. They collaborate with forward-thinking companies to create the future through the imaginative application of art and science. AKQA employs around 2,000 professionals in 23 studios.

TEN> Rounding out the top ten is ParnerHero, PartnerHero is the BPO for companies that care about quality and people. They connect talented and capable people worldwide with innovative companies who care about business metrics and values. They a’re big fans of integrity, finding the right fit, and bringing opportunity to places that have traditionally been left behind.

  1. Join Talent is a recruitment and talent acquisition agency that helps companies find and hire the right candidates for their open positions. They specialize in matching skilled professionals with organizations across various industries, providing a comprehensive and efficient approach to talent acquisition.
  2. Blueground is a corporate housing provider that offers fully furnished apartments for professionals and business travelers. They aim to provide comfortable and convenient living solutions for extended stays, eliminating the hassle of traditional rentals. With their modern and stylish apartments, Blueground strives to create a home-like experience for their clients.
  3. Windriver is a provider of software development tools and operating systems. They offer solutions that help developers create reliable and high-performance software for a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, and more. Windriver’s tools and systems enable efficient development processes and help businesses deliver innovative and secure software products.
  4. HGV (Hilton Grand Vacations) is a hospitality company that specializes in vacation ownership and resorts. They offer a variety of vacation ownership options, allowing individuals to enjoy flexible and luxurious accommodations in top destinations worldwide. HGV provides exceptional hospitality services, creating memorable vacation experiences for their customers.
  5. Dr Lal PathLabs is a leading diagnostic and pathology laboratory services provider in India. They offer a comprehensive range of medical tests and services, including blood tests, imaging, pathology, and more. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, Dr Lal PathLabs ensures reliable diagnostic results and plays a vital role in supporting healthcare professionals and patients across the country.
  6. Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that enables users to buy, sell, and trade various digital assets. As one of the largest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, Kraken offers a secure and user-friendly platform with advanced trading features. They aim to provide individuals and institutions with easy access to the world of cryptocurrencies.
  7. Moveworks is an artificial intelligence-powered IT support automation platform. They utilize AI technology to automate and streamline IT support processes, improving efficiency and reducing response times. Moveworks’ platform can resolve IT issues autonomously or assist support agents, enabling organizations to provide faster and more effective IT support to their employees.
  8. Jumo is a financial technology company that offers digital financial services. They provide individuals and small businesses in emerging markets access to affordable financial solutions. Jumo’s technology-driven platform enables financial services such as lending, savings, and insurance, empowering underserved populations to build a better financial future.
  9. Zapier is a web automation platform that connects various applications, allowing users to automate repetitive tasks and streamline their workflows. With Zapier, individuals and businesses can integrate and automate data transfer between different apps without coding or complex integrations. Zapier simplifies the process of connecting and automating everyday applications, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  10. Automattic is the parent company of and other online services. They are a technology company that specializes in web publishing and content management systems. Automattic’s flagship product,, is a popular platform for creating and managing websites and blogs. They also offer a range of other online services, empowering individuals and businesses to establish their online presence.

The full list includes:

  1. HLB International – Global network of independent accounting firms.
  2. Certinia – Provider of digital transformation and automation solutions.
  3. Experian – Information services company specializing in credit reporting and data analytics.
  4. Warren – Financial technology company offering investment management solutions.
  5. On – Swiss sports shoe company known for innovative running shoes.
  6. Pestana Hotel Group – Portuguese hotel chain with properties worldwide.
  7. Celigo – Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) provider.
  8. Turo Inc – Peer-to-peer car-sharing platform.
  9. Akqa – Digital design and communications agency.
  10. PartnerHero – Outsourcing and customer support services provider.
  11. Join Talent – Recruitment and talent acquisition agency.
  12. Blueground – Corporate housing provider offering fully furnished apartments.
  13. Windriver – Software development tools and operating systems provider.
  14. HGV – Hospitality company specializing in vacation ownership and resorts.
  15. Dr Lal PathLabs – Diagnostic and pathology laboratory services provider in India.
  16. Kraken – Cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform.
  17. Moveworks – Artificial intelligence-powered IT support automation platform.
  18. Jumo – Financial technology company offering digital financial services.
  19. Zapier – Web automation platform that connects various applications.
  20. Automattic – Parent company of and other online services.
  21. Incyte – Biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery of novel medicines.
  22. O2e – Charity organization supporting children’s charities through sporting challenges.
  23. PureSpectrum – Market research technology company.
  24. EPAM – Software engineering and digital product development services provider.
  25. BVNK – Financial technology company specializing in mobile banking solutions.
  26. Wyndham – Hotel and resort company operating globally.
  27. Ansys – Simulation software and engineering services provider.
  28. Media.Monks – Creative production company offering digital content and experiences.
  29. Kyndryl – Global IT services and consulting company (formerly part of IBM).
  30. Nature Energy – Danish renewable energy company focusing on biogas production.
  31. Cielo – Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and talent acquisition solutions provider.
  32. Flexera – Software asset management and IT optimization solutions provider.
  33. Valiant – Canadian manufacturer of outdoor power equipment.
  34. Gilead – Biopharmaceutical company specializing in antiviral drugs and therapies.
  35. Colart – Supplier of art materials and supplies.
  36. Cohesity Inc – Data management and protection solutions provider.
  37. Aptiv – Automotive technology company specializing in mobility solutions.
  38. Hummel – Danish sportswear and equipment manufacturer.
  39. IG Group – Online trading and investment company.
  40. Ball Company – American metal packaging company.
  41. Spotify – Music streaming and media services provider.
  42. AIA – Pan-Asian life insurance company.
  43. Coforge – IT services and consulting company.
  44. Neo4j – Graph database management system provider.
  45. Motto – Hotel brand offering affordable accommodations.
  46. DataStax – Provider of database software for cloud applications.
  47. OpenCast Software – Video capture, management, and distribution software provider.
  48. Hudl – Sports performance analysis and video software company.
  49. TravelPerk – Business travel management platform.
  50. Tata Communications – Global telecommunications solutions provider.
  51. TITANS Freelancers – Platform connecting freelancers and businesses.
  52. Gympass – Corporate fitness and wellness platform.
  53. Pure Storage – Enterprise data storage and flash storage solutions provider.
  54. King – Mobile gaming company known for Candy Crush Saga.
  55. GWI – Market research company specializing in global consumer insights.
  56. DataArt – IT services and software development company.
  57. Altair – Product design and simulation software provider.
  58. Day Translations – Language translation and interpretation services provider.
  59. Ceridian – Human capital management software and services company.
  60. Mitgo – Technology solutions provider for the financial industry.
  61. Milliken & Company – Global diversified manufacturing company.
  62. Portao 3 – Brazilian software development and consulting company.
  63. Eaton – Power management company specializing in electrical products and systems.
  64. Kaplan – Education and test preparation services provider.
  65. Deluxe Media – Entertainment and media content services provider.
  66. Zebra – Manufacturer of barcode and RFID technology products.
  67. Watco – Transportation and logistics services provider.
  68. COMPAÑÍA ESPAÑOLA DE PETROLEOS, S.A.U (CEPSA) – Spanish energy company.
  69. Distillery – Software development and consulting company.
  70. DevSkiller – Online platform for assessing technical skills of developers.
  71. Conduent – Business process services and solutions provider.
  72. Grey Group – Global advertising and marketing communications company.
  73. Apex Global – Business process outsourcing company.
  74. Medallia – Customer experience management software company.
  75. Italgas – Italian natural gas distribution company.
  76. Certified Konsult – Management consulting and advisory firm.
  77. IPSY – Beauty subscription service and e-commerce platform.
  78. Zappi – Market research technology platform.
  79. Quantexa – Data analytics and decision intelligence software provider.
  80. Montea NV – Real estate investment trust specializing in logistics properties.
  81. Teleperformance – Customer experience management and contact center services provider.
  82. MBH Bank – Financial institution offering banking services.
  83. Amplifon – Global provider of hearing care solutions.
  84. Ingemark – Digital marketing and software development agency.
  85. Mohegan – Native American gaming and entertainment company.
  86. Alares Internet – Digital marketing and advertising agency.
  87. IPC Systems – Provider of trading communication and network solutions.
  88. Adikteev – Mobile advertising and marketing technology company.
  89. Pricesmart – Membership warehouse club operator in the Caribbean and Central America.
  90. Flydocs – Aviation data and records management software company.
  91. Vantage Risk Companies – Insurance and reinsurance company.
  92. Bedford Consulting – Executive search and leadership advisory firm.
  93. Amdocs – Software and services provider for communications and media companies.
  94. Bristlecone – Supply chain consulting and digital transformation services provider.
  95. Pattern – E-commerce and marketplace growth solutions provider.
  96. Bunge – Global agribusiness and food processing company.
  97. Wynn Resorts – Casino and resort company operating luxury hotels and entertainment venues.
  98. Everise – Customer experience and business process outsourcing company.
  99. Greif Inc – Industrial packaging products and services provider.
  100. Fleetcor – Payment solutions and fuel card provider for businesses.

The Global Most Loved Workplaces® list recognizes companies that excel in employee satisfaction and engagement. These organizations go beyond traditional approaches and create workplaces where employees feel valued, supported, and inspired to contribute their best.

For the complete list of the top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® and more information about the rankings, please visit the Most Loved Workplace website or refer to the official press release.